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Nark I Heartan

Biographical information

Other names
Son of a God
King of Amsnorth, Prince of Amsnorth, Grand Wizard
Date of birth
TA 105
TA 122 - TA 196
Date of death
TA 196 (91 years)
Realms ruled
Main Lands, Dwavern Kingdom, Summer of Priest, Wizardear

Physical description

6.2 Feet
Hair color
Light Brown
Eye color
Chocolate Brown
Royal House
Annalyn Heartan
"One of the greatest kings ever to have sat on the throne. Nark I lived up to his father's reputation, and the lands and people flourished from his glorious rule."
―Description of Nark I Heartan

Nark I Heartan (TA 105 - TA 196) was once the King of Amsnorth  and the son of Jafier Heartan. Nark was considered one of the greatest kings, and created and built many of the villages around Amsnorth. He founded and crafted the city of Missundi, which is now the green-elf home.

Like his father, Nark possessed the magical abilities of the Gods. He also trained at his father's academy on Wizardear, and was the rank of wizard and eventually Grand Wizard.

Nark was ultimately killed by his son Bilious I Heartan.

Early LifeEdit

Nark I Heartan was born to the legend Jafier Heartan and an unknown mother. He was born after the events of the War of Kings, in the city of Markwall

Little is known about his early life, but it is suspected that he trained under his father, tyring to understand the ruling of the kingdoms. Also, like his father, Nark was a magical being, thus making him immortal and possessive of magical talents. 

Sometime during his childhood, he was taken to the Academy of Magical Beings to learn the ways of Order. It is unknown if he was actually trained under his father, but it was implied as he was extremly talented.

Father's DeathEdit

When Jafier Heartan took away his immortality, and eventually died. Due to Nark being a magical being, it woud be impossible for him to take the throne. The Golden Throne was then abandoned and many of his father's council memebers begun to plot to take the throne for theirselves.

Nark eager to become king, exiled himself from the order. When he got to Gran Sarathal, he found Mace Groundar sitting on the throne, proclaiming himself as king. Nark confronted him and Mace ordered for the guards to kill him, stating that he was not Jafier's son.

Furious, Nark killed all the guards, and Mace himself, by using his deadly magical abilties. He then took the crown and placed it upon his head, becoming king of Amsnorth.


Nark ruled Amsnorth like his father did, he was loved and respected by millions around the lands. He helped and even was present when few of the villages were being constructed.

The king travelled across the lands, visiting each of the lord's houses, to pay his respects and offer his assistance. Nark gained many allies throughout the cities and villages, but also enimes. Several times the king was the target of assassins and bounty hunters, who sough his head.

His father's old group, The Brotherhood of Jutice watched over the king, looking for any threats. Many times they found and killed those assigned to assassinate him.


When his son Bilious I Heartan was born, Nark held a host to celebrate his birthday, however as the child grew he saw a certain darkness within him. Nark was cautious about him, so sough to have another son. When Nark was sleeping in his bed, he was murdered by Bilious.

Nark was found the next day by Bilious, who claimed that he was assassinated by assassins, and delcared as the King of Amsnorth, that they all must be exucuted, including the Brotherhood of Justice.


Nark I Heartan was considered one of the greatest kings of all time, he was both caring and king to his people, and put them before his own personal desires. He built the villages: Brightown, Greentown, Karthtown and Hamordil, which are now some of the largest villages in the lands. With Hamordil being the capital place for its oil.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Nark was a legendary fighter and a known magical being. He was at wizard rank, and eventually Grand Wizard, which showed his mastery over magic.


Nark was a great swordmaster, with many stating he was trained by his father himself. Although despite being in one of the most dangerous times in history, Nark was in no wars. He did fight however in few battles, and never came out with a scratch. 


Being the son of Jafier Heartan, he possessed greater magical talents that most in history or even the future of the order. It is unknown what field he was master at, but it is implied that he perfected all kinds of magic, with the execption of dark magic.

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