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Melanie I Heartan

Biographical information

Other names
Princess of Stone, The Stone Knight, Royal Assassin, Melanie the Fierce
Princess of Amsnorth
Date of birth
TA 9593
Date of death

Physical description

5.8 feet
Hair color
Chocolate Brown
Eye color
Noble House
"A woman, born to be a man. Melanie is as tough as a warrior, brave as a lion, and as resilient as a King."
―About Melanie

Melanie I Heartan, sometimes described as the Melanie the Fierce, is the Princess of Amsnirth, as the daughter of Harken II. Melanie was notable at the time for her beauty, diplomatic skills, and intelligence. She is widely known for her combat skills, being regarded as one of the most intimidating warriors in the Western Territories. Melanie arrived in Engadül at the age of 12 during a period of growing conflict between the two factions of House Heartan. She was to wed her distant cousin, Walter XIII Heartan. Her new betrothed was notorious for the patronage he lavished on his squires, but the princess supported Wakter during these early years, forming a working relationship with the two house factions, serving as an ambassidor of sorts to her father, Harken II Heartan and using her relationship with the Elvin monarchy to bolster her own authority and power. After the death of Rowan Heartan, at the hands of traitors several years later. This sparked great rage between the royal family, dragging also the wood-elf monarchy into the fight. Walter later turned to Melanie, wishing to use her skills in an attempted to take revenge on the barons, resulting in the Dragging War and a period of internal repression across the Main Lands. Melanie could not tolerate many of the actions Walter was wishing her to tack, which put great strain on their relationship, and an eventual breaking of their ties, resulting in a further strain between the members of House Heartan. Travelling to Castesene under the guise of a diplomatic mission, Melanie began an affair with Rogen Elendra, and the two agreed to depose Walter and oust the two factions of the royal house. The Princess returned to Engadül with a small mercenary army, moving rapidly across Engadül. Walter's forces deserted him. Melanie deposed Walter, killing him personally. She eventually dismantled the titles of her family members, to prevent further future civil wars. Her father, Harken II Heartan was said to have been greatly impressed by her progress, and later informed her that he had planned the entire event, in order to test how Melanie would fare in such matters. Melanie was furious, to the point where she left Gran Sarathal for several months.  In TA 9609, Melanie returned back to her home, and took up a position on the Royal Council, becoming one of the leading generals in wars. Melanie became popular with the people because of her brutal, tough and agressive nature, many considered her a female Harken, as her ruthless nature often gained negative feedback from her peers.==Character and Appearance== Melanie is much like her father, as he trained her to be brutal and fierce. She is highly intelligent, ruthless, cunning, savage and agressive. She takes little tolerance, and will never back from a fight, her proudness however has often gotten her in tight situations. Melanie is a beautiful woman, looking much like her mother, Rhynei Lukie. While she shares much of her mothers looks, she has gained the House Heartan trademark, the brown hair, and almost chocolate eyes. Her wide eyes are sometimes dancing between brown and green, giving an unusal hazel shade. Melanie's beauty, is often said to attract a great deal amount of men, however Melanie is known to refuse a great deal of suitors. 

Early LifeEdit

Young Melanie

Melanie, even as a child was beautiful

Melanie was born to Harken II Heartan and Rhynei Lukie. She is the second eldest of all the kings children, with the oldest being, Kevan I Heartan, and the youngest, Lorell I Heartan. Due to the weak and cowardly nature of her older brother, Melanie was conceived due to Harken's desire to have a strong heir. However when Melanie was born a woman, Harken's displeasure increased, and he showed much hatred for her during her early years. 

As Melanie grew, she made her it mission to impress her father, by doing so, at the age of three, she took up archery, and mamaged to show a bear through the eye. She brought her father back to eye and several theeth from the bear, to which Harken was a little impressed. Even though she was not his next heir, Harken decided to take her under his wing, and make her the son he wanted. Harken trained Melanie in swordplay, and often took her to council meetings to show her how to solve political issues. 

Often as a child, she would venture out of the capital, Gran Sarathal, and travel around the world with royal lords, ladies and dukes. Even though she was never one for politics, she always invested herself in the matters. During her time at, Chanté V Cast, Melanie developed a strong relationship with the knights assigned to her by her father. There she used the castle as a base, as she scouted the nearby hills and mountains for gems and game. While she favoured combat, many of her female nobles desired her to start acting like a princess instead of a prince. So with her father's aproval, the ladies begun teaching her how to become seductive. She was taught how to read, write and how to understand her male counterparts. Harken used Melanie's female nature to his benefits, using her beauty to lower the guards of his rivials.


Melanie often kept a unicorn coin, as it was her mothers favourite animal

Melanie held a strong relationship with her mother, Rhynei Lukie, to which she looked up to during her later childhood years. Unlike her father. Rhynei never treated Melanie like a man, and enjoyed to try on new dresses and put flowers into their hair. Melanie loved being a woman, and started to become increasingly attracted to boys of her age. She on countless occassions tried to impress them, by doing what she believed to be best, swordplay. However this never turned out as she desired, as she always beat the boys in swordplay, which pushed them away through embarrasment. Melanie was gravely upset about this, something Harken II Heartan lavished in.

Death of the QueenEdit

During the night Melanie was woken by one of her servants to inform her that her mother was in childbirth. Melnaie rushed to her mother's side and was greeted by a pool of blood outside the door. The princess panicked and went to her side to comfort her. Melanie new that something was not right about her mothers condition, so sent countless soldiers to find the king. As time passed, the king still did not show up, and Melanie begun to worry as blood kept pouring from her mother, with no sign of the baby.

Angry, Melanie tried to help the midwives deliver the baby, by holding her down as they fed her weeds to help with the pain. When she was informed that her father was drunk, Melanie ordered the soldiers to make sure the king did not get into the room, however this did not work.

Harken brust into the room heavily drunk. Melanie tried to force him out of the room as Rhynei continued to scream in pain. Harken however beat Melanie severly, battering her face until the point that she collapsed and fainted.

When Melanie woke the next morining she was informed that her mother had died in childbirth. Devistated, Melanie went to her mother's body without thinking about her now newborn brother. The princess wept over her mother for days after. Since her mother's death Melanie has despised her father, not because of the bruises he had left on her, but because of how he acted.

Princess of AmsnorthEdit

It was a few years later when Melanie begun to become the woman she would grow to be. Melanie became much more like her father, ruthless, to the point where servants, squires and even lords and ladies would keep their distance from her, with fear of displeasing her. Melanie soon learned about this, and used it to her advantage, using others to do her dirty work.

When Melanie learned of a noble, named, Derakk Overhath was spreading negative rumours about her, Melanie made it her mission to kill him. Instead of doing what most nobles do, hiring an assassin, Melanie wanted to take care of it herself. So with great care, she stalked Derakk, following him wherever he went, and sending spies to keep an eye on him when she was unavalible. 

During a mission Melanie heard rumours that a group of bandits were patroling around the Northern Terriroties. Melanie pleaded to her father to let her go and fight them, to which the king accepted. 

Melanie took a host of two hundred men into the north to fight the bandits, but went to find out that they were in fact goblins, which made her think that something else was involved. 

After she defeted them, she informed her father who brushed the rumours off, refusing to believe them. Furious Melanie begun to ask around the cities for anymore information about the goblin attacks around Amsnorth, and found out that they were beginning to rise in numbers.

Melanie approched her father again and told him she was taking a group of soldiers across to the Eastern Territories to find out more about the goblins.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Trained to fight like a man, Melanie was very skilled in combat, even more so with a sword. Melanie was seen swordfighting with her father many times during her practise sessions, and has defeated him several times. 

Her best abilities are to understand an enemy and use her mind to find weak points within her eneimies lines.


Melanie was very skilled in swordplay, being trained by her father himself. She uses skill more than speed or strength, never attacking an oppoinent unless she finds a weakness within their defeances.


Like her father, Melanie was very skilled at understanding an enemy, and could find weak points within their defenses with great ease. One of her best examples were when she found a goblin horde, she inflitrated their base and sneaked posions and placed archers within the exits of each entrance. This had a devastating effect as the ones who fled the posions were taken out by the archers.