Middle-Class also known as Commons, is a class of people within society. A vast majority of Amsnorth's population fall under the middle class culture. The middle class person is the average being seen across most of the world, they generally come from a working class family, and must rely on their own initiative, unlike the higher classes. Members of the middle class society do not come from a wealthy family, but rather farmers, soldiers, and other normal families.


Most of the world's population are considered the middle-class, or sometimes as the working class. These people are responsible for the average life of any Race of Amsnorth. Every since the Creation Period, the working class person has worked to build, create and make a society. The working class is quite possibly the first society, as they were responsible for the creation of nearly every settlement in Amsnorth.

The first human middle-class people came from the Great Valour Islands around FA 500. These people were workers, or slaves, and were used by the Dark-Elf Empire to build houses, ships, farms, windmills and other ways of harvesting food, and the increasing population.


The middle class person must rely on their own skills to earn an income, they can get any average job, if they have the qualifications. Most middle-class person can go to must schools to get an education, but are forbidden from attending the more expensive schools. 


The working class society do not have any higher values.


The middle class population is very high, and more than half of Amsnorth's entire population falls under the working class culture. 

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