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Mathorn Crumbleton

Biographical information

Other names
The Golden Master, The Knight of Traitors, Mathorn the Skilled
Golden Master of the , Golden Knights
Date of birth
FA 9555
Date of death
FA 9615 (60 years)
Sword, shield, knife

Physical description

6.0 feet
Hair color
Brown (young), white
Eye color
Godiva Crumbleton
Josef Crumbeton

Mathorn Crumbleton, (TA 9555 - TA 9615) also known as Ser Mathorn or the Golden Master was a Golden Knight, and one of the very first members of the order. He was a skilled knight, and a strong ally to Harken II Heartan during his quest to take over his brother's throne. 

Mathorn was one of the most respected commanders in Amsnorth, he was known for his strong words and high skills in swordplay. For years he had become renowned for his speed and balance, which drew the attention of Harken, who lust to have him join his newly formed knights.

However on one of his quests, Mathorn was tasked with leading a small group of Knights to route out a band of goblins that had been reported around the Western Territories. During this quest, Mathorn was ambused and his team was slain, and he himself was killed by Ezgoth.

During the investigation concerning his death, his body was never found.

Character and AppearanceEdit

Mathron was a wise old man, and was known for his strong words of wisdom. He had a very straight forward view point, and would often tell others how he felt of them, unless he felt threatened by them. Mathorn was also a very kind man, and cared much about his family.

Mathorn was a handsome man during his youth, and had much broad features, and smooth dream like skin. However as he aged, he became more saggy, to the point where his skin covered most of his sight with layers of skin.


Early LifeEdit

Mathorn was born around FA 9555, the son to an unknown farmer family. At an early age, he begun to train himself with a stick, and would beat straw dummies for practise. His father however was largely displeased with this, and would beat the boy.

However this did prove to be of great use in later future, as when Mathorn turned just 10 years of age, he managed to beat and defeat 2 bandits that attempted to raid their farm. His father eventaully accepted he boy's skills, and sent him off to join Robert V Heartan's guard.

As a SoldierEdit

Mathorn was one of the youngest members of the City Guard, and was not held in high regard. Robert V Heartan on the other hand found him interesting, and called upon the boy many times during his years. It was not up until he was 13 years of age, did he gain his first ever assignment.

Mathorn was responsible for escourting a group of wonderers across the West and into the North. He was tasked with this alone, and therefore had no help from any of the other soldiers. As he performed this task, he defeated and defended the wonderers many times during their journey.


After his task, Mathorn was then knighted by Robert, which shocked many people at this time, as he had become the youngest knight in history. Mathorn was the placed higher than any other soldier, and was even a trainer during his early teenage years.

His skils grew over his future, and after the death of Robert V Heartan, he eventually served under his son, Gaston IV Heartan. Mathorn became the general of the City Guard at the age of 25, and several times he was instructed to take out missions such as attacking bandits, and hunting down goblins and bounties. 

Mathorn grew very close to Gaston's younger brother, Harken II Heartan. During their early friendship, Mathorn taught the prince how to use the sword many times, and even travelled with him to find sport or to clense the lands of the goblin and bandit taints. 

Battle of Thugs and SoldiersEdit

Around the age of 27 Mathorn was informed by Gaston IV Heartan that a group pf bandits had been casuing much troubles around the Northern Territories, to the point that the Lord of Qhylen had become largely worried for his people. 

Battle of Thugs and Soldiers

Mathorn during the Battle of Thugs and Soldiers

Mathorn was the first one approached about this matter, and he along with over 1,000 soldiers were instructed to kill the bandits.

He alongside his fellow soldiers attacked the bandits as they had made home on one of the forts around the North. Mathorn managed to break down the gates after 2 days of attempted to breach the fort. However during this attempt over 40 of his men were killed.

As they managed to break down the gates, Mathorn hunted and found the bandit leader. After a bloody battle, Mathorn was wounded, but managed to slay the leader. 

The battle was on their side, but Mathorn suffered large wounds to his chest, and was forced into recovery for almost 5 months.

A friend's desireEdit

During his recovery, Mathorn was approached by his old friend Harken II Heartan. After a long talk, Harken proposed the idea to invent an army of highly skilled knights that would be trained to almost perfection. Once Mathorn exposed his concern about such an army, Harken informed him that he was him to be the leader and trainer of them.

After a further long talk, Mathorn accepted.

The first Golden KnightEdit

As the training and process for the Golden Knights took place, Mathorn was named the first knight by Harken. As the two co-founders, they both came up with the training. However they both argued many times during this stage, as Harken wanted a more brutal way of training, while Mathorn wanted a peaceful course.

When they came to an agreement, Mathorn eventually saw through Harken's plot, and noticed that the prince was hoping to overpower his elder brother, King Gaston IV Heartan and take the throne for himself.

Because he did not want to inform Harken he knew of his ways, he tipped Gaston of his possible betrayal, and hoped in doing so he could thrawt Harken's plans.

Attacking the cityEdit

When his thoughts came true, Harken approached Mathorn with the idea to overthrow the king. While Mathorn kept himself in character, Harken saw through him.

Much to his surpirse, Harken lashed out in rage. He beat Mathorn so bad that he fractured most of the bones within his skull. Mathorn attempted to defeand himself, but he was not as strong as the prince, who had grown very powerful.

After submitting, Harken threatened that if he were to betray him again, he would murder his wife and child. After that day, Mathorn swore compete honour to Harken and assisted him in invanding Gran Sarathal.

As the attack went in their favour, Mathorn stormed the city, killing many soldiers until he reached Gaston IV Heartan. After the king attempted to reason with the knight, Mathorn thought only of his family and lashed at the king. However Gaston was not without help. Mathorn was stopped by a powerful bond that tossed him around the room. An old wizard named Moreusico showed himself, and with his wisdom he offered to protect his family against Harken, but after the fighting grew worse, the wizard was forced to assist the City Guards.

Gaston tried once more to plead with Mathron, but after Harken II Heartan burst into the room, with dozens of Golden Knights. At that moment, Mathorn slew several of Gaston's men before the king himself was cut down by his older brother.

Due to his help, Harken pardoned Mathorn and awarded him with the rank of Golden Master, the highest rank of the knights.

Task in hunting GoblinsEdit

Around FA 9615 Mathorn was now an elderly knight, and was near his retirement, when Harken II Heartan had informed him that goblins had been causing problems across many trade routes. 

Mathorn took the mission that would have been his last before he retreated into a normal life. He along with Ser Baron Jackilor, Ser Sam Tartkan, and Ser Vamier Xzanu, investigated the murders for several weeks. During this time they encountered a young girl who had been beaten and raped by goblins, after she informed them of where the possible location of them may be, they rushed off into the woods were they were trapped among a deadly mist that had frozen the while forest.

Much to their surprise, they were informed that the goblins were being led by a mysterious cloaked man, who had been skilled in magic. As magic had not been seen in a long time, the Golden Knights were quck to brush the idea off, but Mathorn grew further wary.

During one of their nights, they located a goblin camp, and were then ambushed by a horde of them. While they managed to kill many of them, Mathorn's team was slain and he was then burnt alive by the cloaked figure.


As the news of Mathorn's disappearance reached Harken II Heartan he instructed his soldiers to try and locate the knight, but after several weeks of trying, they found nothing.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Mathorn was a highly skilled and respected knight. He was a known fighter, and trained himself in swordplay at an early age. He demonstrated such skills when he was a young boy, he he defeated deadly bandits that attempted to attack his family's farm.


Mathorn was one of the best swordmasters during his early years, and even taught Harken II Heartan for a period. Many times he showed his skills when he slew dozens of bandits, and managed to hold his own against Harken before he was defeated. 


Mathorn was the very first Golden Knights, and the first to bare the title of Golden Master. He also was the youngest soldier and knight in history, which also implied that his skills were far greater than many can remember.

His death also signalled the first ever attack on the world of Amsnorth during FA 9615 his death also fuled the creation of a spell which enabled Ezgoth to destory the barrier that would release an old and powerful lord.

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