Lorell I Heartan
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Lorell I Heartan

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Other names
Golden Prince, Prince of Flowers, Prince of Beauty, Lorell the Gorgeous, The Whoremonger
Date of birth
TA 9599
Date of death

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6.0 Feet
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Chocolate Brown
Noble House
Lorell II Heartan: "It’s good to hear someone shout at me, I have never been shouted at in my life, it has always been, yes your Majesty and as you command your Majesty. Never get that bloody done now before I smack you. And I thank you, whatever your name is."
Isabella Mthendale: "My name is Isabella"
Lorell II Heartan: "Well Isabella, I would be glad to help you and your fellow colleagues relax. Come now, we don’t want to keep this little imp waiting any longer."
— Lorell and Isabella on their first meeting[src]

Prince Lorell Heartan or also known as Lorell the Prince of Flowers, or Ser Lorell and Lord Lorell, is the Prince of Amsnorth and the son to Harken II Heartan and Queen Rhynei Lukie. He is the third oldest child, the eldest being Kevan I Heartan, and Melanie I Heartan. Lorell is known throughout Amsnorth for his great beauty and amazing sword skills. The reason he has the title as the Prince of Flowers, is because he presents the people with gifts of flowers whenever he wins a tournament. Over his early years he has gained himself a reputation among the people of Amsnorth, some are bad the others good. 

Lorell was a planned child, as his elder brother, Kevan I Heartan, was lacking the warrior skills his father lusted, and his older sister was never considered a sutiable heir to Harken. Lorell was raised to perfect his skills, and to become a very charming man. However when he was born, his mother Rhynei died giving birth, which threw his father into a state of rage and sadness for a time. The new prince attempted during the early years of his life to always impress the King, and was very fond of trying to amuse others.

He did turn out how his father wanted, but Lorell did not want to become the man his father was, so used his spare time to help the weak and poor, serving as a escort for many wonders. He has a great reputation across the lands, and is loved by a great deal of beings, ranging from almost every race.

Character and AppearanceEdit

Lorell is a kind and generous man, but like his father and sister, is easy to anger. He is known to kill those who bother him greatly, but is also known to help the poor and weak. Unlike his father, Lorell loved his people and visited several familes to pay his respects and to help them if they required it.

He is also a very skilled battle commander, and like his father he has a keen eye for warfare and can spot weaknesses within enemy lines. Lorell is also rather cunning, educated and intelligent. He is loved by girls and admired by boys. 

Like every Heartan, Lorell was of great beauty. He had pale skin, peircing brown eyes, smooth skin and soft features. Instead of brown hair, he inherited his mother's blonde locks, but holds hints of brown. He is always seen wearing his luxuary clothing, from silks, leathers and cotton, but he often wears his solid steel, gold and crimson armour, flashed with jewels. 


Early LifeEdit

Lorell is the third child born to the King and Queen of Amsnorth. During his childbirth, his mother died. This wounded
Young Lorell

Lorell as a boy

his father, and Lorell was often blaimed for this during his early years. He did not have an easy life with his father, or older sister, but Kevan, his elder brother, often took him out of the city to explore. This however did not please Harken. Lorell watched as his father beat his brother, screaming that he did not want Lorell to turn out like Kevan.

Kevan was known to be a gentle man, and prefered books over swords and because of this, Kevan was almost hated by Harken. Lorell was supposed to be the prince that would become Harken's heir and true son. However Lorell knew as the rest of Amsnorth did, the cruel nature of the king, and he did not want to become like his father, so went down his own path.

After that day Lorell was forced into the training rings and taught how to fight, in a brutal manner. Harken watched over the battles with a cautious eye, and everytime Lorell made a mistake he would be beaten for it. This casued much grief between his other siblings. Kevan often tried to speak with their father, but the king would never hear his pleads. Lorell suffered through horrific training exercises, and long hours of studying ancient members of House Heartan, mainly Harken I Heartan, whom his father, Harken II Heartan was named after. 

Mission to KillEdit

Lorell I Heartan: "I will never do that again"
Harken II Heartan: "You'll have no choice! If you spared those children, they would only take up what their father's started. Think boy! Your idiot brother will never be king, and I will never allow your sister to sit on the throne. One day you will be a king, you will have to make choices that you won't be happy with, even if they are the right choices."
Lorell I Heartan: "We could have forced them to join our army, they didn't have to die!"
— They did. And many more will die after them. That is the way of things. Learn and understand, son, that even by taking the lives of those children, you would have spared countless towns, farms and villages from being plunged. How many more would have died?

When Lorell was 10 years old, King Harken II Heartan sent him along with four knights of his Crowns' Knights, and ordered them to track and kill a group of clansmen that were making camp around the northern area of the Western Territories. Lorell was very young, and knew his father was testing his abilities, so thrived to impress him. 

The five of them managed to track the clansmen down, but Lorell wanted to take them by surprise, so had two
Battling against the clansmen

two knights came to Lorell's aid

archers placed around the camp, and then he set fire to one of their tents, attracting their attention. With that, he had the archers pick off the clansmen one by one, keeping to their shadows. Once Lorell gave the order, they charged in. Lorell not as skilled as the knights, found himself being overwhelmed many times, and had to be saved. After they ahd took the camp, they discovered many women and children, hiding. Lorell wanted them set free, but one of his knights, Ser Tylor Algrey, informed Lorell that there must be no survivors. Lorell watched helplessly as the knights raped the women and murdered the children. 

Lorell told his father about their victory as they returned back to Gran Sarathal, and while his father was impressed, Lorell furiously told his father that he would never take part in such a thing again. Harken II Heartan struck Lorell, telling him that if they had spared the children, they would only take their fathers' places.

Lord of TyrntownEdit

Later in his 10th year, Lorell was arranged to marry Loanne Lanark, daughter to Lord Hamish Lanark. Harken II Heartan wanted to arrange the marriage, as House Lanark was one of the largest houses in Afrana. Lord Hamish and
Harken meeting Hamish

Lorell and Harken meeting Lord Hamish

King Harken met in Gran Sarathal, to discuss this marriage, while Lorell and Loanne were sent off to get to know each other. While Lorell did not approve of the marriage, he had little choice in the matter, and did not find Loanne to be attractive, so spoke little to her. After their father's had finished their meeting, Lorell confessed that he did not want to marry Loanne, and his father informed him that it was to increase their power in the Senate.

Lorell did not argue against his father, but tried to sway Loanne from being interested in her. He did so by being rude, and mistreating her, but it did not matter what he did, she still held an intrest for him. As their arrange marriage was approved, Hamish Lanark died before they could return back to Afarna. Because of his arranged marriage to Loanne Lanark, Lorell was made the new Lord of Tyrntown. Tounrament Lorell was but eleven years of age when his father called for a tounrament. Lorell was to enter it and prove his prowess as a warrior to the king, and all of Amsnorth. Many knights and other warriors from across the lands arrived to fight in the tounry. Harken spoke to the people and order them not to go easy on Lorell due to him being the prince, and that the winner would get 10,000 gold pieces.

Lorell being knighted

Lorell shortly after being knighted

The young prince soared through the ranks and stages of the tounry, beating countless people on both horseback, and in the fighting rings. He was one of the youngest boys in history to have moved through the different stages of a tounrament.

When he reached the final task, he was to face a famous knight known as Ser Aaron Jacklar. Lorell used all his skills to try and beat the knight, but he knew he was clearly outmatched. As the prince was beaten bloody, he saw his father frown in anger and dissapointment. This enraged the prince and he got back up onto his feet and lashed at the knight, swining his sword fast and hard, until he sliced through his armour and shattered his own sword in the process. But he the used the broken shard to sever through the weakness on the legs.

The knight kneeled defeated at his feet and Lorell was crowned the tounry champion. This impressed his father and thousands more, but what the prince did not shocked everyone. He took the gold from winning and cast it into the crowds. This caused a riot as hundreds scattered to pick up the gold. When Harken asked why Lorell did that, he responded by saying they needed it more than he did. The Senate demaned that Lorell be rewarded more for his efforts, and Harken II Heartan knighted Lorell in the Royal Throne Room. Making Lorell the youngest knight in over five hundred years.

Marriage thwartEdit

Due to being arranged to marry Loanne Lanark for several years, the time had come for them to marry before the Holey One. However, Lorell's feelings towards Loanne had not changed, and he had Loanne killed before she could reach Gran Sarathal. The murder was made to look like she was ambused by bandits.

Seige of Rathorn CastleEdit

Many years later, a raven appeared in the Royal Palace, brining information about Rathorn Castle. Harken II Heartan informed the council and Lorell that the castle was under attack by a group of dark-elves. Prince Lorell
Lorell in full armour

Lorell in full armour

offered to go there and assist the soldiers within the castle. Lorell left with over one hundred soldiers on horseback. When they arrived there after a three week ride, they found that the castle had been taken over with most of the soldiers taken hostage. Lorell sent in a messenger to try and resolve the matter through a treaty, but the messenger's head was sent over the edge of the wall. This angered the prince and he ordered his archers to sneak into the castle and open the gates. Lorell waited by making a camp outside the walls, until his archers managed to open the gates for them. The prince called his soldiers into attention, and they charged into the castle. Lorell cut his way through the dark-elves, trying to reach the leader. As the prince reached the leader, he reconigzed him as being the son of Lord Phzi, Yuri. Lorell asked why they were commiting such an act, and threatened that this would be taken from

Siege of Rathorn Castle

treason. The dark-elf lord responded by saying this was of his own actions, not his father's. Lorell battled with the lord, and was overpowered quickly. Many of his soldiers managed to break into the room before he could be killed. Yuri was then forced to flee by leaping out of the window.

The prince brought the news back to his father, who was furious. Harken II Heartan sent word to Lord Phzi, demanding his presense within the capital. It was not until two months later did the dark-elf appear. Lorell watched as Harken ordered his men to butcher the soldiers of Lord Phzi. Lord Phzi was furious, but before he could cause any trouble, Harken had him thrown in a cell. Harken turned to Lorell and asked what he thought would be best to punish the lord. But Lorell was not like his father and did not want him to be killed, only to be taught a lesson. Lorell ordered for Phzi to be exiled back to his lands, and if he were to try and commit such an act again he would be killed and his entire bloodline destroyed. However Phzi tried to tell them that it was not himself that wanted the castle, but his son. Harken asked of the location of Yuri, but the lord did not know.

The imprisonment of the Lord of Wizardear cause an outbreak amoung the elves of Wizardear, and the Senate was forced to demand King Harken II Heartan to answer for his actions. The King, with Lorell present, informed the Senate that this action was necessary to prevent a civil war. Lord Durgak Asander spoke against the king, informing him that the imprisonment of one of Amsnorth's most powerful leaders will cause more trouble than they realise.

Lorell promised that once Yuri of Wizardear was captured, that Lord Phzi would be released. The Senate voted to agree to the terms, and Lorell had three months to find Yuri, and if they did not, the Dark-Elf Supremacy will take action.


During his hunt for Yuri, Lorell sent word to the village of Seatown demanding that they prepare of his approch to the town. The prince was intending to stay within the tavern known as the Barred-Maid. When the prince arrived, he was surprised to find how populated the village was, and its finely crafted houses. When he arrived at the Barred-Maid,
Lorell I Heartan late teens

Lorell in his later teens

he was dissapointed in the lack of humans working within the tavern. Due to his worries about finding Yuri, Lorell remained in his chambers until he managed to think of the location the dark-elf may have went. It was at that moment someone thumped upon his door. Lorell forced open the door to find someone standing there looking angry. The woman known as Isabella Mthendale responded to him rather harshly, that they wanted him downstairs. This impressed the prince greatly as no one has ever stepped up to him before, and he instantly took a liking to the girl.

Dancing DragonEdit

When Lorell sat in the village of Seatown, he was eager to see Isabella dance. He watched in enjoyment as she danced, but was horrifed when a strange creature appeared from under the tables. Lorell was close to ordering his soldiers to capture it, but held his tongue after he saw it dance with Isabella. The prince sat down in astonishment, and clapped his hands like a child. He cheered loudly when the dance ended and approched Isabella to show his respects. He was curious about the dragon (althought he did not know what it was) and wished to see them dance again sometime.

Setting OutEdit

Lorell set back out several days later, and headed towards the Hauket Reservation, where he sought help in tracking Yuri of Wizardear, from the Hauket tribe. Lorell and his soldiers tracked Yuri to the Trailed Mountains, where he ambused the young elf, and killed his soldiers. Lorell took Yuri hostage and transported him back to Gran Sarathal, where he was sentanced. Phzi of Wizardear was informed of his son's caputre, and was present when Yuri was hanged before the people of Gran Sarathal. Phzi was later released.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Prince Lorell is a very skilled warrior and known for his great skills in combat. Also he is rather talented on horseback, and has great speed while using his sword. He has fought in many tournaments and has won three out of five of them. He is known for his defeat of Ser Aaron Jacklar, who was also known as being a very skilled warrior.


Lorell was trained by several teachers as a child, and was watched by his father closely. When the young prince failed to win any battles, his father would beat him until he managed to force through his fears. This did help him as be became a skilled warrior afterwards.

The prince was capable of defeating many enemies at a time, and was very quick with the speed of his sword. He managed to kill many darke-elves who are known for their great skills. He held his own against Lord Yuri, he is a respected soldier, but was eventually defeated by him.


  • Is perhaps the first Heartan not to have the natural brown locks in around 80 years
  • He looks more like his mother than father
  • Is the youngest trournament winner of all time

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