Book Series(s)
Tales of Amsnorth
First Book
Dust and Shadow
Last Book
Appeared in
All novels in
Tales of Amsnorth
Princess of Elves
Also known as
The Silver Princess
Princess of Elves
Princess of Steel
200 years (approx.)
Place of Birth
Current Status
Greatwood City
Mystic Dragon
Queen Nymeria - mother
Lymeria - sister
"This woman was both beautiful, yet deadly."
About Mymera

Mymera also known as Princess Mymera is the princess of elves and the woodland realms. The daughter of Queen Nymeria and a renowed warrior around Amsnorth. She is both beautiful and cunning and is known for her quick temper and agressive attitude. Despite this she has a strong heart for her family, particularly her younger sister Lymeria.


Mymera was born to Nymeria of the elves, roughly two hundred years prior to the first book. At a young age she was trained by her mother to use the bow, but she grew rather fond of the sword. So her mother taught her personally in the art of swordplay. 

Throughout her childhoos she was trained by her mother to almost perfection, and she was often sent out on missions and tasks around Amsnorth, to erdaicate threats of goblins and bandits. She also hunted Ezgoth around the mountains and forests, and even encountered the necromancer on several occasions.

At the age of sixteen she was tasked with the quest to find Ezgoth that had been rumord to be lurking within Dragonbone Mountain. Nymeria sent her daughter to find him and bring him back to Greatwood for questioning. Mymera leaped to the task as she lust to please her mother. It was during this time she engaged in a duel with the necromancer and barely escaped the encounter alive.

Becoming a PrincessEdit

When Mymera came of age, the council members of the elves summond her and Nymeria to a meeting. There the council members told her that she was ready for the trials, and claim her title as princess. Mymera was pleased to hear this news as she would finally be able to follow her mother's footsteps.

Her first mission was to track a group of bandits around the Eastern Territories, there she was to follow them to their camp and eliminate them. Mymera took a handful of soldiers with her, but did not use them in combat, as she wished to test her limits.

Mymera took the camp with great ease, and killed the bandit leader in single combat. She took his helmet and told her soldiers to take their share of the loot. This however displeased both her mother and the council members, and she was given another task to prove her worth of her birthright.

Mymera then headed off to the Rusty Mountains, to collect the treasure of jewels within the mountains, and deal with the goblin problem arising within its peaks. When she arrived at the Dwavern Kingdom, she was approached by Gomar Boulderrock, the Lord of the Golden Halls. The dwarf told her that there was rumours of a dark man lingering around the darkest parts of the mountains. Mymera offered to help the man, and was given several dwavern soldiers as assistance.

When Mymera arrived at the mountains, she engaged in a battle with the goblins, but she noticed that they were very well perserved, which caused her to believe that something ws involved. She soon encountered Ezgoth yet again and managed to hold the necromancer off until she soldiers managed to drive him off. This soon caused the goblins to run riot as they lacked their leader.

Further into the mountains, she met with a man named Lyon, who also heard rumours of treasure. She fought with the man for a time, before they both arrived at the pit where the gold and jewels lay. Mymera almost died if Lyon had not leaped to protect her, and due to this Mymera allowed the man to keep a handful of the treasure,including the Book of Tales. 

Mymera arrived back home and she was then given the title of Princess of the Elves by the council members, and gained her all time goal.

Powers and AbilitesEdit

Mymera is a greatly skilled combatant and was a master in swordplay, and greatly adept in archery. She was fast and slick, and managed to hold her own against one of the most powerful magical beings of his generation, Ezgoth.


Mymera was trained by her mother in this art, who invented her own style of swordplay. She mastered this art at a young age, which caused her to be a lethal foe to her enimes. Her speed with the sword equaled to that of her mother's. However Mymera was easy to anger, and she quickly became sloppy if provoked and angered, which proved to be her weakness.


Mymera was adept in archery, being quick on the draw. She could fire several arrows at once, and strike most of her targest. She was taught by her mother in this skill, but Nymera soon noticed that it was not with archery that her greatest skill lay.

In the BooksEdit

Mymera plays a large role in Dust and Shadow and Fire and Steel. She is the one along with her mother, who trains Isabella in combat. 


  • She is taller than most elves

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