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Biographical information

Other names
The Silver Elf, The King that Ran, King Elf
Date of birth
TA 1600
TA 1620 - TA 8387
Date of death
TA 8387 (6,787 years)
Realms ruled

Physical description

5.4 Feet
Hair color
Eye color
Sapphire blue
Royal House
"One of the greatest Elves to have lived. A man of honour, courage, wisdom and justice. He was loved by more than his own kin, and his legacy has lived for thousands of years."
―About the King

King Melenki (TA 1600 - TA 8387) was the King of the Wood-Elves and a legendary leader. He is the son to Thurdan, and the grandson to Safdraen. Melenki became king at the age of 20 when his father was killed by a group of goblins. During this time the entire of Amsnorth had been imprisoned by Azugon and Melenki had to lead his whole race to safety.

Through his time a king, he was demanded to pay taxes, supply soldiers, and act as a slave to Azugon while he ruled over all the kingdoms. Melenki planned to overthrow Azugon for years, gathering friends and allies, and even harvest several House Heartan kings and queens in his homes. For hundreds of years he trained and built up the army needed to take over the world from the clutches of the Dark Lord. He is commonly known for his efforts in the Freedom Wars, in which himself along with King Tharik Heartan rose up against Azugon and his Army of Darkness. The elf was responsible for gaining the favours of the hauket and several green-elves.

When the time camr to finally attack, Melenki lead an army of thousands across the Eastern Territories, Wizardear, and the Summer of Priest, wiping out the Army of Darkness, and gaining more people to join his army. He took over lands, destroyed forts that were undert he command of Azugon, and had ships built to evacuate civilians. 

For years he along with Tharik Heartan bashed and crushed the forces of Azugon, gaining control over vast amounts of lands, and fomring alliances with lords , ladies, knights and nobles from across all lands. When time came to destroy Azugon, Melenki along with all the leaders of the rebellion, including the great wizard Moreusico, attacked the Dark Lord. They managed to defeat a great portion of his army, but with Azugon's vast power, he brought the fallen soldiers back to life, and crafted an even bigger army, then he entered the battle himself as a great dragon.

The army was broken, and Melenki ordered the retreat of his army, and they fled deep into unknown woods were they remained for a further thousand years. Azugon sent out countless assassins, demons and dark spirts to find Melenki for his treason, but he knew the woodland realms of Amsnorth better than most. He envaded the dark lord, and spent a further 3,000 years hiding.

When Azugon vanished in TA 4322, Robert I Heartan rallied all the armies of Amsnorth and martched on Gran Sarathal. Melenki heard about this and sent out his own forces to assist the human king. They won the battle, and Melenki helped the new King of Amsnorth hunt down the remander Army of Darkness across all the lands.

Melenki rebuilt the lands of the elves and forged a new city within Greatwood Forest. He never had any children because he believed he must rebuild all his lands, however he got a lowborn elf pregnant and she gave birth to a girl named Nymeria. However Melenki never knew about her, until hundreds of years later. He went looking for her, but before he could find her, he was ambushed and killed by Ezgoth along with hundreds of goblins.

Character and AppearnaceEdit

Melenki was very cunning, smart, wise, and kind. He was an outstanding battle commander, leading great deals of soldiers and armies. His wisdom was known across all the lands, and he was thought to be a wizard because of his knowelage. He was also very patient, being able to wait for thousands of years to gather the suppiles and army he needed to take down the Army of Darkness. He showed great affection of people of a good nature, and raised many members of House Heartan, training them how to become great leaders and rulers, the most famous being Tharik Heartan.

Melenki stood around 5,4 feet high, and was reather slim in appearance. Like all Wood-Elves he had narrow features, high cheekbones, and very large pointy ears. He was considered very attractive, and had very pale skin, almost star like. The elf was fond of silks and gems, and would wear very glamorous clothings.


Early LifeEdit

Melenki was born to Thurdan and an unnamed female elf. Because he was born into the Great Purge's aftermath, Melenki and his father were outcasts and spent years hiding. Melenki was born within the Shard Mountains, and many people believe that is why he had silver hair. 

Young Melenki

Melenki as a teen

Little is known about the elf's past, but it is known that he spent most of his time educating himself and training how to become the perfect soldier. His father, Thurdan wanted Melenki to become the greatest elf king of all time, and made him study the history of his grandfather, Safdraen

Melenki travelled across the Eastern Territories, there he gained allies and educated himself on history, and how the ancient elves won battles. There he encountered the first human House Heartan. Melenki informed his father of this human, who had been hunted by Azugon for hundreds of years, and placed a great bounty on their heads. However he and his father brought the human to their secret base, along with their familes to protect and hide them.

King of the ElvesEdit

When Melenki was but 20 years old, his father Thurdan was murdered by goblins near their secret base. Melenki was forced to evacuate his whole race, and move them across the lands. They spent years envading the Army of Darkness, never staying in the one place for too long.

However when they resided within Evergreen ForestAzugon fond them. Melenki quickly sent out the House Heartan familes before the Dark King could find them. But Azugon did not want to kill them, he offered them a deal. The Dark Lord knew that he could not wipe all of them out, so allowed them to stay within their Forest, but forbade them to take action against him. Melenki was shocked about this, but accepted this. However this was not without cost, as Azugon demaned soldiers, supplies and to have servants serve for him and his lords. Melenki was resistant to hand over his people, but had no choice.

Freedom WarsEdit


For thousands of years Melenki rebuilt his race within Evergreen Forest, being allowed to do so by Azugon, the elf king plotted to form a rebellion against his rule. He build catapults, trained countless soldiers to perfection, and had his dwarf allies craft the best armour and weapons able. 

When House Heartan approached them again, Melenki thought them to have been killed. However the elf
Melenki in armour

Melenki donned in armour

king took them in once more, and decided to raise them, and help forge their alliance. Melenki trained and taught all his knowelage to these men and women, until he met Tharik Heartan. The elf king knew there was something different about the boy when he first laid eyes on him. 

Melenki kept the boy under protection, and sent out his best scouts to locate the rumours of a wizard hiding within the Shard Mountains. After several months an man named Moreusico appeared at their city. However he was not as they expected, he was disguised as a young elf, stating that Azugon had spies witin the city.

Fearing that these spies will inform Azugon about his affairs in rasing House Heartan, he sent out spies to find them. With the help of Moreusico, they located and the wizard forced an illusion into their minds, making them believe nothing was wrong.  Moreusico helped raise the boy, assisting Melenki in making him a great soldier. When the boy reached 12 years of age, they started to gather their allies and forge an alliance with several of the races around Amsnorth.

Gaining AlliesEdit

"You cannot defeat the Dark Lord, his power is too great. Your actions will fail, and you and your allies will fall."
―A Nimidorian lord refusing Melenki's offer for an alliance.

When the human King Tharik reached the age to lead an army, Melenki left to gain the assistance of the Nimidorians, and sent Tharik to try and get the orcs to come onto their side. However both of them were unsucessful in their attempts, and Melenki decided to travel to the Dwavern Kingdom to rally his dwavern allies to his cause.

With the dwarves on their side, Tharik gained the support of the hauket tribes, and Melenki moved across the seas of Summer of Priest. There with a garrison of soldiers, he killed the Army of Darkness that were residing there, taking them by surprise. He released the slaves, and gained the assistance of the Green-Elves.

News of this reached Azugon and the Dark Lord sent out his froces to wipe Melenki out. However the elf king had moved his soldiers from Evergreen Forest to Greenwood Forest. With his people safe, Melenki and Tharik both got the alliance of the human lords, from all of the cities. They also gained a small support of the Dark-Elves.


The Freedom Wars had offically begun, the world was all in war. The Army of Darkness had flooded across all the lands, killing and burning houses and towns to the ground. Melenki amassed a huge army to assist the dwarves as their lands were raided.

The elf king personally landed near the Dark Territory, making base within the Rusty Mountains. He moved up the Dwavern Kingdom, taking more and more land from the Darkness. For weeks they spread across, until the dwarves managed to free themselves from the clutches of Victor XIII Valash

Melenki leading a group of soldiers

Melenki leading soldiers through Greatwood Forest

With the dwarves now fighting back, Melenki decided to take a large amount of their forces and head back to the Western Territories. He met up with Tharik Heartan who had now gained more armies and lords to his command. Melenki planned to have Phylon along with the villages around the city's borders taken, while Tharik moved around the North and East. 

Melenki first took control over a small portion of Greatwood Forest, driving the goblins and ogres from the woodlands to set up camp within the woods, and to gain access to the Gorge, where they could forge the best bows and arrows from their ancestors' sacred wood. Then they moved further up the West, invading villages and gaining the support of the people. They drove the Army of Darkness out, and towards Gran Sarathal.

5 years later, with the rebellion coming to a victory for them, Tharik and Melenki decided it was time to attack the capital and drive out Azugon. They summoned all of their forces, knowing how difficult it would be to penerate the city's walls. They marched for weeks on the city, planning the greatest way to enter and destory the Dark Lord.

When the attack came, Melenki lead the first wave of soldiers. He broke the defences of the city and moved his soldiers in while, Tharik Heartan and Orelg Boulderrock attacked the eastern area of the city. The attack was on their side, and they quickly broke through the gates, flooding into the city. Tharik rallied the people to his side, giving them weapons to fight against the Darkness. With the support of the people, they charged through the city, eager to reach Azugon. However Moreusico failed to defeat the Dark Lord and his rage was unstoppable. He used a spell that turned the fallen into spawn, and elves, dwarves, humans, hauket and goblins all rose from their dead, and attacked. Azugon himself transformed himself into a dragon and set fire to the battlefield, burning all in his wake. Melenki knew the war was lost, and called his armies to retreat, leaving his allies.

Hiding from the Dark LordEdit

After the first few hundred years of losing the Freedom Wars, Melenki had his people moving across Amsnorth, and never staying in the same place for too long. Azugon sent out several of his followers to find the elf and kill him, one being Ezgoth.

Melenki was ambushed by Ezgoth and a goblin army while he was hunting. Melenki managed to hold them off for a time before he was attacked by the necromancer. Melenki engaged in a duel with the magical being, and managed to defeat him, but was then attacked by the goblins again. He fled the battle and hid within the caves and trees until he demmed it safe to return home.

Finding a weaponEdit

Thousands of years passed and still Melenki kept to the shadows, trying to find another way to defeat the Dark Lord once and for all. But he knew that the dragon form of Azugon was too powerful for him, or any weapon, so he decided to search for one that could.

Melenki searched all across Amsnorth for any weapon that could possibly be able to destroy the dragon. However it was impossible to locate such things. The Ancient Steel was a lost cause, as all the steel was taken by the Dark Lord and destroyed. However while undercover, Melenki entered the library within Missundi and learned of the weapons created by Jafier Heartan

The elf king went to the Kings' Mountain to try and break into Jafier's tomb, to find both his armour and weapons, however he could not breach the magic that sealed the tomb shut. He then decided to look across the seas, and into islands believed to be lost. There he located a staff, which he latered discovered was Glisterward. This staff, forged by the great king was the perfect tool to destory Azugon once and for all.

Aiding the Humans a Second timeEdit

When he returned home a raven appeared to him informing him that Azugon has been missing for over three weeks. Using this as a chance, Melenki gathered more armies to march on Gran Sarathal, to take it before the Dark Lord returned.

Before he arrvied, he was approched by a human calling himself Robert I Heartan. Combining his forces
Melenki in batt;e

Melenki smashing the Army of Darkness

with the humans once more, Melenki attacked the capital, and they won easily, as the Army of Darkness lacked their leader. Thye drove them from their cities smashing the ranks of the Darkness with great ease.

Dwarves and Hauket all gathered to help, pushing them back into the mountains, where the Nimidorians ambushed them. Fairies and leavons all rushed to Melenki's side, and they flooded through the lands, cleansing the shadows and darkness.

Years later victory was in their grasp, and the Army of Darkness was finally defeated. Thousands of years the world had remained in slavery and pain. Melenki assisted the world leaders in rebuilding the lands, and to make the people believe that they were making the world a better place.

Rebuilding the Wood-Elf RaceEdit

Melenki and the Wood-Elves sought to rebuild their race after the devestating blow they had faced. They allied themselves with all the races to fund gold, supplies, food and soldiers to help build houses, farms, forts, towns and villages. Melenki moved across the lands, into the woodland realms, where he built cities and towns within the woods.

Within a few decades they had managed to make the world a better place, and safer. Greatwood Forest was now home to the elves' main capital city. While busy helping the world, many of his advisors brought the attention of fathering children to his cause. However Melenki was not interested in children at the moment as he wanted the world to be saved first.

His Last MomentsEdit

Thousands of years passed since the day Azugon vanished, Melenki was now a hero to the people and once more Amsnorth florished in beauty and peace. However when Melenki was on a mission to help the dwarves mine a cave within the Rusty Mountains he heard news that he had a child.

Eager to meet his daughter, he rushed off to find her. However as he attempted to do so, he was ambushed by Ezgoth along with several goblins and he was killed. His body was later fond by dwarves, who took him to the Golden Halls. He was later buried by his people in Summer of Pries t as he believed it to be a beautiful place.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Melenki was very skilled in combat, and as a leader. He was said to be very fast and strong, even for an elf. He often wore powerful steel armour and a long green cloak and robes, which was protected by a thick layer of leather. This enabled him to move around and be very well protected. 

Swordplay Edit

Melenki was said to be very skilled in combat, being at his time one of the best. He had survived many battles and wars unscathed, and was often in the middle of the entire battle. He defeated many people, and was very strong with a blade. He wielded a weapon forged by stardust, and was seen as a 'Ghost' in combat. 

Melenki singlehandly defeated Ezgoth in close combat, something very rarely anyone has been able to do. However he was overthrown and killed by a large number of goblins. Melenki also trained many people in swordplay, and even wrote a book about his skills which served as a main source of training for elves in the future.


It is likely that Melenki was very skilled in archery. He was often seen carrying a bow, and would only use it when fighting far ranged, or when ambushing within woods. He was very talented, like most Wood-Elves are, but he prefered the use of a sword above all.


Melenki was very wise, something he inherited from his father. He always spoke words that had meaning, and was often trying to find a way to help turn the goblins back to the good side. His words were highly respected, by all the races. Before he rose up against Azugon, the dark lord sometimes asked him for his views on certain matters.


  • Melenki's appearance is inspired by a character from J.R.R Tolken's world, Thranduil
  • Is said to be one of the greatest rulers of all time
  • Was loved by almost everyone
  • The fact that Melenki saved House Heartan and raised their familes, if he had not it is likely that House Heartan would have been extinct, and the humans would no longer have a King. Which also means Jafier Heartan's legacy would have crumbled.

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