Magic Sea

Structural Information

South-Western Amsnorth
Nearest Countries
Max. Length
72,000 miles
Surface Area
Max. Depth

The Magic Sea is Amsnorth's second largest sea, behind the Black Sea. It is bounded by the Dwavern Kingdom, Wizardear and the Main Lands. It was named after the ocean's remarkable nightime rainbow effect. Some have claimed that it is the kingdom of the gods.


The Magic Sea covers more than 72,000 miles (186479.1km²), and is the second largest ocean in the world. It has an unknown depth, but many have speculated that it is deeper than the Black Sea. The sea covers most of southern Amsnorth, and connects to the Frozen Ocean to the east. It circles around the entire island of Wizarear


The climate south of the Wizardear is affected by a monsoon climate. Strong north-east winds blow from mid-year until the end and till colder seasons. The violent Monsoon brings rain to the Elven subcontinent. In the eastern regions of the sea, the winds are generally milder, but hotter storms near the Dwavern Kingdom can be severe.

Marine LifeEdit

Among the tropical oceans, the western Magic Sea hosts some rarest animals in the world. The Magic Sea accounts for the second largest share of the most economically valuable cod catch. Its fish are of great and growing importance to the bordering countries for domestic consumption and export. Fishing fleets from Royalandüs, Summer of Priest, Seginthul, and Afrana also exploit the Magic Sea, mainly for shrimp, cod and tuna.


Other than the Black Sea, the Magic Sea holds the largest trading outposts in Amsnorth. With most of its seas being used for fishing, transportation and trading. The ocean in also rich in minerals, and has some of the greatest spots of oil.

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