Western Territories
Lord Farik Wolfbane
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Grey Castle
Places of note
Jafier's Monument
Date of founding
20,000 years

Markwall is a large city located within the Western Territories. It is Amsnorth's fifth largest city and second oldest, after Gran Sarathal

The city has played a large part throughout history, and was once a place of high power. During the War of Kings, Jafier Heartan took control over the city, and became king, which eventually led to the events of the great war that ended with Heartan taking the Golden Throne.

The current ruler of the city is named Farik Wolfbane, who is an insane and dangerous man. He very rarely makes an appearance, but when he does it is usally to have someone exeucuted within public sight. Unlike the other cities, this one does not have a council.


Around 100,000 years ago when Jafier Heartan first attacked the city, it suffered greatly under the rule of King Edmune Undertongue. The city was very much like it is now in present day, aside from the current lord does not murder children.

Edmune often tortured many people within his city, to try and strike fear into his people as well as the other kings of Amsnorth. However his actions came back to haunt him as when his city was attacked, it fell very quickly due to his soldiers losing loyalty in him. Jafier killed the king himself in front of his people, and was elected the new king.Edit

When Jafier ruled the city he had several villages built to try and help witbh trade and to decrease the poor within the city. The first being Tyrntown. 

As the War of Kings began, Jafier used the city as his main place of retreat. Due to this it was under attack many times during the war, and was finally conqured by King Saaelas of the dark-elves.

When the war finally ended and Jafier Heartan became High King of Amsnorth, the city lost its king but gained a lord instead. After that day House Wolfbane has ruled the city, with many of its lords and ladys being tyrants and corrupted. 

Landmarks within the cityEdit

Jafier's MonumentEdit

The only place of attraction within the city is the monument of the legendary king of Amsnorth. Due to Jafier's clense of the city he was honoured and a statue was erected in his name within the centre of the city. Since that day however it has been vandalised and the arms and head have since been destoryed.

Noble ResidentsEdit

  • Lord Farik Wolfband
  • Commander Beric Bomderno

Villages within the city's bordersEdit

  • Brightown
  • Tyrntown
  • Morthtown

In the BooksEdit

The city does not appear in the first two novels, but appears as a major area witin the War of Kings season. It is the central place for Jafier Heartan during the war, and is seen in all three of the novels within that period.


The city is located over five thousand miles from Gran Sarathal, and is on the edge of the West. There is nothing around the city but wilds and rock. The ocean lies to its east, west and south. And Wind Mill Tower being to the North-West of the city.