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Biographical information

Other names
Malgath the Cruel
Date of birth
TA 4315
Date of death
TA 8618 (4303 years)

Physical description

5.1 Feet
Hair color
Black (younger), White
Eye color
Milynea (first wife), Llaalsa (second wife)
"A man corrupted by his own greed, he was both vile and cruel. He relied on his resources and contacts to gain his own desires, and would do all he could to wound the ones he called enemies. His war was with himself, and he decided to launch a civil war against his own kin. I was tasked with putting him down."
Queen Nymeria on Malgath

Malgath also known as Malgath the Duke of Numore, (TA 4315 - TA 8618), was a Dark-Elf noble and usurper who launced a three year civil war against the Dark-Elf Supremacy. Malgath was born to Ulfar a high ranking noble lord who was respected within the Dark-Elf Council

The dark-elf for hundreds of years begun to plot against his own people to try and overthrow the Supremacy and forge a new empire. He used his contacts to assit him to plot against the government, and started by killing his own father, and making it out to be an incident. This sparked a slight chaos within Wizardear, and many nobles and lords gathered to discuss a possible Wood-Elf trechery. This rumour was made up by Malgath himself, who sought to make war against the wood-elves and their monarchy.

However after several years, the wood-elf king, Melenki came to terms with the Supermacy and eventually the possible war was thrawt. This angered Malgath and he thought of different ways to break the government, and did so by forging allies across the seas. He begun by gaining the aid of several humans and greedy dwarves.

Once he had several thugs at his side, he had several farms burnt around Wizardear, and left false trails that would led to the wood-elves, sparking another possible war. This time, Malgath had one of his wood-elf friends named Livan Greenwood murder over fifteen nobles, and made sure he was spotted. 

Malgath then held a meeting and used Livan as a source to blaim the wood-elves of the murder of the nobles. The Dark-Elf Council then prepared for war, gathering all their soldiers from across the lands. After weeks of marching, their forces were met by Melenki , who forced them to back down with the aid of the humans led by King Nark V Heartan

The Dark-Elves, knowing they would never stand a chance against both the Humans and Wood-Elves were forced to stand down. It took eight days of speech between the three race leaders, before the dark-elves decided to return home, Eager to start a three way war, Malgath had his spies and assassins attack each of the races, and left trails and clues to led them to each other.

An all out war happened between all three races, and after several days of battle, King Nark V defeated both the wood-elves and dark-elves, by amassing an entire army of over 40,000 men to corner both sides. Melenki was the first to surrender, understanding his foolishness, however Malgath attempted to persaude the Dark-Elf Council to attack, but failed. Enraged he left for home, and was forced to give up his titles due to his eagerness for war.

Thousands of years later Malgath now in exile, begun to start up a rebellion after the death of Melenki. He did so by summoning all his allies, and gained an army of over 8,000 strong. Several decades later, he marched against the wood-elves, and their new monarch, Queen Nymeria. Defeating the new queen in their first battle, and close to killing her, Malgath finally got the war he wanted. The Malgath Rebellion begun.

He even managed to cause the dwarves to blaim the wood-elves, by assulting the Dwavern Kingdom, causing a small civil war between the two races. However this did not last long.

The war went on for three years, with Malgath winning most of his battles, always entering himself. The Dark-Elf Supremacy, also saw this victory, and sent resources to Malgath, such as weapons and food. The war seemed like it was near victory, and the Battle of Ice was the final battle held.

Malgath entered the battle, leading thousands, however he was suprised when a cloaked figure, naming himself Ezgoth offered his aid. Suspicous of such a being, he accepted his help after witnessing the man's dark magical talents, and saw the chance to use him for his gain.

Malgath entered the final battle against Nymeria, and during the battle, he saw that the wood-elves and humans had forged an alliance. His enemies begun to gain the upper hand againt him, so he called Ezgoth to assist them, and he did so by using his dark magic to summond waves of evil and shadow over them. However Nymeria had gained allies of herself, and Ezgoth was defeated by a legendary wizard named Moreusico

Malgath tried to flee, but was stopped by Nymeria. They both engaged in a deadly duel, but Malgath quickly overpowered her. As he was about to deliver the final blow, he was haltered by Moreusico. The dark-elf attacked the old man, but despite his emense skills in swordplay, his skills were not great enough to defeat the wizard and he was defeated. As he lay helpless, Nymeria drove her sword into his gut, killing him instantly.

Malgath's status has become almost legendary, known for forging an almost all out war between the dwarves, humans, wood-elves and dark-elves.

Character and AppearanceEdit

Malgath was sadistic, cruel, manipulative, cunning and highly charasmatic. He was known to persaude the weaker, and used his means of gold and high status to convince the poor and helpless to his side. Due to his emense power, he influenced high numbers to his side. He cared little for anyone, even his own daughter, whom he abandoned as a young child. 

Malgath stood around 5,1 feet, and was strongly built. He had fiercely pointed features, and sharp gazing red eyes. His hair was always up and tied, to ensure it was never in his way. He wore the finest of clothing, to show his status and power above others. 


Early LifeEdit

Malgath was born to Ulfar, a greatly respected Lord. As a boy, Malgath showed high intelligence by inventing several objects. He managed to contruct a sword at the age of ten, which was consitered remarkable. He was able to read and write with perfection before he reached twelve. He was also able to speak, elvish, Rochillion and dwarfik.

Due to his skills he was instantly used by the Dark-Elf Supremacy, and was tasked with reading and writting for the Dark-Elf Council. During his time as Scribe, he also spent a long of time perfecting his swordplay, and gaining inside allies. 

Youmg adult Malgath

Young Malgath

His plan to overthrow the Supremacy begun when he was twenty years of age, and spent the next hundred years gaining friends and allies. He did this by using his source of gold to his advantage, using it to convince weaker and poorer people to his side.

At the age of fifty years of he murdered his own father by stabbing him in the back several times. He made the murder look like it was planned by the wood-elves, and this sparked choas across the Wizardear lands. There were many attacks on wood-elf people that live within those lands, and council meetings were held to discuss the affair. Due to being the Scribe, Malgath had the perfect chance to take notes, and see the plans of the council. 

By planning attacks, he also organized matters within the council, by manipulating several of the councilors into action. However the wood-elf king, Melenki arrived at Garreneari and convinced the council that his people had no affair in the matter. It was not long before the council agreed. Malgath eager for some bloodshed, demanded that the council exile all wood-elves from the lands. This was successful, and all of them were forced to leave, with the penalty of death if they remained.

Attempting WarEdit

Enraged that the war was evaded, Malgath begun to travel across Amsnorth. Using his abilities to understand the other races, he played on their minds. Within a short few decades he managed to gain the friendships of humans and dwarves

Malgath spent time within Gran Sarathal, having perfect swords and armour forged by him. He also gained influence within the capital's walls, and used them as a resource if he ever needed inside information. He travelled again, gaining more and more people to his side. 

With completion near its end, he begun to organize attacks across Wizardear, using his good friend Livan Greenwood to
Malgath and the council

Malgath convincing the council to go to war

murder high ranked Dark-Elves. Livan who was a wood-elf himself, made sure that each time he murdered a noble, he was spotted by someone, to set a rumour that the wood-elves were assassinating the dark-elves. 

This again sparked much distruption, and the Dark-Elf Council held a meeting within Garreneari. Malgath entered the meeting himself, demanding that they set off for war against Melenki, blaiming him for the murder of his father, and the burning of the farms around his ancestral fort, Numore

The council being under the influence of Malgath's high charisma, agreed. They then summoned their armies under the leadership of both Malgath and several council members.

The Three RacesEdit

When they crossed the seas to the main lands, Malgath and the dark-elf army were approched by Melenki, who also had King Nark V Heartan by his side. Nark being the King of Amsnorth forced everyone to stop their attacks, and called them to a meeting to discuss the affair.

Malgath angered by this, began to plot against all three of them. He used his spies and assassins to be
Malgath ready for battle

Malgath leading the Dark-Elves into battle

placed around the area of all three camps. When he gave the order, over seventy people were burtally murdered on all fornts. This caused the humans and elves to fight against each other.

Malgath used this and led the forces himselfm eager to kill Melenki. However he never got to the king, as Nark V had sent out ravens, and summoned his enter army to his command. Both the dark-elves and wood-elves were forced to subdue due to the massive army that was surrounding them. Melenki instantly fell to Nark's knees, begging for forgivness. The King pardoned him, and demanded an answer from the dark-elf council.

Malgath tried to spark bloodshed between them, but the council knowing they wouldn't be able to win the war chained up Malgath and dragged him back to Wizardear.

Thousand year WaitEdit

For thousands of years, Malgath was forced into exile, spending over six hundred years in prison for his crimes in attempt to start a war. This broke him, and made him for thirsty for blood and war more than ever, and he had made great allies with his time in jail. 

Malgath in prison

Malgath spent 600 years in prison

Malgath had made himself into a brutal a sadistic killer, and had built himself to be a powerful man. When he was released from prison, he instantly begun his second attempt at war. He travelled again, summoning his still alive allies to his side. 

Due to him being a criminal, he was able to gain bandits and clansmen to his side, using what gold he had left. With nearly 2,000 people at his command, he travelled to the Dwavern Kingdom and gained friends within the Golden Halls. His patience within prison had taught him caution and concentration, something he used when selecting allies. 

When news reached him that Melenki had died, he planned a quick attack against the Wood-Elves while they were weak and leaderless. However after attempts, he was unable to wound them deeply to attract attention. Eventually Melenki's daughter Nymeria had been crowned and named the new leader of the wood-elves.

The Battle of IceEdit

When his time had come, and he had gained 8,000 strong men at his command, Malgath saw it time to launch a civil war. He first attacked the wood-elves, and used his connections within the Golden Halls to cause havok and outrage. 

The dwarves turned on each other, and eventually the wood-elves, causing a small battle between them. This caused the attention to draw from Malgath and he slaughtered countless innocent elves, humans and dwarves. Malgath gained fear and a fierce reputation across Amsnorth. The Dark-Elf Supremacy, now impressed by him, sent weapons and food to him, and everything else he should need. This was perfect for Malgath as the was winning all his battles, and gaining more people to his side by the day.

After weeks, the civil war was named The Malgath Rebellion.

Approched by ShadowsEdit

Around TA 8616 Malgath now near a victory, was approched by a mysterious man, who had appeared as being a frickle old man. Malgath brushed the man off, threatning to kill him. However he was attacked by flashes of magic, but before he could be hurt the old man transformed into a young, death-like creature. 

The man named Ezgoth, destroyed the shadows (which he created himself to gain Malgath's trust). Malgath eventually gave in and begun to relize how powerful this man was, and how much he can be of use to them. Malgath agreed to the man's aid, and had him forge a powerful weapon from his dark magic. 

Final BattleEdit

In the year 8618 Malgath was near his victory, however he was suddenly attacked by waves of soldiers, from both humans and wood-elves. He rushed into action, and commanded his froces himself. The battle seemed even, with Malgath using his mass intelligence to his advantage. 

While he battled across the battlefield, he was approched by Nymeria , who attacked him. They battled, however Malgath with his years of training overpowered the elf queen with great ease. He threw her down, and was about to finish her off, but a massive explosion happened, and Ezgoth was defeated by an old man.

The wizard approched Malgath and tried to reason with him. But the dark-elf was not willing to negotate, and attacked him. Underestimating the wizard, Malgath was defeated by him, and forced to collapse. Nymeria then drove her sword into his gut, killing him intantly.


Malgath is considered one of the smartest people in history. His efforts to cause war between the elves, has been told many times. Nymeria has told the tale to her people, and written books about the war. Her interpitation of him is not a good one, and calls him a tyrant and fool. His body was destroyed after his death, and his daughter, Vaynth took over his titles. She later dishonoured him due to his affairs, and chooses to ignore of his existance.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Malgath was an extremely talented being, with having great skills in swordplay, and battle affairs. He was so skilled with a blade he defeated nearly everyone of his foes in single combat. He was also highly intelligent, managing to use his talents to convince hundreds of people to his command.


Malgath was one of the best fighters of his generation, managing to defeat many people, including Queen Nymeria, who is also one of the greatest. He single handly slaughtered elves, humans and dwarves. He defeated many people in his time, and even held his own against Moreusico, who is regarded as being one of the most powerful people of all time. Even though he was eventually defeated by the wizard, he put up a fight that forced him back.


Malgath was very smart, and is one of the smartest people of all time. He managed to control many people, and used his charisma to influence people to his side. His skills also presented a great asset to him when he entered battles, He managed to use his smarts to win all his battles.


  • He is the first dark-elf to pose a great threat in 4,000 years
  • He has held some of the most titles for one person, being a duke, lord, noble, commander, rouge and prisoner.

See AlsoEdit

Duke of Numore
Preceded by
Malgath Succeeded by
Vaynth (as duchess)

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