"The Main Lands has seen more wars than any of the other regions combined."
Queen Nymeria on the Main Lands
Main land countries

Main lands, and their counties, separated by the black lines.

Main Lands is a continent located in gthe centre of the known world. It is separated from the continents of Wizardear by the Magic Sea, Summer of Priest and the Dwavern Kingdom by the Black Sea.

The entire continent is ruled by the King or Queen of Amsnorth, who remain the head of House Heartan. Each region of thee Main Lands is split up into several counties, each which are ruled by a Great House. These regions are mostly human and dwavern counties, but there are certian areas in which they speak their own language.

There are three major lands within the Main Lands, being the Western Territories, Northern Territories, and Eastern Territories. Each of these major lands have their own laws and rules, however each of them are govened under the Human Royal Government.

People of the Main Lands have no specific name, but some call them, Terrasi, meaning Conquer in ancient Elvish.


Main Lands east of the Dwavern Kingdom, roughly 500 miles from the city Phylon. It is around 700 miles north of Wizardear, and around 650 miles from Summer of Priest. The Main lands are surrounded by three seas, the Magic Sea, Black Sea and Frozen Ocean. The total milage of the whole of the lands is roughly 10,000, from Seatown to the Shard Mountains. The continent's terrain varies immensely. There are significant mountain ranges, such as the Solar Mountains and Snowy Caverns in the North. The Kings' Mountain, Trailed Mountains and Black Mountains in the West. Shard Mountains in the East. There are also several extensive river networks, main one being Greatwood River. Climate varies between extremes of heat and cold across the large continent. The West is mainly normal conditions, with cool weathers, and sometimes blazing heats. Its average day is grey and dull, but with a nice warm cool breeze. The North is a very hot place, with nearly every day having a sunshine. The heat burns there at a great temperature, mainly bacause of the Strands of the Axes, the hottest place in Amsnorth. The East is a rather cold place, with the Shard Mountains being one of the coldest known places. ==Climate and Seasons== Main Lands' climate shifts from a subarctic wasteland in the furthest north, to a desert climate in Strands of the Axesm and deeper parts of the North. In the normal course of events, the West seens normal conditions, to harsh thunderstorms, and horrific winds. The Eastern regions have vast snows and freezing conditions, and further east everything is frozen. Amsnorth has its own dates, weeks, days and months, each of which have been around for roughly 200 years. It perdicts how the weathers will change over the course of a year, and the months are in the same context of real life months. While most events within the novels are explained in BPD or APD, several days and months are mentioned throughout the context.


While the main lands is split up into several counties, there are three regions within the main lands. Each of these regions along with the countires are ruled by the King or Queen of Amsnorth, who seats within the capital city of Amsnorth, Gran Sarathal. These regions are:

The Western TerritoriesEdit

Ruled by several Great Houses, the West is the most highly populated area out of them all. It features the capital city, as well as Phylon and Markwall, while it houses the Wood-Elf capital, Greatwood City. It is home to many towns, villages, castles and forts. More than 4,000 farms are within the West, each of which farm different foods, crops, animals and drinks. Hauket tribes live within the Hauket Resvervation, which takes up around 600 miles of land.

The Northern TerritoriesEdit

Like the West, it is ruled by Great Houses. However only two great houses rule the North, being House Lukie and House Symoset. While the North is by far the largest land by area in the whole of Amsnorth, it is not as populated as the West or the Dwavern Kingdom.

The Eastern TerritoriesEdit

The East is ruled by several houses, but is not as populated as the others. However it is home to many orc clans, as well as hauket tribes. It is perhaps the most dangerous part in the entire Main Lands, mainly bacause it is home to clansmen, bandits, goblins and other dangerous creatures and beasts.


Each region of the Main Lands has several countries, each of these countries are home to cities, towns, villages,
House map

Each Great House and its country is shown in colours. Black areas are places in which are owned or controlled by no person.

castles, forts, farms, inns, taverns, and places of interest. While back in the old ancient times, each of these countires were individual kingdoms, where independent rulers owned each county in which they resided in. When the Dark-Elf Empire was first formed, they invaded a large portion of these countires to expand their power. It was not until the War of Kings did many of these countires abandon their royal houses, and were given lordships instead.

The Countries are as follows:


This country is the second largest in the world, it is home to the capital city Gran Sarathal, and also House Heartan. It is home to many villages and towns, and is highly populated. Most people that reside within these lands are humans and dwarves


A country that is home to the Phylon, it was once under the rulership of humans, but after the War of Flowers, Robert I Heartan upheld the ancient agreement made by his ancestor, Tharik Heartan, the city was given to the dwarves. The country shares a border with Royalandüs, and Afrana. It is ruled by House Thash, but it is still under the Human Royal Government


A large country that is ruled by House Wolfbane, and is named many times as being the most beautiful country of them all. It is highly populated by elves and humans, as well as giants. Its main city is Markwall.


The largest country in Amsnorth, it is ruled by House Lukie and features the huge city of Qhylen. It is within the North, and takes up more than half of its region. It is not greatly populated, but is known for its beautiful lands and hills. It is also home to the massive desert Strand of the Axes, the hottest place in the known world.


Another large country that shares a border with Ürsanthium, it is one of the two countries in the North. Its capital city is Kingsport, and is a royal country that is ruled by House Symoset. It houses the largest mountain in the world, Solar Mountain, as well s Darkwood Forest. Half of it is a beautiful greenland full of ancient castles, and wounderous landscapes. The other half is a cold area, which leads into the Eastern Territories. Most of that region is snowy and full of marshes and swamps.


A small country within the Eastern Territories. It is home to Oakwood Forest, one of the cities of the Wood-Elves. It is ruled by the Wood-Elves, however it is co-ruled by the Human Royal Government as well as the Wood-Elf Monarchy


An ancient country that is possibly the first named country in the known world. It is where the first human migrates left their homeland of Great Valour island and settled within its rocky mountains. It set up its capital city, Rocky Vale, where would eventually become one of the largets cities in its time. After the War of Kings, House Heartan took over rulership from House Ashstone. It remains one of the two Heartan countries, and is a royal country.


Ruled by House Gonsoveir, and the second largest country in the East. It was once an independent country ruled by the Green-Elves that was eventually invaded and became a human royal country.


Ruled by House Elendra and is the least populated out of all the countries. It is small, and a frozen place, with many frozen villages and rivers. 


A rather large country that is ruled by the Wood-Elf Monarchy. It is home to the city Elftown, and is not a highly popylated place. It is rather beautiful and is covered in Pinewood Forest. It is a frozen sight, but is home to crystal caves, tunnels, and old castles and towers.


The population of the Main Lands is more populated than any other kingdom in the world. It has in total around 140,000,000 people residing within its lands in total, but this could be more or less. The major cities of the continent have populations in the hundreds of thousands, and each of the Great Houses can field a reasonably-well-equipped army in the tens of thousands.

Royalandüs is the most populated out of all the countires, having around 35,000,000 people in total. It has more people living in it than any other kingdom in the known world. Castesene is the least populated out of them all, having around 6,000,000 people living within its lands. This is mainly because of its cold weathers.

Humans are the largest populated of all the other races, however dwarves are closely behind, while goblins, trolls and ogres also populate a large portion of these countires. Elves are also another highly populated race, but in comparrison to the others they are the least.

Beasts and creatures are also highly populated. Lions, wolves, sheep, deer, elk, wild dogs, spiders, mammoths and birds are the most populated out of all the beasts. There are also mythical creatures within its lands, however it is unknown how many of these there are.


The most populated out of all these races, humans are the ruling race in all the countries, even though they are under the rulership of another government. Humans speak the same language in all of the countries, Inhomin, however some of them speak other languages such as: Rochillion, and Gaenapease.


The second most populated race out of them all. They rule over one of the 10 countries. They speak Inhomin like most of the races, but they do speak their own language, Dwarfik in some parts.


While not greatly populated, they rule two of the countries through the Wood-Elf Monarchy. All the three kinds of elves live within these lands, but the Wood-Elves are the most populated out of the three.


A greatly populated race that are exiles and outlaws. They populate mainly hidden caves, tunnels, and mountains. They remain outside public eye, unless they raid villages and towns for foods and gold.


A low populated race, they inhabit mainly the Hauket Reservation, but also are seen throughout the countries. They remain within their tribes, but some are seen within cities and other civilizations.


Another low populated race, they take up around 2/30 of the population. They are seen within their clans, and are considered exiles and outlaws. They are forbidden within the cities, but there are few who do. They are known as fierce fighters and warriors, which make them a feared race.


Rather highly populated race that are seen within woodlands and hills.


A highly populated race that inhabit the large wildernesses or the countries.


A low populated race that are seen inhabiting the mountain ranges as well as hills and woodlands.


A very low populated race that are only seen within the woodland realms.


Main Lands have several settlements spread throughout its lands.


Main Lands have a lot of cities in its lands, each of which are ruled by a house and lord or lady, however Gran Sarathal is ruled by a king or queen.

While there are many huge towns and villages that have more population than some cities, because of their small size in square miles, they are not considered cities.


  • Most of these countries are ruled by the Human Royal Government despite being under the rulership of another government, mainly because the King of Amsnorth is the leading monarch.
  • It has more cities than any other region or kingdom.
  • Is it roughly half the size of earth.
  • Is not home to many rivers or lakes.

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