Lymeria (2)


Biographical information

Other names
The Silver Beauty, The Sapphire Arrow
Date of birth
90 BPD
Date of death

Physical description

5.2 Feet
Hair color
Eye color
Sapphire blue
Nymeria, Sorian

Lymeria is a Wood-Elf female and daughter to the famous and renowed Queen of the Wood-Elves, Nymeria. Unlike most members of royal familes, wood-elf royalty are not born with the title of prince or princess, but instead have to go through a Trail, to claim their title through wisdom and prowess. Lymeria due to still being considered a 'teen' even though she has lived 90 years, has not yet taken her Trail.

The elf was known to be the scout of Greatwood Forest's armies, and is often seen wondering around the woods, keeping the place peaceful. However she is not out hunting as much as she used to, as her mother keeps her under guard all the time, mainly to keep her safe. 

Lymeria's life was not very interesting, as she knew she would never been queen, as her older sister, Mymera would soon hold that title. It was not until Isabella Mthendale arrived at Greatwood City did Lymeria's life actually begin to take a path. Lymeria also participated in the Battle for the Hill, around 7 APD. She demonstrated great skills with her bow, as well as battle strategy. 

Once Isabella left Greatwood, Nymeria elected Lymeria as her new commander, allowing her to wonder further from the forest, to ensure the safe passage of trading between the elves and other races.


Early LifeEdit

Lymeria is the daughter of Queen Nymeria, and when her mother was on a vouge back from the Dwavern Kingdom she fell into labour at sea. During her labour a large storm appeared forcing the ship they were on off course. Nymeria gave birth to the young elf while the ship was battered across waves, floading the deck of their ship.

Before Lymeria could be passed to her mother, she ship hit against severa rocks and the baby slipped out of her hands and landed within the sea. Nymeria screamed in horror, but could do nothing as she was pinned to the ground to prevent herself to being also swept to the sea. However Mymera leaped off the ship and forced her way through the ways. She eventually managed to grab the baby and be pulled back aboard the ship. Luckily Lymeria was not seriously injured during the inncident, but caught a deadly fever not long after.

The first few weeks of her early life was troublesome and she had to endure such pain that Nymeria considered putting her out of her misery. However she begun to get better and pulled through as they approched land.

After the horrifying event of nearly losing her daughter, Nymeria decided to get Lymeria within Greatwood Forest, never leaving under any circumstance. 

Life within GreatwoodEdit

Lymeria's life was not very interesting during her life, this was mainy due to her mother holding her trapped within Greatwood Forest. However there were things that she played a role in, like when an army of goblins attacked Greatwood City, and if her mother needed a hunter, Lymeria would be the first one to be called.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit


Lymeria is a skilled swordsmaster, this was mainly because her mother kept her trapped within her city, and had nothing other to do than play with weapons. She did not use longswords, and prefered the use of small dagger like blades froged from crystal glass.

During the attack at Greatwood, she demontrated her skills by killing many goblins, and showed her agility and speed as she carved her way through them.


Lymeria is a extremly talented archer, and her mother often informs her that she is perhaps the best being she has seen firing a bow. She holds a magicaly enchanted bow that enabled her to fire spititual energy. There are two attacks the bow is able to do, multiply and explode.


  • She is one of the three other characters that you see here that become a main hero
  • She looks much like her mother
  • Despite being 90 years old, she is considered a child
  • Regarded as the greatest archer currently alive in Amsnorth