Nark IV Heartan
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Nark IV Heartan

Biographical information

Other names
King of Everything, The King who Slept, King of Smiles
Date of birth
TA 5021
TA 5060 - TA 5102
Date of death
TA 5102 (81 years)

Physical description

6.3 feet
Hair color
Brown, grey (older)
Eye color
Royal House

Nark IV Heartan (TA 5021 - TA 5102) was King of Amsnorth following the death of his mother, Anne III Heartan, on TA 5060, until his own death forty-two years later. From 5059 until his accession, he served as Prince Regent during his mother's final illness.

Nark IV led an extravagant lifestyle that contributed to the fashions of the Regency era. He was a patron of new forms of leisure, style and taste. He commissioned Naebet Thoyal to build the Royal Gatehouse in Kingsport and remodel the Royal Palace, and Ser Myklaus Dungale to rebuild the Rocky Vale, after a horrendous thunderstorm ravaged its walls and houses.

His charm and culture earned him the title "King of Smiles", but his poor relationship with both his father and his wife, Mia Heartan, and his dissolute way of life, earned him the contempt of the people and dimmed the prestige of the monarchy. He even forbade Mia to attend his coronation, and due to his hate for his wife, he tried everything to divorce her, but the laws of religion forbade it. 

For most of Nark's regency and reign, many lords from the Senate controlled the Human Royal Government, with the help of Nark. His ministers found his behaviour selfish, unreliable and irresponsible. At all times he was much under the influence of favourites. Taxpayers were angry at his wasteful spending. He did not provide national leadership in time of crisis, nor act as a role model for his people. However he was not a bad King, despite his negative reaction from the people, but his reign was heavily panned when compared to his mother, Anne III Heartan. Through his marriage with Mia, he has three children, but many have speculated that he fathered countless bastards.

Character and AppearanceEdit

Nark IV Heartan was a charming, charismatic, rude, selfish, unreliable, irresponsible and very arrogant man. He loved to charm his way to many different women, and would treat them with kindess, before sending them off once he had finished with them. He was often rude to many people he disliked, which was more than often. He was also very selfish, and did not take any pride in sharing things with others, aside from his children, whom he loved dearly.

Nark IV Heartan was not as handsom as previous kings, and had a very strange shaped set of eyes, which were almost elf-like. His hair begun to grey by the time he turned 30 years of age, and grew out a stuffy, tangled beard. He also had very dirty and uneven teeth, which he would never keep clean, however they were kept hidden behind his overly thick lips.

Despite his average appearance, he kept himself well dressed, and loved to show his status off to others. He employed countless fashion designers to create him the best outfits from the most expensive fabrics. Like his mother, Nark also loved to be seen in armour, and due to his large size and height of 6.3, he looked very intimidating.


Early LifeEdit

Born to Anne III Heartan and Edwyne Elendra, Nark IV Heartan was a much loved young boy. During his mothers early reign, people looked at Nark with great intrests, as they seen the possible strength in him, that his mother
Young Nark IV

Young Nark

possessed. While Anne was considered a great monarch, people expected the same from him. He often attended meetings of councils, who all asked him for his opinions on matters. Like his mother, Nark did have a very great understanding of ruling, and his answers would always get a postitive reaction from the highborns.

By the time he reached 10 years old, Nark was a very good scholar, who loved to enjoy the company of books. However as he grew into a young teenager, who swayed off his studies and started to focus on women. At the age of 15, Nark knew to use his royalty status to gain the attention of many maidens. Nark started to gain a reputation, even more so from the poorer beings that resided in Gran Sarathal. This attracted the attention of his father, Edwyne, who would express his disappointement of his actions, which begun a very strained relationship between them.

Marriage and ChildrenEdit

At the age of 17, Edwyne Elendra decided to arrange a marriage for Nark, in order to get him out of his vulger activites. Nark was very angry about this, and refused the arrangment, however after his mother Anne III Heartan agreed to the marriage, Nark had little choice in the matter.

While the next few weeks consisted of Nark chosing a partner, eventually Mia Symoset was chosen. Upon first look at Mia, Nark instantly refused. He called her a 'Pig in Silks', and would often call her such. Mia was a calm woman, and would never say anything in return to his insults. They wed only one year later. In their first three years of marriage, Mia gave birth to their first child, William III Heartan

Mia and Nark's relationship was very hostile, and Mia would often walk around with bruises in her lower body. Nark would often refuse to such abuse, but many maids claimed that he would often take her whenever he was in the mood. Nark sometimes took other women also, and made Mia watch as he treated them with more passion and kindess that he showed her, calling her 'Pig with a black abyss'. 

Nark spent a further few years attempting to end his marriage with Mia, however the laws of religion refused this. His mother, Anne III Heartan also refused, often reminding him that she needs to bear him children. After the birth of their last child, Victoria I Heartan, Mia commited suicide by hanging herself. Nark did not give her a burial in the Kings' Mountains, where many monarchs lie, but instead sent her body back to Seginthul.

Prince RegentEdit

In TA 5059, Anne III Heartan came down with serious bone issues, and with the death of his father, Edwyne Elendra six years earlier, Nark IV Heartan was forced to take on the role as Regent, until his mother dies. During his time as Prince Regent, Nark improved on little around the world, but forged a stronger relationship with the Dark-Elf Supremacy, after the strain between the two governments. He allowed the Dark-Elves to take back many of their rights, including to have control over their own taxes. This action was not very well respected outside the dark-elf community, and many lords begun to show him disrespect.

King of AmsnorthEdit

Nark IV Heartan was crowned King of Amsnorth in TA 5060, and within seven years had changed Amsnorth, from a more, political era, into a area of construction. Nark IV led an extravagant lifestyle as king, that contributed to the fashions of the Regency era, which would last for decades to come . He was a patron of new forms of leisure, style and taste. He was fond of making the world look 'glorious', and had different plants and seeds placed across most of the large plains, in order to bring gloom to the lands of Amsnorth. During his reign, Royalandüs looked spectaculer, and was often hailed as one of the most beautiful places in the world.

He commissioned Naebet Thoyal to build the Royal Gatehouse in Kingsport, because he believed that the city was one of the main attractions in the Main Lands. Kingsport grew in size with Nark's involvment, and it became one of the largest cities in the world. Like his mother, Nark was fond of making sure the people were kept fed, and was able to maintain a great trading route across the Main Lands, and across the seas. Due to his newly founded relationship with the Dark-Elf Supremacy, he forged a trade with their rare gems and metals, in exhange for soldiers, gold and food supplies. With the metals and gems from the elves, Nark used them to remodel the Royal Palace, and Ser Myklaus Dungale to rebuild the Rocky Vale, after a horrendous thunderstorm ravaged its walls and houses.

Nark remained a very calm king for the rest of his years, dying at the age of 81 years old. He was succeeded by his eldest son, William III Heartan.

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