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Morganna Fer Unth

Biographical information

Other names
The Purple Witch, Daughter of Darkness
Date of birth
TA 110
Date of death
TA 473 (363 years)

Physical description

5.3 feet
Hair color
Eye color
Order Rank
Staff Name
"One of the greatest witches of our order. She was wise, fierce, loyal and brave."
Moreusico on his master

Morganna (TA 110 - TA 473), also known as the Purple Witch, was a powerful Witch and a memeber of the Order of Magical Beings. Born to the powerful Flemorra, Morganna lived most of her early years within Darkwood Forest, and studied Dark Magic. Due to her mother being an outcast, Morganna was always cautious about strangers, and rarely left Darkwood. However, when Jafier Heartan eventually found Flemorra, the two powerful beings dueled and Flemorra was slain. But before her death, Flemorra asked Jafier to train Morganna and to accept her.

Jafier took the resistant Morganna to Wizardear, and trained her himself within the order. For many years Morganna trained under the Grand Wizard, and even accompanied him on his journyes to and from Gran Sarathal. Morganna was greater than any other Magical Being in her year, and even some of the older and more experienced memebers, this was mainly due to her already skillful past in magic.

When Jafier Heartan died, he sent Morganna on one last task, to place his staff, Glisterward in Dragonbone Mountain, and only allow those worthy enough to wield it, to obtain it. Once she returned, Morganna attended the funeral of her former master, and was named Witch soon after.

Many years past, and Morganna remained a travellers, going from city to city, and helping healers and potion makers, and made a name for herself. Morganna was never known as being a rather kind witch, but a fierce and aggressive one. If called upon to settle military affairs, Morganna always settled it with violence. 

Morganna's life remained the same, untill she was called to return back to the Academy of Magical Beings by Azugon, the new Grand Wizard. There Morganna was instructed to teach the young Moreusico. Morganna quickly gained a strong bond with the young man, and even considered him a son. 

When Azugon went rouge, Morganna was one of the first to stand against him. In an effort to help some Magical Beings escape, including her former apprentace, Morganna dueled the powerful wizard. After a heated fight, Morganna caused the entire Academy to explode, using a powerful spell known as Hellfire, which not only destroyed around 40km of Wizardear, but also permanently wounded Azugon. Unfortunately, Morganna herself died in the explosion, but her sacrafice allowed for more than 10 Magical Beings to escape.


Morganna was born to Flemorra and an unknown father. Morganna was never told who her father was as a child, but many seemed to think that it was Jafier Heartan, a rumour which Flemorra rejected many times. 

Throughout her childhood, Morganna was trained to perfect her magic. Her mother taught her control and wisdom, rather than attacking with agression. Morganna found this to be overly borning and often wondered off into the woods of Darkwood Forest to find somehting to kill. 

As Morganna was the only child, she begged to her mother for a sister, something her mother accepted to give. One year later her younger sister was born, although only a few days old before she was killed by a Mountain Man. Horrified, Morganna was about to lash out in rage at the man, but her mother stepped in and cursed with him a deadly plague that would eventually become the race of orcs.

When her mother was killed by Jafier Heartan, Morganna was taken to the magical being academy on Wizardear to undergo training. The young mage was very resistant at first, but eventually accepted as she did not want to become as her mother had.

Training MoreusicoEdit

As Morganna grew into a beautiful woman, Azugon who was now the leader of Wizardear Academy thought that Morganna should take on her own student. Morganna picked Moreusico herself after she saw the young mage cast a light spell that illuminated the entire school. 

Morganna trained the boy as he mother trained her, using the same technique she was taight when she was a child. Morganna was highly impressed at how quick the young boy learned, and she eventually became very interested in him.


When Azugon betrayed his people, Morganna was one of the first he approched to turn to his side. Morganna did not refuse him, but instead did not give him an answer as all she wanted was for Moreusico to escape to safely.

As Azugon destroyed the academy, Morganna hunted and found Moreusico. She ordered him to flee but as she did Azugon found them. Morganna fought with the Dark Lord while Moreusico assisted. However she did not want her young student to be hurt, so used a spell to force his body out of the fight.

She knew that she was not match for the Dark Lord, so summond a powerful bolt of lightening that erupted the entire academy, exploding it into a pile of rubble. Unfortuantly Azugon escaped, while Morganna perished within the rubble.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Considered one of the best magical beings in history, Morganna was a master at nearly all kinds of magic. She was trained by her mother, who was considered one of the greatest. It is also rumoured that she was trained under Jafier Heartan for a time, but this is only a theory. 

  • Element: Morganna was a master at using the elements, one of which were her personal favourite was being able to shift the wind and earth at her will, something she loved to do as a child.
  • Lightening: Morganna was a legend at using this type of magic, something that she rarely used, but with each attack she drew upon, not many escaped.
  • Dark Magic: Morganna was trained by her mother how to use dark magic, something the academy highly refused to teach her. However she still knew of it, and her understanding grew larger and greater with every year. Morganna was able to use dark magic to create numours amounts of things, such as objects, poisons and even a dark spell that could inflict pain on her foes. A power she ended up teaching to Azugon.
  • Blood Magic: Morganna was a master at using the blood of others to create and manage very lethal magic spells. When she killed her foes, she used dark magic to trap them within a Vale, then use their own blood to fuel her power, increasing her magic greatly.
  • Wings: Morganna managed to create wings when she was but a child in traning, something that gave

    Morganna's wings

    her great speed during combat, and enabled her to fly whenever she wished. These wings also came in handy for her if ever she was in dangerous situations. They could also block magic if they were cast upon her.

In the BooksEdit

Morganna appears in Dancing with Magic, and is mentioned in Fire and Steel. Althought she does not have a major part in these novels, her wisdom and actions are known and thought upon throughout the entire series.


  • She is basied off Morgana Pendragon
  • Her favourite colour is purple