"The thing before her was something of legend. It walked on all four, with a large green structure. It looked like a common lion, but it was surrounded in bright green leaves, and its mane was a thick bushy shrub. Travelling down its body were bumps and humps of scale like skin, which shined like jewels. Its claws dug deep into the soil beneath it. Its long sharp tail ended with a tip so sharp it looked like a dragon’s tail. The large emerald eyes that rested in its deadly, yet beautiful face sparkled."
Isabella Mthendale's first thoughts upon seeing a Leavon

Leavons are a race of lion-like beasts that live within the deepest parts of the forest. They are both remarkable as they are magical. Despite their mass power, they are one of the most least populated creatures/race of all, with their only being three known ones in existance.

Like the dragons, Leavons are not capable of speech, despite their great inteliigence. They are also immortal.


Not much is known about their history, but they were created around the same time as the dragons during the Creation Period. 

Leavons are often descirbed as the Gods of the Wilds, while the dragons are Gods of the Sky. Leavons created and built the vast forests and wilds that are now Amsnorth's plains. Many of the woodland realms were rooted and magically enchanted due to the leavons' powers.


Leavons like very much like a normal lion, but instead where fur covers their bodies, lies a coat of thick green leaves.Where their manes are its shrouded in thick vines and bushes, and when the leavon is provoked it expands into a giant colourful flower, showing their magical roots. 

Their legs are stumpy and thick, with the three claws that end at the tip of their toes, bend slightly. Their eyes are the colours of emeralds and sparkle as if light is almost constently beaming off them. They have a tail that can reach up to the length of eight feet, and the tip is razor sharp.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Like the dragons, leavons are magical and can summon magic at will. Although their magic is not as surpassing as the dragon, they can block spells that even a powerful wizard or witch could conjure.


Leavons use several kinds of magic, with only few of them being agressive. Their use their abilties to create life and beauty around them, by shifting woodlands and life that grows within Amsnorth's soil.

  • Creation Magic: Being one of the best race to achieve such a thing, leavons can create life at will. But not the sorts like animals or insects, but more things like plants, weeds, flowers, vines and trees. This can also be very dangerous in a way, because a leavon can also have control over their surroundings. In combat a leavon is known to call upon the tress and grasslands to become its weapon.
  • Green Lightening: One of its strongest abilities is to summon a green bolt of pure enegery from its mouth. How the dragons have fire and ice breaths, a leavon has something similar. This ability is not natural to them, they can only manage to use such a power in dire need as it effects their own health.
  • Light Blast: A lethal attack that has the power of heat and force. A leavon summons the light from the sun and stores it within one of its pores. When it prepares to use this spell of magic, it expands most of its body into a growth, then unleashes the power through its roots. This attack can blinde foes as well as burn them.

In the BooksEdit

Leavons are believed to be mythical, like the dragons. But when Isabella travels to Greatwood City, she encounters one of these beasts. During the attack on the city, leavons are seen for the first time in hundreds of years in combat.


  • They were created in the image of a lion due to the animal being the author's favourite creature.
  • There are only three of them left and they are all males. So if they were all to die the race would become extinct.