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Biographical information

Other names
The Brown Wizard, Moreusico the Wise, The Pilgrim
Date of birth
TA 425
Date of death

Physical description

6.5 Feet
Hair color
Brown (early years), white/brown (older)
Eye color
Order Rank
Staff Name
"This man looked like any normal human male, except he was very, very old. His face was as saggy as worn out leather, with countless creases and winkles. Where his crooked and bet nose sat, was home to long nose hair. Bellow his thick and red lips were a long brown and grey beard which whisked down to the bottom of his round belly. His combed and shaggy brown hair covered most of his face, and trailed down further than Isabella’s own. Hidden by the strands of hair, lay his grey and gentle eyes, looking at Isabella with a curious glare."
Isabella Mthendale's first thoughts on Moreusico

Moreusico is a powerful magical being and one of the oldest living people in all Amsnorth. He is both wise and extremely talented in the magical arts. His name is widely recognize throughout all the lands, and is often called upon to settle affairs and deals. He is perhaps, with Azugon vanished, the most powerful being alive, along with Parmonusius.

Moreusico is the last surviving member of the Order of Magical Beings. He was trained by a powerful witch named Morganna. He has fought against the Dark Lord Azugon on many occasions, and has used his abilities for thousands of years to try and find away to kill the dark wizard. Through the years he has participated in almost every major event leading past the Great Purge. He has gave his guidance to many kings and queens, and been a commander in hundreds of wars and battles. His knowelage and patience eventually led him to finally defeat Azugon by using a spiritual spell to embound his body in limbo. Having his soul seperated from his physical form, and placed within The Vale. He then sealed his body in a paralyze spell and enclosed it within a tomb. 

Throughout his years he has served as the last surviving member of his order, and uses his time and wisdom to guide and advise kings and queens. However if he feels that monarch is cruel or unworthy, he will not speak, nor want to meet them. He currently remains within the Shard Mountains, where he waits for a time to finally end the Darkness, that he believes is coming.

Moreusico is a kind man and due to being a wizard, holds much wisdom over many people in Amsnorth. Due to his old age, he has knowledge that has been lost for thousands of years, which makes him one of the few people that scholars try desperately to find.

Character and AppearanceEdit

In his youth Moreusico may have been rather handsome, as noted by few. He once had cropped short brown hair, with small hints of blonde and red. His eyes were a shade of grey, almost white in colour, and had sharp, broad features and a dazzling smile. As he grew, he allowed his hair and facial stubble to grow and over time he eventually became so hairy he was covered in it from head to toe.

Boy Moreusico

Moreusico as a boy

Moreusico is very tall, standing close to 6.5 feet tall. He has now long grey and brown hair, with a shaggy beard that trailed down his belly and to his belt. He has soft grey eyes, a thick bent nose, thick red lips. He is always seen wearing his torn ancient robes, with thick black books, and his pointy hat. There are several chains that are laced with bones hanging from most of his clothing. He has a hidden belt which is tucked behind his brown and gold tunic. The belt holds several pouches which he holds small bottles of potions, he also keeps small nuts in them, as a freshment when wondering. Moreusico does not always wear his brown robes, and has been seen many times donning on more casual clothing to fit in with a specific group. His sit down clothings can be a red, blue or even white cotton. He also wears stripped nightgowns.

Like most historical wizards and witches, Moreusico gains pride in his appearance, as he sees it as a reward. Moreusico has never cut or trimmed his hair, but he will often brush it out of his way if it restricts his vision. Long hair and beard to a wizard is like a long beard and bridal to an Orc Ki, it is a symbol of respect and honour.

Considered to be the most powerful wizard of his time, Moreusico was benevolent and wise, a good wizard with the style everything good and caring should. He almost constantly gave off an aura of serenity and composure, rarely displaying intense emotions of anger or even fear. He spoke in a calm, collected voice, being reasonable and kind, but firm.

Moreusico was very eccentric and even slightly effeminate; he was very fond of fluffy animals and frequently wore flamboyant clothing, when wishing to make an impression. He loved and cared much for small weak things.

As a supremely talented wizard, Moreusico showed numerous examples of extraordinary abilities. His capabilities as a wizard were combined with a kind of cunning and subtlety of mind that allowed him to comprehend the nature of all the Races of Amsnorth. He never treated another race different than the other, even goblins or ogres. Due to his kindess to goblins, they even let him live close to their camps and caves, out of respect for his respect.

Yet, despite his many talents and accomplishments, Moreusico has showed signs of aggression and arrogance. When his master, Morganna died by the hands of Azugon, Moreusico lusted for revenge, and spent years breaking many forts, and burning farms and towns that were under the control of the Army of Darkness. More than anything else, Moreusico was motivated by his belief in the power of the mortal spirit. He also had a deep capacity for love, frequently reminding young and weak people, that love was the greatest magic of all, and that all of his spells and knowelage could never come close to the affection one can feel for another. He always found a way to make one feel better, and more relaxed, and due to his high charisma, he could almost chat anyone into listening.


Early LifeEdit

Moreusico was born in the Crystal Castle, which is located within the Eastern Territories. It is said that he was born under the Silver Comet, something that appears very rarely around the skies. Many claim that it was due to this that he possessed remarbale power. 

Moreusico never spoke about his parents to anyone, and there were never any traces of who they were. However it has been stated by the wizard himself that they were farmers. Crystal Castle is under the command of House Vygruosico - if you mix the last leters of the house, you can understand where Moreusico's name comes from. It is unclear if he comes from this house.

At the age of eight he was found by a wondering wizard known as Vigexsor. It is unknown of the wizard took
Young Moreusico learing a spell

Young Moreusico learning a spell

the boy without consulting his family, or if something else happened, but when asked, Moreusico would scowl at the thought of it.

When Moreusico arrived at the Academy of Magical Beings, he was brought before Azugon and his powers were tested as the Grand Wizard attempted to enter his mind. Moreusico managed to throw him out, without even realsing what he was doing. This was a small test to see how powerful he could become, and Azugon, still not believing he had any true powers, assigned him to one of his weaker wizards, however Morganna, one of his most powerful magical beings wanted to take him under her wing, and after much convincing, he eventually allowed it.

It only took several years before Moreusico showed remarkable power and skills. He passed through most of his training faster than anyone before him. Many more experienced people watched him as he trained, and it is said that he spent most of his time studying, and reading. His chambers were overflowing with books. His skills and progression eventually lead Azugon to call him outside to the gardens, where he asked the young boy to cast a spell on a statue. Moreusico, not knowing what to cast, randomly threw a ball of fire at it, but the force of the spell caused it to shatter into a million pieces. After that, Moreusico has said that Azugon showed him much more respect.

Lillian GreenhornEdit

"She was beautiful, more beautiful than anything I had ever seen."
―Moreusico on Lillian

During his introduction to the academy, Moreusico befriended a young girl named Lillian Greenhorn. The young boy was taken aback by her great beauty, and instantly took a great liking towards her. Moreusico approched the girl, nervous at what he was about to ask. The girl turned to him and looked at his worried face with her great violet eyes. He asked her about herself, and she responded and told him a small story of her past, the young boy was so intrigued that they had missed everything that the Grand Wizard was saying during his introduction.

As their training grew, Moreusico and Lillian started a small friendship, and were often seen studying and training together. While it was unclear how Lillian felt about him at that time, Moreusico said that he was utterly in love with her.

Their time together was never sneered upon, as they were only children at the time, it did bring up a rather suspicious thought to Morganna who thought there was something else going on.

Training under MorgannaEdit

When Moreusico begun his training under the powerful Morganna, the powerful witch wanted to test his limits to beyond that or a normal mage. His training was more educational that pratical magic, this did not bother Moreusico like it would his fellow students, as he admired the knowelage and respected history. Before he reached his teens, he knew about every king, of ever culture. 

Moreusico spent most of his training within the library of the academy. Many people asked why he spent so much time there, but informed them that Morganna instructed him to. He had ready countless books, and it is said that within one day, he had formed nearly two piles, three feet high of books he had read.

Young Moreusico

Young Moreusico

Morganna trained his to perfect the elements, and even trained him in different categories even thought this was restricted by a mage. This help Moreusico boast his skills in magic, which drew in the attention of Azugon, who begun watching the young boy.

Moreusico and Lillian begun to wonder off into the deepest parts of the academy, trying to solve the riddles of the history about the academy. They found numerous of things, such as who founded the place, and what Jafier Heartan did to create such a massive and magical building. They both started to grow further into a stronger relationship, something that caught the attention of the masters.


As the Selection day came close to Moreusico, the young boy decided to test his abilities and went to practice within the training ring, which featured only Sorcerers  and Necromancers. This however was refused by most of the wizards and witches, but Azugon allowed him to enter, as he wanted to see how much the young man's power had grown. Under the watchfull eye of the Grand Wizard, Moreusico trained with those who were much more powerful and skilled than he, and managed to hold his own against most of them. Moreusico showed great power when he managed to overthrow a sorcerer that was almost three times his age. He defeated many sorcerers and necromancers, until he lost.

Azugon as well as many council memebers knew he would pass the Selection with great ease, to put him through it the next day. This was not advised by Morganna who thought he still had much more to do, however Moreusico insisted he knew he would succeed. And he did. His success in the Selection was legendary, and he passed with great ease, coming out with next to no wounds.

Azugon then decided to train the boy personally, believing that there was something greater still about the boy. While he still remained Morganna's student, he would be trained also by the Grand Wizard, and learn more about the legends and history of magic, not only from Magical Beings, but from across the world.

Travelling with the Grand WizardEdit

Sword TrainingEdit

Moreusico and Azugon decided to venture out of the academy to scout the lands of Wizardear. The Grand Wizard showed the student many things about life and greed. Moreusico was then brought to the city of Garreneari, where he met with the lords and started his first training with a sword.

Azugon told the boy that he thought that it would be prudent for him to learn swordplay, as it is an important part of both the magical beings lifestyle, as well as the other races. He was trained by some of the best Dark-Elf trainers in all the lands.

Learning how to AdviseEdit

One of the other major things the Grand Wizard wanted to teach him, was how to advise another. Magical Beings were known for the skills in diplomatic affairs, and their knowelage and wisdom could assist nearly any ruler in the lands. 

The Wood-Elf King , Safdraen was one of the first people Azugon took Moreusico to adive. Moreusico, knowing much about the history of Amsnorth, knew that Safdraen was one of the many kings that Jafier Heartan defeated in the War of Kings. Moreusico expected the elf king to refuse and hate them, as it was Jafier's magic that overthrew him during the war, but he was wrong. The elf took them in with much respect, and allowed Moreusico to be present at many of their meetings, and even went with them on a hunt to find missing gems and treasures. 

After two years of being away from the Academy of Magical Beings, Azugon eventually took him back to Wizardear, to allow him to further increase his skills as a Sorcerer.

A Forbidden RelationshipEdit

Lillian Greenhorn approched Moreusico during the night and climbed into his bed. Moreusico did not bother as she did this during the night if she were to have nightmares, except this time she told him her true feelings. Moreusico and Lillian spent the night together, abolishing the most important rule of the academy, Never lie with another.

The next day Moreusico and Lillian begun to search for tasks of their own around the academy, asking around for any missions that needed handling. They were given several tasks by the necromancers, but these were usually running around for things.

Their relationship was being closer watched as the masters suspected that they were engaging in sexual activity. Morganna was inclined to find out, so she begun to find anything about their friendship. During the night she left her chambers and went into the courtyard where she saw Moreusico and Lillian run off. As she found them she saw that they were indeed in a sexual relationship. 

Morganna waited in the dark until they appeared later. She confronted them and informed them that if the masters were to find out they would both be exiled. Much to Moreusico's surprise, his master did not tell the other masters of their forbidden relationship, but they had to ease their bond.

The PlanEdit

As Moreusico was near his necromancer stage, he and Lillian Greenhorn kept their distances from each other and only agreed to meet up in secret places as they did not want the council to think they were slacking. One day Lillian came to him with a proposal, she had been planning to leave the academy for months, trying to find a way to leave without getting her powers taken from her. Moreusico was stunned by this and refused to leave. This angered Lillian and she struck him across the face before storming away.

After that night Lillian never spoke with him again, and several weeks later she disappeared from the academy. Grand Wizard Azugon called Moreusico into his chambers along with Morganna. Azugon told them that Lillian had escaped and left the school, and that she killed two people while doing so. He informed them that Lillian was now a loose thread and must be cut off. Moreusico refused to kill his former lover, but had little choice as Azugon threatened to have him exiled from the academy.

Fighting the NecromancerEdit

"I looked at death in the face, and for the first time in my early life, I feared it. The image will forever haunt my memory."
―Moreusico upon seeing his loved one's corpse.
Battling the necromancer

Moreusico fighting the necromancer

At some point during his training a dark necromancer was seen around the Northern Territories. Many within the academy believed that it was Lillian, only now she had promoted herself and been corrupted by darkness and evil.

Moreusico and Morganna were tasks to find her and bring her to justice. They hunted and tracked her across the lands until they came to a cave. Inside they battled several dark creatures, such as spiders, snakes and skeletons. When they came into the main chamber, they noticed the necromancer was not Lillian but a rouge that had went missing from the academy over forty years ago. Morganna forced Moreusico away and fought with him herself. 

Moreusico rushed around, looking for Lillian as his master fought against the necromancer. He eventually found her but what he seen haunted him for the rest of his life. The girl he once loved had been completely wrecked. Her body was broken by dangerous magic, and dark magic was used to suck her very soul from her body, 

Driven by grief and anger, Moreusico dashed back to the necromancer, and with great rage he unleashed an armada of superior magic that destoryed the necromancer within moments. Morganna was stunned and had to cover herself in a ward of shields to prevent herself being struck by such power.

When Moreusico eventually calmed down, his master approached him and comforted him. The loss of his loved one remained a wound in Moreusico, and the anger and power he knew he possessed made him very cautious and wary every since. Moreusico has also never took interest in another woman since.

Becoming a WizardEdit


Moreusico was named a Necromancer after his victory, and he started to expand on his magical skills further. He took a great liking to deeper magic, even more Lightning, and Summoning. He also started to favour crystals, and it was then his time to create his staff came. 

Morganna infromed him that only he can decide what kind of staff to make. And then Moreusico travelled all the way to Oakwood Forest, thousands of miles from Wizardear, and then to Crystal-Glow, another thousands miles further. Moreusico was gone for several months before he returned to the academy with the pieces needed to make his staff.

Moreusico spent days studying Stafflore, and trying to understand how to make it without failing, as the price for failing to make a staff was possibly exile, or even a demotion. He learned for several further weeks, until he believed he was ready to make it. It took him nearly a whole day, crafting and using his magic to build his staff, and eventually he succeed. He named his staff, Lifemender.

Further TrainingEdit

No being one of the strongest in his year, Moreusico started to travel again, taking tasks and missions wherever he could find it. He healed, advised and guided hunderds in his time. He assisted in many affairs that concered the weak and poor. He even assisted a dwarf lord expand on his village, increasing its size by double. He planed and bought several builders and expert crafters to help. Because of his assistance to the dwarves, he was honoured and respected in the Dwavern Kingdom, and was offered a place on the War Council within the Golden Halls.

He accepted this, and remained there for a further three months, before decided to scout around the lower half of the Kingdom and into the Dark Territory. He travelled over countless land, and even visited the Ancient Castle. There he learned more of the past, and found hidden objects that were believed to be lost. He later sold them, and used the gold to feed over three thousand poor beings.

Twenty years later, Moreusico returned home, to Wizardear, and his tasks were so known that he was promoted to the rank of Wizard, making him the second youngest, behind only Azugon himself.

Man of WisdomEdit

As Moreusico became a wizard, he begun to earn himself a name by scouting the lands in sought for missions and to use his training to help others. He arrived at Gran Sarathal and met with King Nark III Heartan

Nark gave him an open welcome and was in dire need of his wisdom. The king reported that he was suffering from major goblin attacks around his villages. Moreusico was eager to help and used his magic to try and assist the King of Amsnorth.

Moreusico along with King Nark gathered an army to fight off the goblins around the North. They found the host and engaged in a battle. Moreusico used his magic to summon a shield around the king as he charged into the thick of battle atop an armored horse. The wizard shot out leagues of magic, obliterating the goblins before they had a chance to notice what was happening.

After he aided the king, Moreusico was granted with the honor of becoming the king's councilor. But Moreusico declined as he had other things he wished to do, but would arrive and assist them whenever they required his help.

From Student to MasterEdit

As Moreusico furthered his magic within the academy, Azugon approached him with a small boy named Ezgoth. Moreusico was curious of what the Grand Wizard wished to happen with the boy, but then soon understood as Azugon always left the boy in his presence.

Moreusico eventually took the boy on as his student, and taught him the ways of magic, despite his reluctance to teach anyone. He often went to his former master, Morganna for help. The witch gave him her words of wisdom, but Moreusico felt that he was not yet ready to take on  student.

As the years progressed, Moreusico started to grow fond of the boy, but also wary as he preferred to use magic that was aggressive, instead of working to protect himself or others. Moreusico pushed it to the side for the time being, and decided to take him out of the academy for further lessons.

The wizard took his student to Gran Sarathal and introduced him to King Nark II Heartan. The king assisted in the training of the boy by giving him swordplay lessons from his general. Moreusico watched always as his student trained, but along with the king, begun to grow wary as the boy loved to beat his opponent even after they are defeated.


Moreusico begun to get rather suspicious of his student as he spent most of his times within his chambers, using spells and chemicals that were unknown to most within the academy. Often the wizard would hear explosions and rush to see if he had hurt himself, but whenever he did he would only see half the room destroyed, and Ezgoth sitting meditating and trying to repair it.

He knew that his student had a liking for illusion magic, often using it to trick several of the students. Several times he had to remove the spells placed upon terrified students.

Moreusico brought his thoughts to Azugon, hoping the Grand Wizard would have any ideas in what to do with the boy. But his response was only to let him do what he is doing. Azugon said that this reason is so that Ezgoth can learn his magical limits and what his greatest strengths are. When Moreusico said that his ways of training are by brutal nature, but yet again the Grand Wizard did not seem bothered.

The ProposalEdit

During one night, Azugon appeared outside of Moreusico's chambers. The wizard was shocked to see that the Grand Wizard did not look as he once did. His features were more pale and pointy, with purple bags under his eyes showing that he had not slept in weeks. 

Azugon asked for Moreusico's help, informing him that there are things trying to take control over the world. When Moreusico asked why, the master said that the dragons are unstable and that they are plotting against the races of Amsnorth. Moreusico could not believe it as his old master asked him to kill the dragons, and informed him that they were not enemies, but friends of all immortals and mortals alike. Azugon left the in a state of anger, calling Moreusico a coward.

The Attack on the AcademyEdit

As Moreusico slept he was woken when Morganna burst into his chambers. He knew instantly that something was wrong, but was shocked further when she told him that Azugon had just murdered the council members with powerful dark magic.

Moreusico left with her, dashing through the halls of the academy. They noticed that most of the walls were covered in lines of red, showing that blood magic was at works there. Dozens of summoned creatures surrounded the courtyards of the academy, striking down students and young as they attemted to fight them off.

Escaping Wizardear

Moreusico fleeing Wizardear

Horrifed, Morganna called upon a dark spell that slithered along the academy, killing the summoned demons. They arrived within the library, trying to assist the students as they attempted to flee. Moreusico looked for Ezgoth but could not find him anywhere.

Azugon then burst into sight, shooting bolts of spells, killing most within sight. Moreusico noticed that he had changed, he looked more darker and demon-like. His eyes had changed into a blood red, tainted by the fallen innocent blood.

Azugon offered him once more to join him, but he again refused. Azugon then attacked him, but was stopped as Morganna cast a spell to block his own. Morganna and Azugon both fought in the library, causing destruction. Moreusico used magic of his own to try and confuse the dark wizard, but Azugon had grown ever more powerful with magic.

Morganna turned to Moreusico and ordered for him to flee the island, and take as much people as he can. He did not want to leave his master, but had not choice as she used magic to send him flying out of the academy. The last thing he saw was a great big light flash over the building, casuing a large explosion which shook the entire island.

A large dragon landed on the island, attracted by the large amounts of spells. Moreusico rushed up to it, informing it that Azugon had gone mad and killed most of the magical beings. The dragon responded by flying into the air and hovering over the now destroyed academy. As Moreusico led the survivours towards The Claws, he last saw the dragon being pulled out of the sky by a swirling vortex of dark magic.

Moreusico found several straglers and assisted them into fleeing Wizardear . They managed to hire a boat from The Claws, and sailed towards Gran Sarathal, seeking assistance from the king.

The Great PurgeEdit

As the Great Purge began, Moreusico remained within Gran Sarathal, assisting King Nark III Heartan as he tried to hold off the Army of Darkness. The wizard participated within countless battles, defeating many goblins and other dark creatures that had allied with Azugon.

Moreusico also trained many people that he had rescued from the academy, trying to teach them magic so
Moreusico during the Purge

Moreusico during the Great Purge

that they may be able to protect the people if he were to die. 

Azugon began to take over more and more cities, with his power strectching even to the Dwavern Kingdom, where he conquered the Golden Halls. Moreusico tried to aid Nark III further, but the king was too driven by fear that he had grown weak over time.

Fearing for the survival of the magical beings, Moreusico took the students out of the city and rushed off into the mountains. They hid there while the old wizard trained them further, but this was not to last as Azugon had tracked them down. 

All of the students were killed by Azugon as he arrived in the form of a powerful dragon. Moreusico barely managed to escape by using his shapeshifting skills to turn himself into that of a rock.

Freedom WarsEdit

As Azugon took over Amsnorth and the dragons were all but eliminated, Moreusico fled and hid within the Shard Mountains, using old magic to block his existance from the world. 

Only during the night would he leave his hideout in search for food and supplies. It was during one of these days when he arrived at a fort named Gardus, did he find out that Ezgoth had indeed survived the Purge, but he was not as he once was. 

Battle of Gran Sarathal

Freedom Wars

Moreusico approched him and noticed that he was not a walking corpse, a shadow and demon. Ezgoth attempted to kill his former master, but Moreusico managed to defeat him. The wizard fled the fort, in grief that his student had become a demon, corrupted by Azugon.

Many years past and eventually Moreusico was approched by a man calling himself Tharik Heartan, King of Amsnorth. The wizard was curious about the man, and he then informed him that he had been gathering an army of races to fight off Azugon. Moreusico was interested and asked what the man wanted. 

Tharik told him that he wanted his armies weapons enchanted, and the wizard informed him that he did not possess that kind of power, but would select a few to gain the abilties of magic. Moreusico also wanted revenge on Azugon for the death of Morganna and Ezgoth.  

When Tharik Heartan and the elf King Melenki saw it time to attack Gran Sarathal, Moreusico held back until he knew the right time to chance arrived. The wizard sneaked into the city and destroyed them from the inside, using magic to destory the undead army known as spawn

Moreusico charged through the city, dying to get to Azugon. When he found his former master and friend, they engaged in a deadly duel which destoryed half of the city. Moreusico knew that he was not match for hiim, but he did not care, all he wished was for revenge.

When Moreusico failed to defeat him, he used magic to blind himself and all that was around him. He used this to unleash a thunderstorm over the city, killing many of the Army of Darkness. This angered Azugon and he transformed into a dragon. Moreusico had little choice but to flee the city.

The WaitingEdit

After the destruction of Tharik Heartan and the rebellion, Moreusico fled back to the Shard Mountains where he waited. The old man then noticed the foolishness of his actions. His stubborness and eagerness to gain revenge, that he had failed to see that he had abolished his training. He knew that the only way that he would defeat Azugon was to wait until he was at his weakness.

Moreusico did as previous, only left his hideout when he required food and supplies. Again he scouted around the world, trying to gain further knowelage of magic. He found hundreds of books with hidden information, and even decided to visit shrines of the Gods to find more wisdom.

The Final FightEdit

Moreusico was scouting the lands of the North when he saw a dragon hovering above. Desperate to hide, the old man covered himself with a shield to block his visability. However the dragon did see him and flew down to the lands where he revealed himself as Azugon.

Azugon destroyed the spell that covered him, and he was exposed. Moreusico engaged a third time with his former master, but now he was wiser and more paitent. Moreusico used an old spell that was from the spirital stage, and it bound the dragon in a tight bond. 

Moreusico tried many times to kill Azugon , but all of his spells failed to do so. No matter how he tried he could not destory the Dark Lord. The only other option he had was to seal him away. So Moreusico used strong magic to keep him in a limbo which will make him unable to move until either the spell is lifted or he is killed. 

The old wizard then sealed him inside a tomb.

Remaning in the MountainsEdit

After thousands of years, Moreusico remained in the Shard Mountains, only leaving when something of dire need required him. Few times did he appear to the public, once when Harken II Heartan was plotting against
Moreusico reading

Moreusico reading

the King of Amsnorth, Gaston IV Heartan

When Moreusico arrived in Gran Sarathal, he tried to save Gaston, but he was killed by his brother. This also caused much trouble to the wizard, as Harken placed the blaim on him and he was chased out of the city. Moreusico was forced to hide from any civilization as many bounties were placed on his head,

Moreusico remained within his small hut of a home, never leaving, only scouting the mountains for anything that would keep him alive and stable. The wizard used this time to train himself further, reading and re-reading every book he had, trying to find anything he missed.

Since that day the wizard has been there.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Moreusico is one of the most powerful magical beings in history. He has master all the arts of magic, excluding dark magic, but it may be possible that he might know few spells, as his master Morganna was an agent of dark magic.

He was also a master at swordplay and battle strategy, being one of the few magical beings that can do such a thing. He had been in many battles and never has sustain a wound.


Moreusico was a master at using the sword, being trained by Azugon himself. He used different styles to make himself a master at using the steel. The wizard never carried a sword with him, but would conjure one whenever he needed one.


Moreusico was a legend in using magic, being trained by some of the best magical beings in history, Morganna and Azugon. He perfected all the magic that he was required to learn as a child, and his primary skill set was within the Lightening spells and Shapeshifting.

  • Elements: Moreusico managed to use all kinds from these spells, including progressive. He managed to create storms of fire and wind, hurl water from his palms without having to harvest the liquid first. 
  • Spititual Magic: Moreusico was very adept in using this, although he did not master it as he did not want to tamper with The Vale. However he did use it when he had to, an example was when he enbound Azugon within a tomb, sealing his body into the Vale.
  • Blood Magic: Moreusico used blood magic to fuel his rage. He used this many times duing combat and battles. He did this by either absorbing the blood of dead soldiers, or his own, to create and craft massive amounts of energy to unleash deadly spells.
  • Shapeshifting: One of his best skills, Moreusico could transform into almost anything he wished, that did not include a race. He did this many times by shifting into a rock, and even a chimera. 
  • Lightening: Moreusico prefered to use this as he managed to perfect it at an early stage. His staff was forged with crystals, making the useage of lightening rather easy. He could create storms and bolts of lightening very quickly and without any problems. Many have said that he may even match Orsimac  in the use of lightening.
  • Summoning Magic: Moreusico could summon many things, including swords, axes and even the undead to fight for his cause. Many times he has summond many creatures of his own, an example when in the Great Purge, he summond centors to assist him in combat. Moreusico also summons horses to get him by the lands with speed.


  • He was inspired by Radagast the Brown from the Hobbit.
  • He has a very soft yet deep voice.
  • Moreusico's name is spelled like: More-oo-siko