Mary I Heartan
Young Mary

Mary I Alidu (née Heartan)

Biographical information

Other names
Bloody Mary
Date of birth
TA 4958
Date of death
TA 5013 (55 years)

Physical description

5.4 feet
Hair color
Eye color
Noble House

Mary I Heartan (TA 4958 - TA 5013) was the Princess of Amsnorth and the Lady of the Vale and the daughter to Areothan II Heartan and Catty Heartan. She was one of the main commanders and generals in the Rebellion of Family, a civil war that took place between two factions of House Heartan, to decide on the future of the Throne. Mary along with dozens of other Heartans all died in the rebellion.

Despite all of her efforts to put her sister, Elizabeath I Heartan on the Throne, her granddaughter, Anne III Heartan became Queen of Amsnorth.

Character and AppearanceEdit

Mary I Heartan was a very bitter woman, who loved her position way too much. She was never considered very lady-like and enjoyed beating men into the dirt, to porve that women can be just as strong. Being one of the youngest of her siblings, she was always living in the shadow of her older brothers, which gave her a very tight bond with her sister, Elizabeath I Heartan. Mary was a very beautiful woman, and had the perfect skin tone, features and was very elegant and slim.


Early LifeEdit

Born to Areothan II Heartan and Catty Heartan, and the fifth oldest out of all her siblings. At a young age she loved to go off and find things to do, rather than sit around knitting, playing with dolls and reading books, like any normal woman at her time. However she would rather play with her brothers in the courtyard in swordplay. Even though she would often get knocked down, she would never give up. By the age of 10 she was a very skilled fighter herself.

Marriage and ChildrenEdit

Mary I Heartan married Ibrahim Aildu, the grandson to Arahim Alidu, the Lord of the Mill Tower, a lower-class of highborn. This was not a match Mary wanted, and forced herself to act like a wife, even though she loathed the man. However through him, she kept her family name, and bore him two children, Anne II Heartan, and Walter IV Heartan.

Rebellion of FamilyEdit

When Robert II Heartan declaired himself unfit to be King of Amsnorth due to his infertility, he decided to elect William II Heartan as his successor to the Throne. This enraged, both Mary I Heartan and Elizabeath I Heartan because they had a much better claim to the throne that William. 

In order to claim the throne, Mary rallied to her sister's side, and retreated to the Rocky Vale to begin a civil war against their claim. This caused the events that would become, the Rebellion of Family, an event that would decide on the future of Amsnorth's monarchy. However despite losing the war, Mary's grandchild, Anne III Heartan became Queen of Amsnorth. Mary died in the war.

See AlsoEdit

Lady of the Rocky Vale
Preceded by
Mary I Heartan Succeeded by
Anne II Heartan

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