Summer of Priest
20,000 (Mainly Green-Elves)
Lord Gellki
(Mostly Humans and Wood-Elves
Castle Kogmeno
Places of note
Temple District
The Green University
Date of founding
Age of Heroes
9,450 years

Missundi is a city located within Summer of Priest. The city is mainly populated with green-elves, however humans and wood-elves also generate a large area of the city quarters, and sever as soldiers within the city's army. 

The city is the home to education and has the largest university in Amsnorth, Many of the smartest people live within the city, and some of the greatest healers and alchemists train in the school.

Missundi is very peaceful and has never been under attack since its creation.

Landmarks within the cityEdit

Castle KongmenoEdit

The seat of authority within the city, the castle was built at the very top of the city. It is surrounded by many small temples, and countless waterfalls. 

Temple DistrictEdit

The Temple District is the northwestern district of Missundi. It is home to the god of life, Athanasia and houses several of the city's upper and middle class citizens. 

Temple District

Temple District

It is a beautiful place with many hand-crafted waterfalls and features that increase its wonder and mystery. It is also a place where someone seeking education may enter to find out more of secret topics. Also deep within the temple there are underground caves and tunnels, which lead off into several directions. There one adventurer or someone seeking knowledge may venture. Inside there may be hidden books and information about hidden secrets that have been lost for centuries.


The Arboretum is the Northeast district of Missundi from which Castle Kongmeno can be accessed. The Arboretum is


the city's botanical gardens and is one of the only non-residential districts. However it draws much attention due to the legendary path which holds many of Amsnorth's greatest heroes. But unlike the Hall of Heroes in Gran Sarathal, this place holds all heroes, from the unknown to the famous. Trees, flowers mushrooms, and other flora enhance the serenity of the courtyard. Dozens of grasslands cover most of the view, and this is the only place in the city that is not guarded. It is free to anyone during any time of the day.

The Green University Edit

Being the largest place of education within Amsnorth, the Green University gains thousands of people wishing to gain access to its knowledge every day. Despite the green-elves love for all living things, they do not however take anyone into the university. Only someone with a brilliant mind that can pass a test granted by a Master within the University can gain a place within the school.

Since the destruction of the Academy of Magical Beings, the University has been the only place of great knowledge. Many wise people have ventured into the city to gain the information its great libraries hold. 

Queen Nymeria is one of the few people who gain access to the school without having to pass a test. This may be because she is their queen, but Lord Gellki is rather fond of wood-elves.

Nobles ResidentEdit

  • Lord Gellki
  • Lady Lillenki
  • Tellki
  • Yellki
  • Commander Helki
  • Ser George Jackson
  • Ser Yash Jungor
  • Ser Vimneo Breakon

Villages within the city's bordersEdit

  • Greenfort
  • Greenleem
  • Meek
  • Winterarth
  • Riverfall

In the BooksEdit

The city is not mentioned in the first novel, Dust and Shadow, but is mentioned within the second Fire and Steel. However the city is not seen throughout the novels, however many times it has been described and many people tell stories of it.