Mountain Men
Mountain Men
Humanoid in look and structure
But share similar features of a dwarf
Now known as the orc
Mainly wildernesses and Mountains
Shard Mountains
Rusty Mountains
The Eastern Territories
First discovered in the
Rust Mountains
"The Mountain Men were a race of very powerful people. They lived in large groups of clans, and were highly intimidating to most folk who encounter them. However they were hostile and this led them down the path to their eventual destruction. Of course they are now known as the orc, and they too share the same hostility."
―About the Mountain Men

Mountain Men also known as Homos Mer were a group of human-like beings that existed around 15,000 BPD. They shared smiliar appearance of a human, but their facial features were like that of a dwarf. these men were known for their almost giant size, and were very dangerous in combat. 

These men were not discovered until 15,000 years ago, and they were considered humans, but much less civil. However after much insight of the people, it was soon realised that they were infact two seperate races. Mountain Men were named Homos Mer by all the people of Amsnorth, and it was not until their destruction did there name be changed to Mountain Men.

Around 9,000 BPD, a Royal Mountain Man (a mountain man with a high status), found a small cabin within Darkwood Forest, and encountered a small young child. Disgusted by the child's hideous appearance, he killed the child. This however angered the child's mother, who was known as the very powerful Flemorra. The witch cursed him to a deformed being. 

This man was outcasted by his people and everyone else, and the man was cast into exile, fleeing into the old mountains. There the man remained, relying on his new look and brute power to keep him alive. It was not until several years later did he encounter a Mountain Woman who he later fell in love with and had children of his own. Due to being a part of the same race, they were able to have children, and their population soon increased.

With fear of more people turning into these monsters, which were named, Orcs, humans and elves formed an alliance to wipe out the Mountain Men to prevent more from becoming orcs. Within only a short few decades, Mountain Men were classed as extinct. However as they died, the population of the orc had increased 10x.


The Mountain Men stood around 7-8 feet in height, making them at the time, the largest standing being, under only the Giants. (The dragons were not considered standing beings, so did not count). Their facial features are the same as the dwarves, stocky, broad, and the men were almost covered in hair. Their eyes were described as being ferice and wide, with thick lips and huge teeth. They were not considered attractive in any way. 

The Mountain Men formed clans, and so they were required to cover themselves in tattoos to show which clan one man belonged to. They donned on mainly furs and clothings from dead animals, however they did possess steel, which would serve as armour when entering battle.



Mountain Men were first found by the Nimidorians around 15,000 BPD, when their civilization grew very close to their own. It stunned many beings how they managed to remain hidden for 10,000 years, but it was soon dicovered that they had been, like the ancient dwarves, living deep underground, beneath the mountains. 

The Dark-Elf Empire was informed of these beings, and the empire left to seek them out. Years later the Men were considered a race, and were eventuallly allowed to enter cities and other places. Some were even granted their own status of power within the lands.


After the events of the War of Kings, the Mountain Men became very cautious of Jafier Heartan, and his newly created Magical Beings. This played a viral importance to them in the future, as when a member of a royal group of men, found a small cabin located within Darkwood Forest. 

There the man encountered a small girl, who happened to be the daughter of a very powerful witch, named Flemorra. The man out of disgust of her hideous appearance, so he murdered her. Unknowing to the man, the child's daughter appeared. He attempted to attack her, but her magical talents subdued him with great ease. And because of what he had done, she used a dark spell to curse him.

The man slowly began to deform, and he was eventually cast out by his people. The Mountain Men sought to kill him, before the news of his demon-like appearance would be found out by anyone else. However the cursed man fled, and was never found by his people.

When the man was eventually found out by the Crown, the humans and elves had formed an alliance, and invaded the Mountain Mens' homes. Due to being taken by surpirse, and greatly outnumbered, the men were almost completely obliterated. But some managed to survive, and fled. These men sought out the cursed man, who was now calling himself an Orc

When the men found him, now named Ki-Yagka, the orc welcomed them, despite being cast out by the same people. When Yagka's children mated with the men, more and more orcs were born, and after several hundred years, the orc was considered a Race of Amsnorth. When the last Mountain Men died, the orcs were born.

Religious ViewsEdit

The Mountain Men held no gods, nor any religious beliefs. This brought much resistance from the other races, as the Gods were a major part of civilization. However the men refused to believe in a higher power, and chose to ignore any blackslash against their views.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Mountain Men were very powerful beings, with thei size and power being their primary assest. One adult male stood around 7 feet tall, and was built so strongly that they could slice a human in half with one swipe
Mountain Warrior

A Mountain Man was very intimidating in armour

of an axe. They did use bows and arrows, but they were not a main choice for them.

Unlike most races, both the men and women fought in battles, and were considered equals. But the women were required to remain at home to look after the young, while the father worked.


Mountain Men were powerful and very skilled with weapons, favouring larger ones, like axes and hammers. They were very strong and with their might could crush a man with their bare hands. Due to their size they were very intimidating in appearance, and this played to their advantage as they were scare their foes. 

They were not very fast with a swing, but when covered in strong steel, it was difficult for one to find a weak point in their defence, making them nearly unstoppable in combat.


Now that the men are now extinct, their bloodline contiuned into the now Orc. It may be left into debate that the Mountain Men are not infact extinct, that they are now known as the orc. The orc and men share the same things:

  • Powerful
  • Live in clans
  • Violent
  • Intimidating
  • Barbaric

In the BooksEdit

Mountain Men are never seen in the books, but are mentioned frequently. Their bloodline, the orc play a major part in the stories.


  • Like the orc, they spoke with a Scottish accent.

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