The Lower-Class society, also known as the Poor, are people who lacks a certain amount of material possessions or money. The poorer people generally take up a large portion of the world's population, and have no jobs, and very little income. The poor are held in low regard, and are dismissed by nearly every other class in Amsnorth. The lower class person may also be named a Peasant, and will be mistreated by most wealther beings.

The poor are often used by the rich to become slaves, taking advantage of their low status to work under extreme conditions. Most poor children are used to work in factories, where they held produce metals and build ships and weapons. 


The poor have been around Amsnorth since the beginning on time, and they are spreaded across the world. The poor tend to populate quickly, however because of their low income, and lack of medicine, tend to die younger. The poor populate nearly every major city in the world, and are pushed away by other members of society. However, the lower class, have expanded and even caused civil wars between the rich and poor.


The lower class person does not have any values. If they are caught doing a crime, they are punished without any justification. 

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