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King of Amsnorth crown


Basic Information

Emperor of Amsnorth, Empress of Amsnorth, King of Amsnorth, Queen of Amsnorth, King of Royalandüs, King of the Wood-Elves, Queen of the Wood-Elves, Queen of Royalandüs, King of the Dwavern Kingdom, Queen of the Dwavern Kingdom, King of Markwall, Queen of Markwall, King of Qhylen, Queen of Qhylen, King of Kingsport, Queen of Kingsport, King of Valour, Queen of Valour, King of Seginthul, Queen of Seginthul, King of the Rocky Vale, Queen of the Rocky Vale, King of Sçotinis, Queen of Sçotinis, King of Daleigon, Queen of Daleigon, King of Summer Kingdom, Queen of Summer Kingdom, King of Villanna Islands, Queen of Villanna Islands
25,000 BPD
Realms Rule
Dwavern Kingdom, Royalandüs, Üswana, Ürsanthium, Seginthul, Sçotinis, Daleigon, Great Valour Islands, Villanna Islands
Ruling Monarchs
Main Seats

A monarchy is a form of leadership government in which sovereignty is actually embodied in one or sexual individual(s) until death or abdication, where the deceased monarch's children, or chosen one may take over their mantle. They are called the monarchs. Monarchs hold the greatest power of control and command within their governments, and answer to no one else, other than the superior government, that being the King or Queen of Amsnorth, which are also monarchs, but rather High Monarchs.

When the monarch has no or few legal restraints in state and political matters, it is called an absolute monarchy and is a form of autocracy. In hereditary monarchies, the office is passed through inheritance within a family house, being either a Great House or a Noble House. A monarch is usally one from a family line, however there may be voting from a large selected of people, who with the right power, can overthrow the monarch and elect their own in his/hers place. Each of these has variations: in some elected monarchies only those of certain pedigrees are eligible, whereas many hereditary monarchies impose requirements regarding the race, age, gender, mental capacity, and other factors. Occasionally this might create a situation of rival claimants whose legitimacy is subject to effective election. Rivarly is very common in royal familes, as most of them want the same thing, power. Many wars over the course of history have been for a monarchy title. Around half of the wars and civil wars fought between two monarchs have been family members.

Monarchy is the leading power in Amsnorth, over any kind of government title. A Duke is the only one that can be seen as an equal to a monarch, but only the King of Amsnorth has complete power over all governments and leaders. While a duke is a slight form of monarchy, it is not the same thing, as until the War of Gold and Black, when the Dark-Elf Empire was dismantled from power, Jafier Heartan made a duke or duchess a sperate power.

Over history there have only been one ruling power that has had greater power, control and respect than a monarch king or queen, and that is an emperor or empress. However no title exists anymore, and has not for thousands of years. There have been many people who have attempted to claim the title of emperor, and Azugon Eshakāra may possible be the only one who was considered an emperor, although he did not delcair himself one.

The only current monarch is Harken II Heartan, the decendent of Jafier Heartan. Only a member of House Heartan can become king or queen, as Jafier made sure there would only be one king and queen.


Monarchs, bear a variety of titles — king or queen, (Prince and Princess are not regarded as being monarchs), emperor or empress. An archduke, duke or grand duke, are among older monarchs, but since the War of Kings their

Ranks of Monarch titles, followed by other noble ranksEdit

King of Amsnorth
Queen of Amsnorth
Emperor (dismantled)
Empress (dismantled)
Grand Duke/Grand Duchess

power has been recuded. 

See the bellow table for ranks in monarchy titles.

A king can also be a queen's husband and a queen can be a king's wife. However, a king will be king until he dies or he hands down his titles. A queen on the other hand will be reduced to a queen mother after the death of the king, unless she was born into the title. 

Monarchy is political or sociocultural in nature, and is generally (but not always) associated with hereditary rule. Most monarchs, both historically and in the present day, have been born and brought up within a royal family (whose rule over a period of time is referred to as a dynasty) and trained for future duties. Different systems of succession have been used, such as proximity of blood (male preference or absolute), primogeniture, agnatic seniority, Salic law, etc. While traditionally most monarchs have been male, female monarchs have also ruled, and the term queen regnant refers to a ruling monarch, as distinct from a queen consort, the wife of a reigning king.


Hereditary succession within one patrilineal family has been most common, with preference for children over siblings, sons over daughters. In ancient Seginthul, some peoples practiced equal division of land and regalian rights among sons or brothers. Other Main Land realms practice one form or another of primogeniture, whereunder a lord was succeeded by his eldest son or, if he had none, by his brother, his daughters or sons of daughters.

Ancient terms, during the period of the Dark-Elf Empire period, Shalimal stipulated that only men of different races of Dark-Elves could inherit the crown, while a female member of the Limal Dynasty could become empress. In most fiefs, in the event of the demise of all legitimate male members of the patrilineage, a female of the family could succeed. In most realms, daughters and sisters were eligible to succeed a ruling kinsman before more distant male relatives (male-preference primogeniture), but sometimes the husband of the heiress became the ruler, and most often also received the title. Over time a female and male were considered equals when claiming a title of monarchy, however males were still considered the superiour.

As the average life span increased, an eldest son was more likely to reach majority age before the death of his father, and primogeniture became increasingly favoured over proximity, tanistry, seniority and election. In the older times it was rare for any monarch to reach over the age of 50, as many wars and rival events happened during those periods. Many sons became kings before adulthood, even in infantry.


The very first being to declair himself king, was the ancient Wood-Elf, King Andriel. The word king in elvish ment, to rule, or victor. A word that would eventually pass down to not only distant related elves, but instead become a rulership for all kinds of races.

However during the events that split the elves into their three spieces, Dark-Elves, Wood-Elves and Green-Elves, Shalimal decided to forge an empire, in which he declaired himself the first Emperor of Amsnorth. A emperor was only considered a mere title, just like a king, however over the years, when more kings and queens started to arise, emperor was the superiour ruler, ruling above all kings and queens.

Over the course of time, more kings and queens were born, which increased a great deal of problems, kings fought kings, amries slaughter, homes burned, cities invaded. Chaos erupted across the world, however during the events of the War of Kings, Jafier Heartan after a glorious victory, used his power to cleanse the lands of all monarchies, enabling only his own bloodline to take a throne, only one. Since then only the King or Queen of Amsnorth have been able to rule from a throne, and remain the monarchs of all kingdoms.

Monarchs with racesEdit

  • King and Queen of Amsnorth: a human monarchy and the current leading government in Amsnorth. Forged by Jafier Heartan and remained the rulers for hundreds of years, until Azugon Eshakāra took the throne during the Great Purge. However thousands of years later, after his vanishment, Robert I Heartan retook the throne, and since House Heartan have remained the greatest rulers.
  • Emperor and Empress of Amsnorth: was a monarchy under the Dark-Elves, dismantled around 16,000 BPD. They were the greatest power in the lands during their reign, and were responsible for forging and building the world as it is known now. 
  • King and Queen of Royalandüs: was a monarchy ruled by the dwarves for thousands of years. They took this power after the fall of the Dark-Elf Empire, and were the most powerful government at that time. 
  • King and Queen of the Wood-Elves: is one of the two remaing monarchies, and is the oldest monarchy in Amsnorth. There has only been one wood-elf monarchy, and all wood-elves accept their king or queen. Their rulers normally live for thousands of years, making them among the most powerful rulers in the world.
  • King and Queen of the Dwavern Kingdom: was a monarchy ruled by the dwarves, that reigned within the Dwavern Kingdom. It was one of the largest monarchies in history, as well as one of the oldest, dating back, possibly before the written text of time. It was dismantled during the War of Kings. These kings and queens ruled over the whole of the kingdom, including the countries, making the monarchy the largest at that time. These were also the riches beings in the world at that time, with one of the largest armies.
  • King and Queen of Markwall: were the first human monarchs in history. They were ruled by House Undertongue, and were also responsible for the rising of Jafier Heartan
  • King and Queen of Qhylen: were one of the largest human monarchies during their reign. They were destroyed by House Ashstone, around 12,000 BPD.
  • King and  Queen of Kingsport: were a human small monarchy that resided within Seginthul. They were a minor monarchy under the King or Queen of Seginthul. 
  • King and Queen of Valour: was one of the greatest human monarchies of all time. Despite residing on a small island, it had one of the most skilled, armoured, and brutal warriors in Amsnorth. They brought down the Dark-Elf Empire. However they, like many more, were dismantled by Jafier Heartan. The Kings and Queen of the Valour did not put up a fight against Jafier, as they were very scared of his magical talents. Through their dismantle, many of their royal line was married into House Heartan, making them bond into the one bloodline.
  • King and Queen of Seginthul: was a Dark-Elf power house, second only to the Dark-Elf Empire. However the dark-elves were destroyed by the humans, and their kings and queens were replaced by human ones.
  • King and Queen of the Rocky Vale: perhaps the greatest human monarchy until the King of Amsnorth, the King and Queen of the Rocky Vale, were one of the richest, most powerful, skilled and dangerous beings during their reign. For thousands of years they ruled over Engadül, and the entire of the Eastern Territories, making them their largest monarchy by land and power, over taking the Kings and Queens of the Dwavern Kingdom. Ruled by House Ashstone, they destroyed the Kings and Queens of Daleigon, and took over their lands. However one of their most ruthless queens, Sinteal Ashstone, underestimated Jafier Heartan, which lead to their downfall.
  • King and Queen of Sçotinis: was a human monarchy that ruled for only 300 years, until they merged themselves with the Kings and Queens of the Rocky Vale.
  • King and Queen of Daleigon: was a small dwarf monarchy that ruled for several hundred years, until they were destroyed.
  • King and Queen of Summer Kingdom: was a green-elf monarchy that only lasted several decades. It was destroyed by the Dark-Elf Empire.
  • King and Queen of Villanna Islands: was a human government, and one of the oldest monarchies in the human period of reign. It kept to itself, and never participated in any wars. It had some of the most charmastic rulers in the world. They merged themselves with House Ashstone, dismantling themselves.

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