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Lord of the Dwavern Kingdom also known as the Lord of the Golden Halls, is the main point of rulership within the Dwavern Kingdom. It was formed after the events of the War of Kings, when the King of the Dwavern Kingdom was dismantled by Jafier Heartan. The lord only commands and controlls all the lands, islands and countries within the Kingdom, but due to the War of Kings, the lord holds no command over the King of Amsnorth, and falls under his rule. 

For the past 9,000 years the Lords of the Dwavern Kingdom have answered to the High King, and the Human Royal Government. During the Great Purge the Lords were offered a deal with Azugon, but they refused. This enraged the Dark Lord, and due to their refusal, the Kingdom was one of the first places to suffer his powers. The kingdom fell within only a few months, and the Lords were forced to swear allegance to him. 

After the vanishment the Lords assisted House Heartan in defeating the Army of Darkness, and for their assistance the dwarves were given more power, including the third largest city in Amsnorth, Phylon, as well as full control over Afrana. Since the ending of the Army, the Lords of the Dwavern Kingdom have remained some of the most powerful beings in the world, some consider them above the Wood-Elf Monarchy, as they have more power, gold and control over a greater amount of land and titles.


The Lords of the Dwavern Kingdom were once kings, powerful and wealthy. However they were known for their greedy ambitions and their quick tempers. This eventually lead to tyrant kings and queens, who suffered from corruption and riots. Lords, ladies and highborn folk were responsible for upholding, contracts, treaties, affairs and diplomatic situations throughout the kingdoms. One of which was known as the Lord of the Golden Halls, even though this lord held more power over the others of the same title, they fell under the command of the King. 

These lords during the period of FA 5000 - TA 8500 were in charge of warfare, mining, and military training. They were also seen as judges in a court of justice, and were responsible for making sure the kingdom and its country's were safe and full of peace. 

Between FA 9000 - SA 3000 the lords were given further power by their kings, and settlements throughout islands, both in the Dwavern Kingdom and the Main Lands. Due to their relationship with the Dark-Elves, who controlled a great deal of small islands around the world, the dwarves were given a good trading route between the seas. 

War of KingsEdit

The most major event to have ever happened to the dwarf politics, would be the war that was the War of Kings. The dwarves not only had a king in the Dwavern Kingdom, but in Royalandüs as well. They had the greatest power in strength that any other race, as well as more wealth than they could imagine. However the ambitions of the greedy kings reached far, as when Jafier Heartan invaded Markwall to end a tyrant king's reign, Dargorn Boulderarm grew jealous, and feared the growing power of the now crowned human king. 

Dargorn attacked first, marking the beginning of the war, and soon after the raging war between the two kingdoms, Dargorn asked for the support and aid of his cousin, Jortham Grazaxe, King of the Dwavern Kingdom. Jortham summond the Lord of the Dwavern Kingdom to his side, and with their full combined power they were a force to be wreckoned with. However their trust in the Dark-Elves was misplased, as Saaelas, King of the Dark-Elves, saw a different path for his people, and betrayed the dwarves. As thousands of dwarves remained in their islands, mining and working, the dark-elves arrived at these islands, and slaughtered thousands upon thousands of them. An outraged Lord, turned towards the darl-elves, and a war between them begun. Now with all the kings and queens against each other, the dwarves started to fail, as more people seemed to be turning to wipe them out. And with Drumnur Boulderrock breaking the Lord of the Dwavern Kingdom, and the King from the inside, he eventually caused the King as well as an entrie portion of their soldiers the die at sea, by destroying their ships. 

However Drumnur turned against Jafier Heartan and arrived back at the Golden Halls , proclaiming himself the new King, and rallied the rest of the dwarves and marched against his former ally. But Drumnur had failed to notice that Jafier had possessed magical talents, and that he along with SafdraenKing of the Wood-Elves, that they had destroyed Saaelas. Drumnur had no choice but to form an alliance with Dargorn, and they both marched against Jafier, however they were both defeated by Jafier himself in the Final Battle of Kings. With the two dwarf kings dead, Jafier dismantled every title of monarchy within the other lands, and named the offspring of Drumnur Boulderrock as the new Lord of the Dwavern Kingdom, the only major title they can ever possess. Thus beginning the rule of House Boulderrock


The Lords are responsible for a great deal of things, ranging from raising or reducing taxes, rent, jobs and other things. But their role is more of an overseer, rather than an actual ruler. Even though they have command over the kingdom, the King of Amsnorth has the final say in almost everything that goes on, along with the Human Royal Government

There are several factions that the Lord are in complete control over:

  • Rent and Tax: the Lord can change anything to do with rent and tax within the Dwavern Kingdom, without the King breahting down his back. The King can however appose the Lord's decision to either lower or raise these, however the lord does have full control over those.
  • Law and Justice: while the under the Human Royal Government the Lord must answer to the Senate, but for law and justice they can do whatever he wants in terms with justice.
  • Mining: the dwarves are the richest people in Amsnorth, there is no question of this, so they have all control over his mining. No other can command or tell tham how to run things, as their power and gold keep the kingdoms going. Trading throughout the lands, ensures the wealth of some of the greatest countries.


  • The lord possibly hold either the second or third highest power in the kingdoms