Nark IX Heartan
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Nark IX Heartan

Biographical information

Other names
The Horror King, Nark the Cruel
Date of birth
TA 9505
TA 9519 - TA 9574
Date of death
TA 9574 (69 years)

Physical description

6.3 feet
Hair color
Eye color
Chocolate brown
Royal House
"A king no one wanted to rule over them. He was both cruel as he was evil. He enjoyed the pain of others, even his own family."
―About Nark IX Heartan

Nark IX Heartan (TA 9505 - TA 9574), also known as The Horror King, was King of Amsnorth from TA 9519 until his death in TA 9574. Following the Battle of Bonhaerk, Nark gained a huge amount of power, mainly within the Black Sea, gaining the biggest share of oil and resources in the crown's history. Nark is described as being one of the mosy ruthless, cruel and evil kings to ever sit on the Golden Throne. He has obtained praise in the past for his heroic behaviour, however Nark almost always entered battles and affairs for his own personal glory.

Nark, the second youngest of six sons of King Thalore II Heartan and Igraine Heartan, was at first not expected to inherit significant lands, aside from Karthkeep - which was a gift from his grandfather. Following the deaths of two of his siblings, Nark became power hungry and begun to plot to take the throne for himself. However he knew his father would not give up the throne to him, so Nark started a quest to impress his father.

When war with Seginthul broke out again in 9516, Nark achieved early victories, but shortages of military resources and his treatment of his fellow nobles resulted in the collapse of his quest in northern Seginthul in 9517. Nark spent much of the next few months attempting to regain these lands, raising huge revenues, reforming his armed forces and rebuilding continental alliances. Nark's judicial reforms had a lasting impact on the landüski common law system, as well as providing an additional source of revenue. An argument with Queen Nymeria led to Nark's excommunication, a dispute finally settled by his father several months later. The alliance between House Heartan and the Wood-Elf Monarchy was in danger, as the acts of Nark started to anger the elf race. After the failed war againt Seginthul, the crown lost several of it's posts, and lands, which greatly lowered the tax income of the royal government. King Thalore II was furious with his son, and demanded him to return home to answer for his crimes, and sent, Nark's remaining brothers to settle the now hostile Seginthul people. However Nark abandoned his father's demands, and waited for his brothers to arrive, aiding them in the attempts to settle a truce with Seginthul. But before these proposals came to be, Nark murdered his brothers and blaimed it on the Lord of Seginthul. Thalore II, furiour and shocked by the deaths of his sons, engaged in a war with Seginthul, and within a few months became victorious. Nark ended the war, with the Battle of Bonhaerk

Now being the only son and heir to the throne, Thalore had no other choice but to pass the throne down to him. It was only several weeks later, Thalore died of a heart attack. Nark had his coronation only days later, not giving the country time to grieve for their king. He demanded the arrival of every, lord, lady, and highborn noble in the world to witness his climb to king. He hanged more than thirteen nobles to set an example to the rest of the world, that his rule as king was not to be taken lightly.

Contemporary chroniclers were mostly critical of Nark's performance as king, and his reign has since been the subject of significant debate and periodic revision by many after his death. Nark has been described as being one of the worst kings in history, not in term of his ability to rule, but because of his harsh nature. Many people have called his personallity on par with Azugon.

Character and AppearanceEdit

Nark IX was ruthless, vile, manipulative, sadistic, cruel, arrogant, yet intelligent. As a child he showed great lust for pain and to cause horror on others. His cruel nature saw him murder innocent people, and care little about anyone other than himself. 

He despised the elves for reasons unknown, and went as far to kill any he found within his city. No other king before him was as reckless as him, as he cared nothing about his people, and would never hear nor answer their pleads. His actions gave him a horrific reputation, and he was hated by nearly everyone in Amsnorth. However he was not completely heartless, as he did care for the dwarves and admired the orc. He also showed a slight compassion for his son, Robert V Heartan

Nark stood around 6 feet in height and was considered hugely handsome. He had cropped brown hair, dazzling brown eyes and strong boy-like features. He had many dimples, and was said to have a smile that could attract anyone. Nark loved to show himself off, and walked around naked most of the time within the castles, showing a strong muscular body. When he wasn't naked, he wore the finest clothing, enjoying the luxury of riches and gems.


Early LifeEdit

Nark IX was born to King Thalore II Heartan in TA 9505. His birth brought the attention of many people, and a gathering of nearly 1,000 people arrived to see him. However in his early years Nark showed a darker side than his father believed, the first when Nark strangled and killed his own puppy. He later cut open the puppy and presented its insides to his father. Thalore was disgusted and horrified by this, and beat Nark so bad it took three of his soldiers to pull him off.

As the boy grew, he gained love for swordplay, and often used the servants as his training dolls, instead of the straw ones within the training pits. If one of the servants did not do as they were told, Nark would beat them bloody. It was not until he was aged seven did he kill his first man. Nark was training when someone stumbled into his way and caused him to trip. He was humiliated by this as many people laughed, so Nark beheaded him in clear sight of everyone, including his father. This shocked everyone and Nark was taken out of public sight for a time.

This did not have the impact Thalore believed as Nark only grew more insane. The king worried for his son, so decided to bring in the old wizard Moreusico for aid. When the wizard visited Nark the boy did not listen to any words of wisdom the man spoke, but instead crushed the buys within his chambers.

Annoyed, Moreusico used a spell to snap Nark into attention, binding him into a force of pressure. Nark screamed in rage, shouting for his father, but he never came. Moreusico continued to ask the boy questions, demanding him to tell everyone why he was so cruel towards others.

Nark responded by spitting on the old man and stating - "When I am king I will have your bloody head on a spike and hanging from my chamber bed!" The old man saw nothing but darkness within the boy and left the room to speak with the king.

Slaughter at the Pig's DenEdit

On the day Nark was allowed to venture from the castle walls, he decided to go down to the Pig's Den for a drink and a whore to warm his bed. When the prince got down there, he was greeted by several of the parents of the servants he once killed. 

Nark tried to ignore them and went into the inn, but they followed closely. The prince sat down for a drink in the shadows, keeping to himself as he watched the drunks and fools stagger around the inn. It was not until the servants again approached him, calling him names. Nark flipped and drew his sword, slashing at the air without thinking on where he was striking. He killed more than seven people within the inn that day, while the rest of them fled in freight.

Thalore quickly rushed to the inn, where he found his son covered in blood and twirling his sword. The prince only smiled at his father.

Becoming King of AmsnorthEdit

As Nark turned fourteen years of age, his father suffered from a heart attack. Many claim it was due to the pressure Nark forced upon him. Many people told the king to kill Nark as he was too dangerous, but Thalore loved his son too much.

As Thalore lay in bed, Nark visited him. It is said that the servants had only seen Nark cry once, and that was on that day. However when the servants left the room, Nark placed a pillow over his father's face, suffocating him beneath the feathers. Thalore tried to fight him off, but because of his current state he had not strength to fight him off. Thalore then died moments later.

Nark then called his servants into the room and claimed he died in his sleep. He the ordered for them to set up his coronation the next day.

When the people gathered to see him crowned, many booed within the audience, which triggered yet another bad moment. Nark ordered his soldiers to kill any who booed him. Over twenty more innocent people lost their lives.

King of AmsnorthEdit

As he became king, most of his council members ruled in his stead while he fooled around. He had over thirty whores inside his chambers each day, and it is said that most of them came to him, informing him that they are carrying his child. The king would laugh at this and murder them for sport.

During the meetings within the Throne Room, Nark was always present. Few times while many farmers and poor pleaded for his aid, would he bash their pleads back into their faces. One time during a meeting, a maid performed oral on him in front of the entire Throne Room. 

Nark rarely left the capital, but when he did he massed a huge army to travel with him, and they were always his most trusted soldiers. He left the rule of Gran Sarathal to his council. Nark left to find game and hunt. He enjoyed killing animals and skinning them while they are still breathing. Many of his soldiers found this amusing also.

Battle at Fort MongoloEdit

Nark was training when he received word that Fort Mongolo had been assaulted by bandits. For sport, Nark gathered dozens of men to rally behind him as he marched for the fort. Along the way he met with Queen Nymeria, who had also heard about the attack.

Nark confronted the elf queen, telling her that the task was his own. Nymeria responded by telling him that she was willing to assist him, but the king refused. Nymeria pressed the matter and begged for them to come with him as there were few of her people within the fort. Nark again refused and threatened the queen, telling her that he did not care and that if she were to ask him again, he would cut out her tongue to shut her up. 

The king arrived at the fort with his army. He unleashed dozens of his soldiers to bash down the gates while he held back. Half of his soldiers were killed within moments, but Nark cared little. He sent in more men to take over, until eventually they got in. The king rode in himself, cutting down many people with Dragonheart. 

Nark laughed and laughed as the bandits all fell under his army. Once the fort was retaken, nark ordered for it to be destroyed. This confused and angered both his soldiers and his people, as his own soldiers had fought and died to take it back over.

Robert V HeartanEdit

At the age of thirty, a woman approached him with a babe no older than two years of age. She claimed that he was the father of the child. Nark as he always did, snapped, having both her and the young child killed. This struck fear into the hearts of many maids as they were called into his chamber during the nights.

Nark was always drunk during the nigh times, and often called as many as ten maids into his room at once. Many soldiers were posted outside his door, forever guarding him. 

It was not until Nark reached the age of sixty-four did his council members inform him that if he does not have an heir before his death, his family name would fall and his bloodline would not longer have control over the throne. Nark did not bother himself with such things, but deeply it did worry him. Like all Heartans, each one craves for the bloodline to live forever, so Nark begun to sleep with more and more woman in hopes of getting them pregnant. Due to his old age, and constant use of whores, Nark eventually was unable to have any children. This began to scare him greatly.

Nark lay in his bed at the age of sixty-nine, old and withered. One of his maids knocked at his door, appearing with a boy as old as twenty. Confused, Nark let them enter his chambers. 

The maid informed the king that the boy's name was Robert V, she told him that she gave him that name to honour the Roberts before him. Nark looked at the boy and saw his own reflection as a boy, but he cared nothing about him, only his blood and name.

Robert then was left with Nark as the maid left the room. Robert asked Nark many questions, to which Nark grumpily refused to answer. 

Death within a RiotEdit

During a walk through the courtyards of Gran Sarathal a large host of poor and farmers formed up within the city. Many of the king's soldiers gathered around him, in attempt to protect him. Nark found the host folly, as he had been treatend so many times to bother or even be scared about riots. However this changed his mind as his own soldiers turned on him, dragging him into the Sept of Amsnorth.

Screaming, Nark kicked and fought off his soldiers, managing to grab one of their swords. Despite his old age, Nark managed to cut down most of his own soldiers before the poor rushed into the Sept, overthrowing him and beating him to death in front of the Holeyone and priests.

As Nark lay dead, his council ordered for his body to be burnt and thrown into the sea. Robert V Heartan did not like this idea, but did not go against it as he knew his father was hated by mostly all around Amsnorth.


Nark IX Heartan is considered to be one of the worst kings in history, as well as being one of the crulest, vilest man to have lived. Many compared him to Azugon, stating that his rage and insantiy went beyond that of any living being. 

Nark along with Gaston II Heartan and Ellinor, are the only monarchs not to be placed in the King's Mountain along with the other rulers. This is said to be due to their cold hearts and dangerous ruling style.

Powers and AbilitesEdit

Nark IX was a great swordmaster, wielding the House Heartan legendary sword, Dragonheart. He used a very skillfull style, and often changed between strong and quick movements.


The boy was skilled even at an early stage. He defeated several boys that were older than himself during his training. (Though it should be noted that these boys may have been letting him win due to him being the prince at the time) Nark grew even more skilled as he grew older, eventually becoming known for his talented ways with the blade. 

He fought in several battles, and never came out with a wound. He mainly held back, until his soldiers did the work, and lashed into battle when he knew he was about to kin, claiming all the glory for himself.

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