Nark III Heartan
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Nark III Heartan

Biographical information

Other names
King of Fire
Date of birth
TA 228
TA 258 - TA 360
Date of death
TA 360 (132 years)

Physical description

6.6 Feet
Hair color
Eye color
Chocolate Brown
Royal House
"One of the greatest kings of his time, if not all time. He did everything a good king should, lead. His greatness made Amsnorth thrive, and his legacy will live on forever. I fought beside him, and watched him lead an entire county into war."
Moreusico discussing Nark III

Nark III Heartan, formerly known as Tommen (TA 228 - TA 360) was the King of Amsnorth up until the Great Purge. He was a known king and highly respected, he was at the time considered the best king since Nark I Heartan. He ruled for nearly 100 years making him among the longest lived kings of all time. 

His legacy has been recorded since the day he took the throne at the age of 30. There have been many other kings named after him, but only few of these have lived up to the respect Nark III held. Nark III was also the last king of House Heartan before the war unleashed against the people of Amsnorth. The child he sired before the war was unknown, but it was this child that carried on the royal name, until his descendant Robert I Heartan defeated the Army of Darkness and restored peace.

Nark's rule was legend, being the son of Zakcumfry Heartan, a king who lacked the morals and intelligence of kings, Nark was eager to bring the world back to its full. He ruled the kingdoms with great passion, and reformed many governments that were beginning to collapse. 

Nark spent years learning of the kings before him, admiring Jafier Heartan above all. Nark's eagerness did however have its downside, as he ignored many loved ones and family members to purse his lust to impress the people. Also Nark lacked the sight when spotting enemies, and was often the target of many assassins who sought to kill him for gold.

The king took over from his father after he died, and founded many places of education, to decrease the amount of crime from the young. He also permitted all people to enter the school, be them poor or rich, which was both respected by many, and rejected by people of a noble status. Nark also formed new laws, which made it illegal for anyone rich to beat, torture, rape or kill anyone bellow their status. He also destroyed slavery, which was one of the biggest things back then. This was hugely popular among all people, and Nark was eventually given the love he wanted.

The abolishment of slavery did have its downsides however as people who still demanded the old ways turned against him. Nark gathered a force to try and settle these differances, and did so by gathering them into a meeting, where he had them slaughtered. This shocked many, and proved that despite being a kind king, he was also capable of brutallity.

As the years past his reign grew and he was loved by millions, however at the end of his ruling he was placed in a huge war. The Great Purge begun and Nark was thrown into action, having to lead armies into battle. His years of training paid off, as he knew how to deal with war, and how to prevent starvation and gold loss. Nark had spent over 20 years gathering gold within a concealed vault, which was a great assest when providing gold for armies. 

When the last moments of Nark began, the king started to become ill. His old age took its toll on him and he was left with a serious virus. This did not stop the king however as when the Battle of Gran Sarathal took place, Nark lead thousands into battle. He commanded with a powerful force, despite being very weak. The king was wounded during the battle and retreated into the castle. But when the Army of Darkness broke into the city, Nark fought to defend his family while they fled the city. He was eventually overwhelmed and killed.

Character and AppearanceEdit

Nark III was a kind and noble man, and is said to be the best king since Nark I Heartan. He cared for his mother and father, despite his harsh nature. He loved those even if they were not kind themselves. He was also cunning and very intelligent. His brilliant mind was his main assest, and his lust for knowelage made him one of the smartest people alive at the time. 

Nark as a teenager

Nark III as a teenager

He was also very noble, and is fiercely protective over his family, mainly his children and will go to great lengths to protect them. He was also known for his lack of humour and was always very bitter, and was not overly fond of comedy nor signing. He could also be cold at times, when he first encounters someone. 

Nark was very tall, standing nearly 6.6 feet, making one of the tallest ever in his house. Unlike most Heartans, Nark possessed, orange hair, however there were elements of brown in there. He did look very similar to his father, Zakcumfry Heartan. He was attractive, he had dazzling baby brown eyes, and a gentle expression. Due to being raised in the Slums, Nark was never fond of wearing the greatest of silks and cotton, and prefered rags and rugged clothing. 


Early Life Edit

Nark III Heartan, or Tommen as he was known as a young boy, was conceived through rape, his father Zakcumfry Heartan was known to take women whenever he wanted. When Nark was born, his mother never informed him who his father was. So this made him very interested in finding out who this was. 

Tommen spent years scouting around Gran Sarathal seeking out any clues of his father. The young boy also spent much time outside the city, wondering into Greatwood Forest. The young boy first met the Prince of the Wood-Elves, Thurdan, and the elf later helped him find out more about his father. The friendship that Tommen had with Thurdan was later discovered by Safdraen, the King of the Wood-Elves. Safdraen who fought beside and against Jafier Heartan pointed out that the young boy had the look of a Heartan.

This sprung Tommen to approch his mother, asking if his father was a member of House Heartan. After a very resistant few days she finally gave in and told him that his father was the king. This stunned Tommen greatly and he wished to meet him, despite knowing all the bad things his father has done. Much to his mother's dissaproval, she asked one of her friends, who was a member of the Crown's Council to seek a meeting with the King.

It took weeks before Tommen and his mother were allowed to see the king. Zakcumfry Heartan who had no heirs to take his throne, had no idea the intentions the two poor beings would bring to him. The king showed little interest in the two people, but after a long glance at Tommen he stood up. Zakcumfry approched him and held his head high, admiring him. The remarkable similar appearance between the two was noticeable to the king. 

Zakcumfry knew that without an heir the Heartan legcacy would not fall to him, but to his cousins. This made him take the boy to his alchemist, who took blood samples from them both. It was then discovered that they were father and son.

Crowned PrinceEdit

Zakcumfry had Tommen's coronation planned, and had thousands gather to see him. During the ceremony, the king announced that Tommen's name would be changed from Tommen to Nark III. This made the newly made prince very happy as he finally got what he wanted.

Thousands of people gathered to see him, but not many were pleased, due to the harshness of his father. During these people, Thurdan was among them. The Wood-Elf prince met with him and provided his greatest respect for him.

Every crowned being, prince or king, are allowed to give an order. Nark much to many people's shock, Nark reduced the tax on people, and ordered more houses to built within the Slums of Gran Sarathal. Zakcumfry did not protest against this, because of its popular approval with the people. 

Prince of AmsnorthEdit

Living in the CastleEdit

The first few months were horrible for the newly appointed prince. He often woke from nightmares and tried to run to his father. Every time he went to his father he found him with a different whore. Despite this, Zakcumfry did comfort him when the nightmares accured, but never showed affection for him.

Nark III was raised mostly by maids, and was never allowed to leave the castle, even to see his own mother. Nark was both angry and sad that his mother did not come and see him. He on many occasions asked his father to see her, but he forbade it.

Through his years his father sent him toyswords which prompted him to train in combat. He spent hours in the training ring trying to master both the sword and bow. He also perfected riding a horse and wielding a lance. 

Travel to the Golden HallsEdit

Nark III reached his sixteenth year and was sent by his father to speak with Lord Bargor Boulderrock and earn his favour. Even though they were the lords of all the kingdoms, they were still required to keep their friendships, to prevent civil war breaking out. 

Nark as prince

Nark, now a skilled warrior

The prince arrived at Golden Halls and was sent on few errands for the lord. Nark killed many bandits and goblins around the Dwavern Kingdom which gained the lord's favour. Nark spent years there, making friends and allies within the city and kingdom. He travelled all across the Dwavern Kingdom and knew the lands very well. He became the first man in hundreds of years to scout the enter Rusty Mountains, and drew a brand knew map of the kingdom.

Nark was then sent back to Zakcumfry Heartan at the age of nineteen, with a porposal for a tounrament. Bargor wished to hold one to honur their friendship, and sent out ravens to all lords, and even common folk to enter for a prize of over 1,000,000 gold.

Wining the TounryEdit

"You will become a greater king than I ever was."
Zackumfry Heartan telling his son how he feels

When Zakcumfry and Nark III arrived at Golden Halls, where they both prepared for the tounry. It was then Zakcumfry expressed his love and thoughts on his son. This was the very first time the king had told any kind of emotion for anyone, and informed him that he was greatly impressed by him.

The people at the tournament

A large crowd of lords and common folk appear at the tournament's beginning

Both of the Heartans fought through the competition with great ease, both with sword and on horse. Their great skills won and they were considered the front runners, however Bargor and his son Tykor were also climbing the ladder. 

The tournament made the father and son grow clower, however during one of the sword fights, Zakcumfry was wounded and weakned, which caused Nark to proceed without his father.

It was shorly after Bargor left the tournament, as he did not want to fight without the king being present. This left his son, Tykor Boulderrock to fight for him. They two came face to face in the final battle, and after a brutal and intense fight, Nark III won by knocking him off his horse.

Zakcumfry's illnessEdit

When they returned home to Gran Sarathal, Zakcumfry became very different. He allowed Nark to visit his mother, making it the first time he had seen her in years. This made Nark very happy and he was quick to find her, however when he searched, he was informed that his mother had died years later by hanging. Nark was saddened by this, but he knew deep down that he already knew.

Becoming KingEdit

When his father was aged 98, he died in his sleep. Nark grieved over his father and had him placed in the Kings' Mountain. Not long after Nark III Heartan took his birthright title and was crowned the King of Amsnorth. Nark's friendly reputation was a good one and many praised him during his crowning.

Nark was at the time considered the greatest king since Nark I Heartan, as he put the needs of others before himself. He made the lands thrive, and ordered legions of soldiers to march on any fort, town, village or any civilization that contained bandits or outlanders. Within a short few years Nark had secured places that had been held by hostile people for years.

His outstanding leadership brought about the attention of many lords, including Tykor Boulderrock, who he had defeated in combat years prior. Another friend that paid their respects to the new great king was Thurdan, who was now named King of the Wood-Elves, after his father, Safdraen died. 

The two kings bonded and founded a new friendship between the two races. A trade and agreement was forged, making the wood-elves the second primary race, behind humans. This granted them further power, which was not supported by the dark-elves

Goblin IssuesEdit


Only five years into his rule, there were countless goblin attacks around the villages. Many people were forced to rush to Gran Sarathal causing crowed streets. Nark then held a meeting concerning these growing attacks, and managed to form more soldiers to give their assistance to villages around Amsnorth

One night a raven appeared to him containing a letter informing him that a magical being was on his way to the city. Nark was excited about this and gathered many people to welcome him. The powerful Moreusico arrived in Gran Sarathal, with hopes of finding work within the captial. Nark could not think this to be anymore than a mircale, and asked the wizard to assist him against the goblins.

Goblins fight

Battling across the North

The wisdom of the wizard provided a great asset to them as he understood the way of life of the goblins. He provided insight on how they fight, along with their weaknesses. The king was then informed that a massive goblin army was approching the neary by city of Qhylen. Eager to end the threat, he rallied his forces and marched towards the city.

War across the NorthEdit

They engaged the goblins and Nark III was protected by a magical shield conjured by the wizard to protect him as he charged through the thickest of battles. The battle was not huge, but many people died, on both fronts.

This raging battle saw about more goblins arriving, however Moreusico demonstrated massive useage of magic by defeating hundreds with a huge storm. Nark watched in glory as he witnessed the power created by his ancestor, Jafier Heartan.

After the battle was over, Nark offered Moreusico a place on his council, but the wizard declined, informing him that there were things that he must do. However they remained friends, and the wizard offered his aid whenever the king required it.

The Great PurgeEdit

When word reached Gran Sarathal that the Grand Wizard of Wizardear had become corrupted and evil, Nark sent out countless ravens to warn the other cities of this betrayal. Many of his followers and allies replied thinking that his thoughts were just of worry, and that Azugon was their friend.

Nark at first believed this, but his mind soon changed when Moreusico arrived at the city with several children, confirming that Azugon had indeed become evil.

Great Purge, attack on Gran Sarathal

Attack on Gran Sarathal

The king sent out word again, order for all armies to prepare for war. This caused riot around the world, and the Great Purge offically began as Azugon assulted the villages around the East. Nark III tried his best to send soldiers, but this was difficult as Azugon slaughtered them all.

Nark began to worry deeply as his armies failed to comprehend the dark lord, but they could not understand his motives, which caused them to be blind. Moreusico tried to assist them, but always reminded the king that Azugon was very powerful.

As the cities were sacked, Nark had Gran Sarathal heavily guarded. Over 100,000 soldiers stood waiting for the dark lord, with over 1,000 catipults built and ready. When Azugon marched on the city, Nark III led the attack and used his intelligence to fight off the dark wizard.

For over two days Nark and Moreusico held off Azugon, and nearly defeated his army, until he sent forth a greater army more powerful than any they had entountered. The undead army known as Spawn, eradicated the soldiers of Gran Sarathal, and the city was taken over.

Nark wounded and defeated sent his family out of the city using he old tunnels, handing over the legendary sword Dragonheart. Nark fought off the forces that entered the palace, putting up a good fight as a wounded old man, but he eventually fell.


It is unknown what happened to Nark's III body after the defeat of the Races of Amsnorth. Many claim that Azugon destroyed his body, while others say he was turned into a spawn. This however is unknown.

After Azugon vanished, Nark III has been remembered as one of the best kings, and his tomb was created in the Kings' Mountain. 

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Nark III was a very skilled combatent. He was a master at both swordplay and archery, he was also highly efficent on horseback, and skilled at strategy. Despite his old age, he still fought in many battles and rarely lost any.


Nark was a master at using a sword. Being trained at first by himself, he was very skilled and managed to kill several bandits as a child, at the age of 6. He showed even more skill when he managed to kill many thugs as they attempted to rob his house.

When he was taken by Zakcumfry Heartan, he then trained under skilled swordmasters. Nark learned very quickly and eventually became one of the best fighters in Amsnorth


Nark was skilled at using the bow, and was seen many times using it in combat, mainly atop a horse. He was said to be as talented with a bow on horse that would equal a hauket


Nark was one of the best leaders in Amsnorth and led his armies into many battles. He has lost few, and somehow still managed to cripple forces even after his defeat. He was always ahead of the current, and saw many actions before thet happened.

The king battled Azugon many times and several times he managed to throw the dark lord back that much many thought he was about to become victorious.


  • He was the first king to have a girl as a first child
  • Nark is the III of his name
  • He was the last human king for over three thousand years

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