Mūḷachuan, also known as the Native Tongue, is the language spoken mainly by the Hauket and the Giants. It like most languages across Amsnorth, came into existance in an unknown time. It is mainly spoken by the only two races, but is studied by many different races. It gets is name from an ancient Hauket tribal leader, named Mūḷaka-Green Face. It's real name has since been lost, and it is mainly named the Native Tongue.



The name Mūḷachuan came into existance around FA 4000, when the ancient and legendary Hauket tribal leader, Mūḷaka-Green Face, led his people across the dreaded Eastern Territories, to the Western Territories. This journey claimed the lives of thousands of Hauket, and eventually led to their main establishment in what is now known as the Hauket Reservation.

Mūḷachuan was then invented by the people, to honour the great leader. This was eventually adopted across Amsnorth. The Giants also speak this tongue, it has come under myth that the Hauket and Giant tribes once helped each other, or quite possibly helped each other in the past. This is perhaps one of the reasons why the two races only trade with each other and not other races.


Mūḷachuan Rochillion
Ifee  Free
Kulbala  Us 
Chokowa Bring
Nerzee Forth 
Mulugo  Legacy 
Tichuthi  Wisdom 
Avkaval  God 
Veeshki  Leave 
Trahsek Horses 

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