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History of Amsnorth
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The First Empress
Empress of Amsnorth
Around 24,980 BPD
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The Northern Territories
Current Status
Shalimal - father
Cruivah - sister
Konivaru - son
Erandur - grandson
"I am more than just an empress, I am the ruler of all others. My power is what keeps this empire in tact, and it will continue to thrive as long as I sit upon the throne."
―Lolinah on her own power

Lolinah also known as Empress Lolinah (24,980 BPD - 24,420 BPD) was an ancient Dark-Elf leader and the daughter to the first ever emperor, Shalimal. She was a known leader and is often regarded as being one of the most brutal and vile people in history.

Lolinah was the elf that begun the Dark-Elf Empire's quest to dominate all other lands, and in doing so managed to kill hundreds of people, and cause many small battles across the lands for further power and control. She loathed humans and dwarves as she saw them as being under her, and unworthy of their own factions, so sought to take it from them by force.

However Lolinah had come with an agreement with the human colonies, and agreed to leave them alone if they provided good enough trade for her to keep them alive, but despite this she was still hostile towards them and decided to rule above them as she did the others.

Lolinah was responsible for the begining of The Rising of the Dark-Elf Empire, a great battle which lasted little under 50 years, and secured the Dark-Elf Empire's place as the ruling government. 

The Empress had a son, named Konivaru, who after her death took up the title of emperor. However Lolinah did not spend much time with the boy when he was but a child, whiched cause him to slack greatly once his time to rule came to be.

Character and AppearanceEdit

Lolinah was a vile and cruel woman, who cared little about anything aside from her own personal gains. She is regarded as being one of the most evil people in history of Amsnorth due to her harsh nature. It is said that she was so cruel, that many of her loyal soldiers would lie to her if they had lost a battle, out of fear that she would kill them for failing. This did actually happen many times during The Rising of the Dark-Elf Empire. 

Lolinah was unlike most Dark-Elves, she bore something not very many of her race held, and that was greaty beauty. She was described as being one of the most beautiful woman alive at that time, as she had smooth pale grey skin, and bright red eyes that were not unkindly. Her features were pointy, yet not as much as her father's. 



Lolinah was the youngest daughter to the legendary emperor known as Shalimal. It is unknown when she was born, but it is likely before 25,000 BPD as it was around this time the first records of history were recorded by historians. 

Many tales tell that Lolinah was always following her father around, trying to get an idea of how he ruled over others, and due to her being at such an early age at this time, thought her father ruled by inflicting fear over his followers, which was not true.

When her father launched the war known as War of the First Lolinah did not participate in the war as her father refused to allow her. However she did play an important role in assisting many of her people in trying to find a way to defeat her fellow race memebers, King Andriel and Master Soliman

After the war was victorious, her father and herself begun to expand their government across the seas, where they located a small race known as humans. Lolinah did not like them at first sight, but her father found them interesting and left them be.

As further time went, her father died and Lolinah was then crowned the new leader of the Empire, and named empress.

The Vile LeaderEdit

Lolinah was known for her years as leader as she almost caused her people to loath her. Many times she turned her words into actions of threats and death, she thought this was the only way to ensure her people feared her and followed her to the end. But this was not the case, as many of her people begun to immigrate to other lands, and form small villages and towns.

This angered the new empress, and she began to send out her soldiers to find and kill those who abandoned her and their fellow kin. During this period, she came into encounter with another race that had surfaced above the ground, the dwarves. She was laregly interested in them, and had one of them captured and brought to her seat of power. She tortured the dwarf, to try and get information and to inspect his race.

Lolinah vs dwarves

Lolinah killing dwarves

Once she thought that their race was weak minded, and that they did not have large numbers, she decided to travel across the seas, with over 10,000 soldiers to take over the lands. However once she got there she noticed that the race had much more people than what she was led to believe. This casued her to turn to a more diplomatic decision, and eventually came to an agreement with the dwarves, but actually decided to plot against them.

When she was leaving the lands named the Dwavern Kingdom, out of rage she attacked a small village loacted to the west of the island, and murdered over 50 dwarves. This small rage eventually led to a rival action against her race.

Rising of the Dark-Elf EmpireEdit

Around 24,500 BPD Lolinah was attacked by a group of skilled soldiers, after they slaughtered her soldiers, she managed to defeat them herself, however she was mortally wounded. After she noticed that these people who attempted to end her life were dwarves, she ordered the mass murder of their race.

This was the beginning of the Rising of the Dark-Elf Empire. 

Lolinah sent forth hundreds of soldiers to kill any dwavern people that they could find across her lands, and believed that this was cause the race across the seas to take up arms against her. But after several years they had not even showed their concern over their dead race members.

During this period, Lolinah alsp sent out her soldiers to the humans, where she ordered the race to built them ships that would carry thousands of her people across the seas to invade the dwarves. After the humans made a deal with the empress, that she would give them protection, they built her ships and this enabled her soldiers to sail to the Dwavern Kingdom.

The first battle fought took place at sea, where several of her ships were sunk by the dwarves, who had
Battle of the Black Sea

Battle of the Black Sea

also crafted ships of their own. As this emense battle took place, Lolinah sat in her seat of power, and tried to gain the help of the Green-Elf Government and the Wood-Elf Monarchy. The latter however showed their allegance, and teamed with the dwarves and attacked the Empire, nearly taking down half of its organisation within a few months. This horrifed Lolinah as her plans seemed to go down hill, but she managed to convince more of her people to take up arms on her side, and increased her numbers. 

Even though Lolinah was not the greatest of battle commanders, she did have several hundred highly skilled warriors that had been in hr father's war before her, and they managed to assist her greatly during her need for help.

As the war waged, the Empire begun to gain upper hand over the Dwavern Domain and the Wood-Elf Monarchy, but still was not able to hold them off her borders. While the Wood-Elves did not invade and attack villages, the dwarves did, and they burnt over 10 villages and towns that surrounded the Empire's lands. 

Lolinah cared little about this, and even burnt few of these villages herself to stop the attackers from growing closer to her main city. When the war got worse and worse, Lolinah was close to surrendering, but the only thing that stopped her was the fear that she would have failed her father. So to ensure that she did not lose, she summoned the leaders of the Dwavern Domain and Wood-Elf Monarchy to a meeting, where they would try and settle their affairs under the protection of the god, the Mystic Dragon.

Red Death

Lolinah orchestrated the Red Death, a massive events that burnt hundreds of people

To make sure that she would not trick them, the rival governments agreed to meet her in one if the great god's temples, so that no bloodshed would be taken. However as these leaders did enter the temple, Lolinah had it attacked and burnt to the ground, killing everyone inside, including her own people. This attack weakned her enemy, and with that she swiftly attacked them at their homelands, burning down their cities and villages, completely destroying their power.

After the war ended, many called her a murder and traitor to the god, and Lolinah dismissed these and informed them that she did not believe in the gods, as they held no power over her. But because of this event, Lolinah begun to lose her power over her people, and even though she won the war, her own kin started to turn against her, which caused her to flee to her castle, and remain there, until her soldiers fixed the growing caios.


Around 100 years after the war ended, Lolinah had turned into a wicked and haunted woman, and did not pay much attention to her people, and even shunned her own son if he ever asked her for advice and asstance.

Many times whenever one venturned to visit her, they would call the experence horrifying, as the woman was so mortally insane. Many believe that this was the work of the gods, for her burning their temple 100 years before. 

One night as Lolinah left the castle, she travelled through her gardens. Her son Konivaru followed her, but when he did he saw a large flame appear out of the sky which set ablaze the entire gardens, and destroyed many towers around the castle. Lolinah perished among these flames, and her ashes were blown off into the wind. 

It is unknown what casued such flames, but Konivaru said that he saw a massive shadow fly over the city which led many to believe that the dragons were responsible.


Lolinah was the first ever empress, and is regarded as being one of the most evil people in history, but despite this she was a known intelligent woman, and has never lost a battle that was created and planned by herself.

Although she later grew insane, she is the only recorded Dark-Elf that was not hated by the humans, the also the only dark-elf that has ever managed to gain the human respect.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Lolinah was very skilled in combat, but her main strength was her mind. She had a keen sight for battle, something she inherited from her father. Lolinah was responsible for the deaths of thousands, and only 1/12 of these would be from her own had.


Like most Dark-Elves Lonlinah was highly skilled in swordplay. She was trained by her father, who was also very skilled. Lolinah was also very fast and strong, despite her frail appearance. She held her own against many dwarves, and fought in many battles.


Her greatest skills was her mind. She created many events that led to her success during the Rising of the Dark-Elf Empire. She plotted against her own people, as well as her enemies. This led to the Red Death, a massive event that burnt hundreds of dwarves and elves. Also while she performed this deadly massacre, she also planned for her own soldiers to invade her enemies' homelands while their leaders burnt, enabling her to win the war within only a few days.


  • Is the only empress to have won such a massive war
  • One of the few dark-elves that are considered 'beautiful'
  • Rivals Azugon and Nark IX Heartan for being one of the most evil people in history