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Lillian Heartan (née) Smarton

Biographical information

Other names
The Golden Hair Queen, The Beggar Queen
Date of birth
TA 9573
TA 9596 - TA 9597
Date of death
TA 9597 (24 years)

Physical description

5.4 Feet
Hair color
Golden Blonde
Eye color
Royal House
"Lillian Heartan was both beautiful and kind, but also very shy. Her generosity was world known."
―About Lillian Heartan

Lillian Heartan also known as Queen Lillian, or formerly Lillian Smarton, (TA 9573 - TA 9597) was the Queen of Amsnorth up until her death during the Harken II Betrayal. She was lowborn and fell in love with Gaston IV Heartan, however due to her being of lowbirth they were unable to show their true effections to each other. Gaston abandoned the rules of royal blood, so fooled others into believing she was of highbirth and later married her. However at the cost of losing conact with her mother and father. 

Her debate of birth was brought up in thr Senate many times, with Durgak Asander vouching for her. The dwarf lord, who was good friends with Gaston, already knew of her lowborn birth, and forged documents that could prove her birth. Lillian was known as a kind and caring woman, but also very shy, so remained out of public eye for most of her reign as queen. However, when her husband would make important appearances, she would stand by his side. Lillian spent a great deal of her reign, overseeing small affairs, such as education and minor governmental debates.

When Harken II Heartan launched his surprise civil war, Lillian was one of the few not to know of his betrayal. She was at the Royal Palace at the time, and was killed by several Golden Knights as she attempted to flee. Before her death, she gave birth to a daughter, Sinteal II Heartan.

Character and AppearanceEdit

Known mainly for her kind and caring heart, Lillian was a gentle spoken, well mannered woman, who had a great deal of sympathy for the poor, coming from the background herself. However, Lillian was very shy, and spent most of her time away from large crowds as they made her feel very uneasy. Lillian wasn't very intelligent, and had to learn how to read, being taught in secret by professors, while her lowborn background was being altered.

Lillian was a human female of average height, but had striking golden hair, and dazzling brown eyes. Her features were small and round. Her figure was very curvy and she loved to wear clothings that covered her up. She favoured white laced dresses, and would often wear them all day everyday.


Early LifeEdit

Lillian was born in Markwall to lower-class parents, Benjamin and Judith Smarton. Her father worked for a very small
Young Lillian

Young Lillian

wage at the local bakery, while her mother scrubbed the streets during the night. While they did struggle for food and with the high rent in Markwall, Lillian was always well looked after, and whenever they food, Lillian was always fed first.

As a child she spent most of her years like anyone of a lowborn status, living in poverty, doing servant works for those higher than herself. Through her childhood she travelled around the city of Markwall, cleaning and serving many nobles around the city's borders. It was during her mid teens she came across the young prince known as Gaston IV Heartan. They came into contact when the King of Amsnorth, Robert V Heartan was visiting Lord Korquin Wolfbane

Gaston first saw her cleaning one of the quest bedrooms, and instantly feel for her. He attempted to gain her attention many times, but Lillian at first was not interested, as she saw him as another rich boy trying to get what he wants. She many times, evaded him, often finding exuses to leave the same room. One night, Lillian was resting in the Royal Petal Chamber, which is stricly off limits for maids and servants after dark, and while relaxing, and looking at pictures on a book, Gaston IV Heartan walked in. However, much to Lillian's surprise, Gaston did not report her, he only sat down on the chair next to her. 

They spoke for hours, and Gaston then learned that Lillian could not read, and promised to teach her how. Their relationship and affection for each other increased as the sun rose, and Lillian now in love with Gaston, left Markwall to travel with him back to Gran Sarathal. Before she left, Lillian went to her family home, and placed her gold from all her work with her parents, and left a kiss mark on a piece of paper, before leaving the city with the prince, guised as the prince's personal servant.

Trying to marry a PrinceEdit

After several years of fooling around with the young prince, Lillian and Gaston began to talk further on their future
Lillian hunting with Gaston

Lillian and Gaston spent many days hunting

relationship. Gaston IV Heartan wanted to marry her, but could not due to her being of lowbirth. So they both began to plot a way to ensure that she will be accepted by all the beings of Amsnorth without them finding out about her true inheritance. 

One of Gaston's friends, who was known in the Senate as being a fierce figure, all whom all respected his voice, was Lord Durgak Asander. Gaston and Lillian both visisted him in Pātauna, where the lord allowed them to stay within his castle. Gaston purposed the idea to Durgak, who at first refused. After several days of convincing, Durgak eventually agreed to change her birth documents, if anyone came to debate her birth.

After the death of Gaston's father, Robert V Heartan Gaston was crowned king. This put a halt on their affair as the newly crowned king was required at many meetings. But after she gave up hope of marrying the man she loved, Gaston appeared to her once more with Durgak Asander, and informed her that their marriage was getting put forth.

Queen of AmsnorthEdit

After three years of trying, Lillian was eventually married to Gaston and later crowned by the Holey One. It was then that Gaston and several of his loyal lords had to move swiftly, as Lillian's parents, Benjamin and Judith Smarton figured out that Lillian was their daughter. The two appeared in court, claiming to be the parents to the new Queen of Amsnorth. However, several of the guards had refused this, seeing them only as beggars, and had them beaten and cast out of the city.

Lillian soon learned of this, and was furious. She had all the guards who beat them, brought to justice. Two of them
Lillian feeding Sineal II

Lillian feeding baby Sinteal

were hanged by Gaston IV Heartan, while Lillian wanted the others spared. Lillian, under disguise as a civilian, went back to her home of Markwall, where she entered her old home. There she found her parents, dead, hanging from the ceiling. This struck Lillian, and she fell into depression for several months. 

Lillian soon discovered that she was pregnant, when one of her elder maids, noticed that she had not bled in several seasons. She brought this news to the king, who was thrilled. Because they both were loved so much by the people, several thousand citizans, appeared outside the Royal Palace, where they all gathered to see the new Princess of Amsnorth. The baby was named, Sinteal II Heartan, after her ancestor, Sinteal I Heartan.


Lillian remained in the dark on many of her husbands council meetings, however she did had many suspicions that he was keeping a great deal from her. One of which concerned Gaston's younger brother, Harken II Heartan. Lillian always held a strong hate for the Prince of Amsnorth, as she considered him a vile and rude man. While she did know of Harken's plans, she was always wary of him, never standing in the same room as him unless she had to.

Harken's BetrayalEdit

"Our baby!"
―Lillian Heartan's last words
Lillian's suspicions for Harken II Heartan came to light, when Harken suddenly attacked Gran Sarathal, with his
Lillian death in Gaston's arms

Lillian's death

newly founded Golden Knights. Lillian first heard of the attack from her personal guard, and she instantly rushed to her daughter's bedroom. However, before she reached the door, she was stabbed above the waist, and collapsed within the door. Many have claimed that she watched her daughter being murdered in her crib.

While Lillian lay bleeding on the ground, Gaston IV Heartan found her and craddled her in her arms. Moreusico, the great wizard, who was with the king, attempted to save her life, but was distracted as a great amount of knights came around the corner. Gaston IV Heartan died fighting his own brother.

Lillian and Gaston were both buried in the Kings' Mountain, next to each other, next to the ancient rulers of House Heartan.

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