Magical being

A Magical Being practising control over fire and water

"Magical Beings are those with the power to shift and summon the power of the gods. They are born to be wise and brave, but many have fallen."
―About the Magical Beings

Magical Beings are a race of humans and elves that practice in magical abilities that they are given in birth. 

it is unknown how one can be born with the talents of magic, but there has been any rumours that they are selected by the gods.

Magical Beings are only seen within humans and elves, as they are the only ones capable of harvesting magic. Dwarves, hauket and orcs have a high resistance to magic, which causes their bodies to reject the gift.

They are often regarded as being one of the strongest of all races, with some of the oldest, wisest and most powerful people in history being from the origin.

For thousands of years the Magical Beings have been peace keeper throughout time, often settling affairs that face corruption, fear, hate, anger and power. However they do not interfere with civil wars, unless the purpose has great infect on the rest of the world.



Jafier Heartan was the first magical being in history, which led to rumours that he was in fact the Mystic Dragon, only in human form. Jafier had his most trusted friends drink from a goblet containing his own blood. After they drunk, each of the gained the magical talents that he possessed.

When Jafier took away his immortality, he used great power to cast his own life over the lands, enabling more people to obtain his magical powers. Within a hundred years more people begun to be born with the talents, and they were taken to the Academy of Magical Beings, located within Wizardear.


"There are four stages a Magical Being must go through."
Queen Nymeria on the stages of the Magical Beings

In the Order of Magical Beings there are four stages in which a magical being passes throughout their training. 

  • Mage: These are usually the youngest members of the order and focus on mending and experimenting with their abilities. They are taken under the wing of a Master, which is usually a wizard or witch. Mages must perfect the magical stage of elements before they can progress to the next level, but however this takes time as there are many stages throughout the elements. Mages are also not allowed to leave the academy under any circumstances, and are forbidden to have any kind of romantic relationship with any other person.
  • Sorcerer: The second stage a magical being goes through expands their abilities and causes them to try and perfect more fields of magic, from healing, conjuring and destruction. In this period they are allowed to leave the academy and venture forth to understand more of knowledge and life itself. However like the mage they are forbidden to have any relationships. Sorcerers may also decide if they wish to leave their studies and will be exiled in the process. They are mainly healers and are still under training from a witch or wizard.
  • Necromancer: This stage is considered one of the toughest. It takes one around eighty to one hundred years to perfect this rank. Necromancers will still undergo training from a higher rank, but they must study and learn more of magic by their own. They must perfect element, destruction, healing, defensive, conjuring and summoning. The latter is one of the most dangerous skills to learn, and it takes time and concentration. If a magical being fails in this stage, they are exiled with their powers stripped. This is to ensure that they do not become corrupted by the risks of summoning.
  • Wizard/Witch: The final stage one goes through is tough and dreaded. A magical being will unlikely reach this rank until they reach one hundred years of age, and most of the time it takes longer. They must perfect every stage of magical talents, and are now allowed to focus on more different stages, such as Shapeshifting, spiritual magic and blood magic. However it is still forbidden for them to study in dark magic. They may now also leave and live their lives, with family, but they are exiled in the process, but still keep their titles and may still enter the academy. Also they are often held in high regard, and are sometimes called upon to settle affairs concerning troubles. They can train a student.

Current StatusEdit

Since the Great Purge Magical Beings have since believed to be extinct. However there are few of them left, living within mountains and ancient forests to conceal their appearance from the rest of the world.

Known MembersEdit

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Magical Beings are extremely powerful. They have the ability to possess magical powers that they inherit through birth. However they are not only skilled in magic, but in certain stages in combat and have high intelligence.


Their primary focus in power is their ability to control magic. Many powerful magical beings have been high within their order due to their mass superior magic. They can focus on many different categories.

  • Shapeshifting
  • Blood Magic
  • Healing Magic
  • Element Control
  • Spiritual Magic
  • Conjuring Magic
  • Illusion Magic
  • Wards
  • Destruction
  • Dark Magic (Forbidden)
  • Lightening
  • Summoning Magic

Many wizards and witches have mastered almost all of these categories. Legends such as Azugon and Flemorra have mastered Dark Magic, something that is forbidden within their order. However Morganna managed to use certain without risking being both caught and exposed to evil.


Magical beings have the choice to use a sword during their training, although it should be noted that not all of them prefer to use a blade most of them are rather skilled. Moreusico and Azugon used swords often within their times, with them both being considered one of the best. 


One of their greatest powers is their understanding of their enemy due to their years of study. Magical beings know almost everything about history. They spend most of their training reading and use that knowledge to aid them in battle or just for personal pleasure.

In the BooksEdit

Like the dragons they are believed to be non-existent. Throughout the novels they are hidden and do not appear, until near the end. In the second and third novel however they play a larger part, and in Dancing with Magic, magical beings are the primary race.


  • They were inspired by Jedi
  • They are immortal