Nark VII Heartan
Young Nark VII

Nark VII Heartan

Biographical information

Other names
Nark the Conquer, Nark the Vast, Nark the Rich
Date of birth
TA 5385
TA 5459 - TA 5485
Date of death
TA 5498 (113 years)

Physical description

6.0 feet
Hair color
Dark Brown
Eye color
Royal House
"Nark VII, one of the greatest Kings House Heartan has ever seen. Following in the great footsteps of his father before him, Nark went on to reclaim lands and countries lost to his great house."
―About Nark VII

Nark VII Heartan, also known as Nark the Conquer (TA 5385 - TA 5498) was the King of Amsnorth from TA 5459 - TA 5485, before passing the mantle down to his son, George VIII Heartan as he grew too old and fickle. Nark VII is best known as being the King who took back control over Wizardear after his house lost it around two hundred years before. Nark was renowned for being one of the best military commanders of his generation, and lost few battles during the War for Wizardear. Succeding his father after his death, Nark was more than ready to take on the mantle of king. Ever since The Bilious Takeover, when his father launched an invasion on the Burnt Islands, Nark along with several lords begun to prepare war against the Dark-Elf Supremacy. For more than two decades, there were no signs of war, however after Nark became King, Zandryn, King of Wizardear launched an attack against Daleigon, seizing control over many cities and villages in the country. 

Nark then begun to move his forces in, and the War for Wizardear begun. The war lastes several years, with Nark serving as the main commander over his forces. House Heartan combined forces with all of their vassels, and gained assistance from House Lukie, House Wolfbane among others. The Dark-Elf Supremacy, with the aid of the Green-Elf Government, sailed across the seas and attacked many harbours, farms and villages across the Main Lands

Due to his massive numbers, Nark was more than a match for both his rivial governments, and used his tatics to trap both his foes. He used his forces from the Great Valour Islands and moved them inwards, keeping to the oceans, before landing in Wizardear. There they destoryed many forts and sentries, allowing access for Nark's greater armies, without being detected. The war remained in Wizardear for several months, with Nark pushing towards the capital, Garreneari, however they failed to reach the city as the Green-Elf Government came to assistance.

Nark pulled back and waited for several days, before sending his spies into the city. Nark managed to breach the city by using the hidden passageways that were buried under the city. They seized the city, and Zandryn was killed by his own lords as they surrendered.

After the victory of the War of Wizardear, Nark reigned as King for many more years. He was considered to be great like his father, and was a respected figure. However as his age increased, he became very ill and weak. Fearing his lords would not respect him, he stepped down as king, passing the mantle to his eldest, George VIII Heartan.

Character and AppearanceEdit

Nark shared much of his father's personality. He was kind, caring and very soft-spoken. He rarely every showed aggression as king, and often showed a kind heart to the poor. Also like his father, Nark's main traits came from his
Nark VII as Prince

Nark as a young man

political mindset, and he was able to stand his own against some of the most respected and wealthest lords and highborns in Amsnorth.

Unlike his father, Nark enjoyed to be the centre of a battle, whenever he fought one. He would charge into ranks, often seen guarded by his personal skilled bodyguards. Nark was not highly skilled in the arts of swordplay, rallying mainly on the powerful steel of his family weapon, Dragonheart.

Nark was considered to be a very handsome man in his youth. He was tall, muscular and grew out his hair and beard. Like most members of House Heartan, his chocolate brown eyes were his trademark and often sparkled when light touched them.

Like most royalty and upper-class beings, Nark enjoyed his status and wealth. He oftem favoured fine clothings, employing crimson silks and cottons, often seen ribbed with gems and gold.


Early LifeEdit

Born to Bilious IV Heartan and Susenia Heartan, Nark was born in Qhylen, making him the first King not to have been born in Gran Sarathal. Upon his birth, Nark was born into a vast crowd, all eager to meet their future king. One of which was his grandfather, Robert III Heartan. Robert, who was the current King of Amsnorth, named Nark, to contiune the tradition of their royal family names.

Nark as General

Prince Nark as General

As a young man, Nark spent most of his years in the Northern Territories, and was considered to be a rather ladies dream. Nark used his good looks to draw in female attention, and would often be seen with different women each day. However he always found time to increase his skills as a politicians, following and hearing his father's advice.

Nark wed Bryannia Cheyne, daughter to Lord Jyack Cheyne, shortly after turning fifteen. Bryannia gave birth to their first son, George VIII Heartan the next year, and like Nark, his birth was celebrated greatly across the Main lands

Several years later, when his father, Bilious IV Heartan took the throne, by killing his father, Nark moved his family to Gran Sarathal, to serve under his father as the new king. As prince, and General of the Royal Guard, Nark was an imposing figure, and helped establish a vast army to help keep the lands of the Main Lands safe from bandit raids, goblin attacks and the increasing troll population. 

The Bilious TakeoverEdit

When his father launched another attack against the Burnt Islands, Nark was one of the many generals that assisted in the small civil war. While he never directly entered battle, with his father fearing he may die, Nark mainly remained behind, planning strategy. In the matter of weeks before the war was over, Nark had moved his forces into the city Ogythun, where he took control over the city.

Once the invasion was complete, Bilious IV Heartan orded his son to send ravens the all the human lords, ordering them to prepare for war. Nark spent many years preparing for a war that did not come, and was responsible for making sure his forces were well trained, ready and prepared.

King of AmsnorthEdit


After the death of his father, Nark was summoned to Gran Sarathal by the Holey One, to be crowned as the new King of Amsnorth. While the weeks that it took him to travel from Qhylen to the capital, it was then brought to his
Nark atop horseback

Nark atop horseback

attention, that the Dark-Elf Supremacy had begun to move across the Magic Sea. Nark made haste to reach the capital, before the elves could reach their shores. 

Nark rushed his coronation, not giving the people time to witness his crowning. He then moved his armies across the Main Lands, protecting as much settlements as he could. However, it was during this time that the elves had already invaded. Daleigon had already been taken over days beforehand, and King Zandryn had imprisoned every human within the country.

War for WizardearEdit

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