Mandon Wolfbane
Book Series(s)
World of Amsnorth
First Book
Dancing with Magic
Last Book
Dancing with Magic
Appeared in
Dancing with Magic
Also known as
Mandon the Brave
9,160 BPD
Place of Birth
Current Status
The Western Territories
Sarathor Wolfbane - father
Norwin Wolfbane - brother
"A honourable man who put the lives of others before himself. He fought nobly and for the people of Amsnorth "
―About Mandon

Mandon Wolfbane (9,160 BPD - 9,140 BPD)  was a human male who later became a renowed knight. He is better known for his participation of the Great Purge, and was one of the main generals during the war. He led many missions and battles, and was one of the leaders during the Battle of Gran Sarathal. However despite his great battle skills, he was killed during the battle.

Character and AppearanceEdit

Mandon was a very noble and kind man, he often put people before his own needs. As a youth he spent his time training in combat, and during this time he assisted and helped those weaker than him. Mandon showed great cunning and wisdom as he grew older, and his kindess reached far. With his large amounts of gold, he sent food and water across Amsnorth to feed the poor.

Mandon was a very handsome man, he had long brown hair, clean shaven, brown eyes and a square face. His features were strong and his skin a slight tanned shade. He stood around 6 feet, and was often seen wearing his solid steel armour.


Early LifeEdit

Mandon was born around 9,160 BPD, and like most people born around this time, they were raised in what was known as the Jafier Effect. The world that was created by the legendary Jafier Heartan. Most of the lands flourished, and the cities, towns, villages and other civilizations raved in the riches and greatness that the king had formed. 

Mandon is the son to Lord Sarathor Wolfbane , and due to this his father raised him to become the perfect successor. He often travelled with his father to cities, and towns, and explored the far reaches of Amsnorth. Mandon loved to explore, and it became his early life, as he did not settle back within Markwall until he was 12 years of age.


Mandon's skills in combat as well known, and it eventually reached the ears of Nark III Heartan. His father Sarathor due to being a lord and very respected man, suggested to the King of Amsnorth a possible knighthood for Mandon.

Nark never often knighted anyone in his time, but eventually after months of pestering, and Mandon's growing legacy, decided to knight him.

A host of around 10,000 people arrived to see him knighted.

Starting of the Great PurgeEdit

Around 9,144 BPD Moreusico had sent word to the cities that Azugon had destroyed the Academy of Magical Beings and murdered dozens of people. The leaders then made it their main mission to track down and kill the wizard. However as time passed Azugon was beginning to worry many people because of his rising status, and his invasion of castles, taverns and farms. 

Two years later the Great Purge began. Mandon was elcted by his father to become the new general of his armies. Mandon charged many armies into battles, and escourted many farmers and civilians across the dangerous roads. 

Battle of Gran SarathalEdit

When Azugon sent forth his armies to attack the capital city of Gran Sarathal, King Nark III Heartan summond his lords and nobles to the city. Mandon and his father were the first to answer and they both headed towards the capital. 

They arrived there before a large host of 100,000 were beginning to attack the city. Mandon led a host of archers and catapults, and was the leader of the first defences of the city. When some goblins breached the walls, Mandon was the person who attacked them first. 

As the first day ended, and Ezgoth sent forth another attack, Mandon's father Sarathor Wolfbane led an army through the tunnels to attack him. Mandon soon followed his father and fougth side by side with him, however when his father was killed, Mandon was distracted by this, and later an arrow found him. He was later killed.


Mandon is called Mandon the Brave due to his bravery in the war and many events. A statue of made of him and his father, and placed within the city of Markwall. Many books were written about him, and he is used as an example when soldiers are trained within the city.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Mandon was a very skilled swordmaster. He also had great skills in understanding battles, and often flanked his enemies. He relied on his mind to try and find a way to sneak past his foes and find a way to break through their defences.


Mandon was trained to perfection as a young man, and became a known fighter. His skills with a sword were some of the best in his generation, and he killed many dark creatures, and even a dark spirit. He could survive greatly in large numbers, and could fight under pressure.

However before he was distracted by his father's death, Mandon was heading for Ezgoth, and the necromancer showed a slight fear in his eyes at that time, meaning the dark being could have possibly believed that Mandon could defeat him.

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