Mystic Dragon
Mystic Dragon
Book Series(s)
Songs of Amsnorth
First Book
Dust and Shadow
(Mentioned only)
Last Book
Appeared in
Dust and Shadow
Rise of a Legend
World in Darkness
The Final Battle
Dancing with Magic
Winds of Sorrow
Snow and Fire
After the Dawn
The Great God
King of Amsnorth
Also known as
Jafier Heartan
Golden Dragon
Father of all Things
God of Gods
The Gentle King
Beginning of Time
Place of Birth
Current Status
Deyanira - Offspring
Chanduka - offspring
Athanasia - offspring
Dragons - offspring
All Living things - offspring
"The god of our world, the father to us all. He is our saviour and he is our doom."
About the God

The Mystic Dragon is the god of Amsnorth and the creator of all living things. His power is unmatched and unequal by anyone. Having created all the world knows, he is the first god and the greatest of them all.

After wanting to live a life of immortality and create an order in which magical beings will serve as guardians, the Mystic Dragon transformed himself into a human male known as, Jafier Heartan. This theory is rumoured as the King of Amsnorth possessed unmatched abilties, and was the first being to have magical talents.

After he created all the magical beings, by having a group of his personal and loyal servants drink his blood, he took away his immortality. He later died of old age, and his god spirit returned to his place in the god realm.


His natural form is said to be that of a golden dragon, but this is unknown as he has never been seen in close before, with the execption of people claiming him to be Jafier Heartan. He has three heads, three tails which end at sharp points. His wings are larger than strees, and can cast shadows on entire cities


There are many different religions to worship the great god, some of which are for wisdom, destiny and honour. A temple was made in his image within Gran Sarathal, which is said to give the person who prays upon the god, to be set on a path.

In some other religions, the women pray to the god before their marriage, so that they can carry a child. The hauket are the main people to do such things.

While mostly all of Amsnorth worship the great god, many pray to his offspring, the other gods. 

Known TemplesEdit

  • Temple in Gran Sarathal
  • Shrine in Greatwood City
  • Shrine in Missundi
  • Temple in the Burnt Islands
  • Temple the Great Valour Islands


In some cultures, every evening, priests and scholars light fires and sing prayers at their temples, asking the
Mystic Dragon2
Mystic Dragon to bring them courage, honour and love. Followers often gaze into flames in an effort to communicate with the god, although only few people have been able to visit the god within a fade.

The hauket form circles around a large fire, and use old enchantments to summon the god only one certain days of the year. They also do this when praying to the dragons. Once the dragon answers, the god will flash either a green, gold or yellow light into the fire, casting dust and glitters of sparks into the air, granting the hauket their wishes.


As being the god of all life, it is said that the god can appear as any of the kinds of races in Amsnorth, with the execption of the goblins and orc as they were not crafted by him. 

Many people claim to have been approched by the god, by saying they came to them as old men, and women, talking to them to carry out his deeds. This also has caused many troubles across the lands, by some people trying to assassinate certain people, claiming it to be the gods wishes.


  • Is not baised on any religious beliefs
  • The author who is an athiest, wrote the god to have more of a fantasy feel
  • He has three heads, three tails and is larger than a village