Master Soliman
Book Series(s)
History of Amsnorth
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Appeared in
Master of the Green-Elves
Also known as
Around 25,000 BPD
Place of Birth
Greenwood Forest
Current Status
The Eastern Territories
Green-Elf Goverment
Tragrim - son
Carandial - son
Eldamil - son
"One of the very first green-elf leaders, he was a highly intelligent man and was one of the few leaders that could actually lead his people to a better place."
―About the Master

Master Soliman was an ancient Green-Elf leader, and the master of the Green-Elf Goverment for over 300 years. He was known for his intelligence and his role within the War of the First. Many beings consider him one of the best leaders, as he brought his people hope and formed the Green-Elf Goverment which now still stands. 

Soliman played a major role within the War of the First, however he used his skills and mind to keep out of the war for the first 6 months, to ensure that both King Andriel and Shalimal were to busy fighting each other to notice him coming at them. He came close to defeating both of his rivals, but they managed to escape before his forces could wipe them out.

The Green-Elf Master was the first being to have formed an alliance with the Wood-Elves, despite this they were still defeated by Emperor Shalimal, and with Andriel beheaded, Soliman was forced to flee. As he returned home, he noticed that Shalimal had sent a pack of secret soldiers to sack his city, and Soliman was slain along side his people by Shalimal himself.

Soliman is also the only known Green-Elf to have participated in such massive battles, there have been few other masters who have played roles in wars, but none as much as Soliman. The Green-Elf used to send forth hundreds of his soldiers, and many times he would fight in the battles himself. 

Character and AppearanceEdit

Soliman was a tall man, he stood around 6 feet in height, and was built rather thinly. He had pointy features, and had very large ears which reached past the back of his head. His skin was lighter than a normal Green-Elf, but had much larger eyes, which enabled him to have a peircing far-sighted gaze. He had long white hair which often briskted across his face, and often wore a set of green emerald armour.

Soliman was unlike the other rivals of his race, he was highly cunning and kind. He always put the wellbeing of his people first, and always sought a way to bring them a better future. He spent most of his time helping children, and trying to come up with potions to assist in childbirth, and prevent death of newborn infants.



As history was only recorded at this period of time, the Creation Period, little is known about Soliman's past. But there have been many outtakes on his past, to which some say he was the first man to have invented the use of alchemy, and with that his fellow people soon learned and became a master of. 

Soliman at some point took control over the Green-Elves and he was elected their leader. As the other leaders of his fellow kin members fought against each other, Soliman kept himself hidden in the shadows to that he could build his own goverment without drawing attention from King Andriel and Emperor Shalimal

War of the FirstEdit

When Soliman heard the news that King Andriel and Shalimal were at war, Soliman decided to use his newly trained soldiers to find a way to weaken their defences, so that once he entered the war himself he would be able to crush them both.

However this action was not as effective as he thought, as once he attacked them they only retreated and were froced to flee home. After that day Shalimal tore his attention towards Soliman, and they came head to head on the battlefield in which many of his soldiers were slain by the emperor.

Soliman and Andriel also came head to head, in the battle known as Battle of White and Green, of which Soliman managed to win the battle barely, only by deploying a potion known as wildfire which set the entire battlements ablaze, burning half his own army as well as Andriel's. 

Soliman seemed to be gaining the upperhand in the war, however after Andriel's foolish attempt to defeat Shalimal in his homeland, he was captured, to which Soliman planned to rescue him and form an alliance. After the attempt was successful, Soliman teamed up with Andriel and with their combined forces they managed to force Shalimal into an almost defeat.

After another foolish attempt to destory Shalimal, Andriel was defeated again and beheaded. With this news reaching Soliman, he rushed back home, but as he did he noticed that his city was on fire and his army destroyed. Shalimal arrived at the city within Greenwood, and beheaded Solimal himself, and claimed his army.


Soliman was known to have been the one that founded the Green-Elf Goverment, the only known comunity that still stands after 25,000 years. It is the oldest establishment, and due to the important part the Green-Elves have played over time, the goverment still stands.

Soliman's legacy have influenced many leaders, not only green-elves but others also. 

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Soliman was a skilled commander and in the use of swordplay, althought he prefered to use his skills behind the battlefields, and plan strategy. Soliman was a master at potion making, and used this many times during the war to both heal his soldiers, and wound his enemies.


Soliman was skilled at swordplay, he even entered battles himself. He had come out with many wounds, but used his potions to quickly heal himself.


Soliman was believed that have been the first one to have created such skills. He used this many times during the war, and to come up with ways to heal his people. There were many potions of which he invented, some that have been copyed and used to serve kings and queens.