Magical Staff

"These are not tools. Use them with caution and wisdom. It is a symbol of our order, do not bash out reputation by using it like a fool. Treat it as if it were another limb on your tiny little body."
Orsimac teaching Azugon about the Tööajd

A Magic Staff or as it is commonly known around Amsnorth as a Wizard's Staff, or a Tööajd, is a magical enchanted weapon of the Order of Magical Beings

These staffs are a quasi-sentient magical instrument through which a Magical Being channels her or his magical powers to centralise the effects for more complex results. Most magical users can use magic without a staff, but the use of such a weapons can enchant magic and further increase its power, and reduce the damage using dangerous spells can do to the user.

Magic with a staff is usually performed with an incantation, but more experienced users can cast nonverbal spells, which conceal the spell until cast and may thereby prevent an opponent from adequately protecting him- or herself in time. 

Staffs are manufactured by Magical Beings as part of their training. Only necromancers and wizards/witches are able to construct their own staff and take it with them as they travel across the lands of Amsnorth. While all magical beings use staffs during their trainings, they are not allowed them, as a young magical being can be easily corrupted and eager to impress, which can cause many troubles for them during their training.


Staffs were around 9,500 BPD when Jafier Heartan discovered his magical talents. To harvest magic and to prevent serious injury when performing such power, he created a staff to help protect himself from the serious damages that casting spells can inflict upon himself.

The first ever staff, named Glisterward was created, and ever since its creation, many more magical beings have attemtped to creat their own weapon. While many have succeded in crafting their own, there have been few who have failed, and they are exiled from the Order of Magical Beings.

Stafflore Edit

Magical Beings during their early training as a mage and sorcerer are asked with learning all about the staff. During their written practices they study stafflore, which is a education that they all learn to understand the purpose of a staff, and how important it can be to them as they progress further on in their lives.

If a magical being is unable to create a staff, or can't understand the stafflore, they are exiled from the order with their powers stripped. This is to ensure that certain person does not fall corrputed and endanger their own selves as well as others, as staff help protect them from harm, and from evil spirits within the Vale.


Most staffs are long, thick stick like weapons that appear like an old man's walkingstick. They are created with a magical substance embedded into their core. These substances are mainly objects or body parts that can harvest magic such as: crystals, gems, sapphires, rubies, unicorn horns, griffon beak, basilisk fang, cyclops eye and fairy dust.

Staffs are created from mainly wood and care forged with stone and magic. Among the woods used are holly, ebony, oak, cherry, vine, rowan, cedar, ivy, rosewood, willow, elm, ash, yew, birch, aspen, and elder. 

Witch with staff

Witch with a crystal and ash staff

Many Magical Beings use certain cores and wood to match their abilities and their moral selves. For example, a person with a bright heart and a good nature for kindess and love, would use sapphires and holly to create their staff. While someone with dark ambitions and a cruel nature, would use a basilisk fang along with ash or ivy.

Most magical beings are different, and no staff is created the same way. The most powerful combination of staffs are unicorn horns and elder, but it is very rare than any magical being will be able to craft this staff, as they require magic beyond most.


In almost all documented cases the magical being chooses their right wood and core to match their own selves, this is the make sure that magical being can use and push their magic to their own limits. While all magical beings can use magic without a staff, the staff assists them in almost everyway possible. 

Also a staff's length, much like its core, may symbolize something its owner. For example, the staff of the
Wizard staff

Staffs have many properties, such as being able to harvest the cold, and convert it into devastating blizzards

famous Orsimac reached seven feet in height due to his large size.

Any wizard can use another's staff, however their properties will not be as effective as they would its normal owner. The famous staff known as Glisterward, the staff of Jafier Heartan, was hunted down by hundreds of magical beings. Many Grand Wizards have used the staff, but none have been able to harvest its power as much as its original owner.

Staffs are not invincible, if they are hit directly with a spells that can weaken the staff's wood or core, the staff will shatter. If a staff with a cyclops eye for a core, is hit by a spiritual spell, the spell cast can suck the life from the eye, and therefore cause the staff to be of unuse, and eventually shatter into dust.

Although all staffs are crafted from wood, each of them cannot be destroyed by fire, as they have been created to prevent damage from such an element. However if enought force is applied to that certain wood, it can snap.

Known StaffsEdit

Owner(s) Wood Length Core Name Notes
Jafier Heartan/  Nark I Heartan / Orsimac (briefly)/ Azugon/ NymeriaIsabella Mthendale Elder 6 feet Unicorn Horn Glisterward

Glisterward is the very first staff to have been forged, it is one of the few staffs that has been able to use both the elder wood and unicorn horn.

Azugon Ash 6 feet Unicorn Hair Blackthorn

This staff was forged by the Dark Lord, even though this was crafted before his corruption, it still bears his dark taint. 

The staff has since been destroyed.

Orsimac Oak 7 feet Basilisk Fnag Lightstorm Due to his famous name as the Lightening Wizard, Orsimac used oak and a basilisk fang to enable him to harvest lightening.
Flemorra Vine 5 1/2 feet Ruby None

One of the many staffs that have been created with dark magic, this famous staff owned by the witch Flemorra is one of the most dangerous staffs in history.

The staff has been lost, so it is unknown if it is destoryed.

Morganna Willow 5 feet Sapphire Divinity

Like her mother, Flemorra, Morganna crafted her staff with dark magic.

The staff is currently destoryed.

Moreusico Oak 6 1/2 feet Crystal Lifemender One of the most famous staffs. Created by the famous Moreusico, this staff was created from crystals which granted it deadly shaping and healing powers.
Ezgoth Aspen 7 feet Cyclops Eye Shadowhunter

A staff made for evil and sweat, crafted by the deadly Ezgoth.

The staff has currently been destroyed.

Vigexsor Yew 7 Feet Unicorn Horn Faith

An ancient staff, crafted by a wizard named Vigexsor, this staff is known for its power over spiritual magic.

The staff's whereabouts is unknown.

Noirin Ash 6 feet Griffon Beak Truth

A staff by an exiled wizard, known for its horrible past of murders and slaughters.

It is currently lost.

Thalia Cedar 5 feet Gem Mirrondi A staff from a witch from the Order of Magical Beings.
Ursila Ash/Vine 5 feet Gem Spirit One of the few staffs that have been crafted from two different woods.
Raven Birch 6 feet Sapphire Amnesia Staff from a necromancer.
Ovras Ivy 6 feet Crystal Mercy A staff known for its healing powers.
Ilagast Oak 7 feet Ruby Riddle Staff used by a rouge necromancer.
Igpyx Vine 6 feet Cyclops eye Swishy Staff used by a cruel magical being.
Eyvwin Ash 6 feet Crystal Reflection Staff used by a council member
Qouin Rowan 8 feet Griffon Beak Giant

A staff that is known for its massive size.

Belonged to Qouin, a giant man that was on a council.

Drakryn Ebony 6 feet Gem Dragonfang A powerful staff that belonged to a member of the council.
Durhan Holly 6 feet Crystal Spellbinder Staff that belonged to a member of the council.
Aexis Rosewood/ ivy 6 feet Sapphire Unknown Staff crafted from two woods, from the memeber of the council.
Islilla Elder 6 feet Gem Brittlebrush A rare kind of staff. Created by a council memeber, and possesses great powers for the elements.
Ivory Vine 5 feet


Mindblown A staff from a dangerous rouge witch.
Steffano Yew 6 feet Crystal Unknown Staff to a council member.
Ellana Ash 6 feet Gem Unknown Council member staff.
Dashglakun Elder 6 feet Basilisk Fang Firebreath Staff from a Grand Wizard, a deadly staff known for its name in burning things.
Mistyr Ebony 5 feet Ruby Sucklebon Member of the council staff.
Segundru Vine 6 feet Crystal Unknown Staff from a council member


  • They were inspired by the normal magic staff, but include elements from the fictional sword, the lightsaber.
  • Very few staffs are currently in tact.
  • Most wizards and witches died and their staffs destroyed.