Nark V Heartan
Young Nark

Nark V Heartan

Biographical information

Other names
Nark the Kind, Nark the Glorious, Nark of Engadül
Date of birth
TA 5091
TA 5146 - TA 5206
Date of death
TA 5206 (115 years)

Physical description

6.4 feet
Hair color
Eye color
Dark blue
Royal House
"Nark, like his father was a ruthless and intimidating king. He continued his father's legacy by forging an even bigger monarchy."
―About Nark V Heartam

Nark V Heartan (TA 5091 - TA 5206), was the King of Amsnorth for almost 60 years, making him the longest serving king since Alton I Heartan. Nark was like his father before him, a ruthless, intimidating and very powerful man, however he did not share his father's lust for death, and looked for a bloodless solution to nearly all his problems. 

When Nark became king, he was obsessed with making a larger economy, where every ruler of each country was giving a new title of power. Nark wanted to forage an alliance with every highborn throughout Amsnorth, and make himself Emperor of Amsnorth. However this was met with rather negative feelings from the Human Royal Government, as well as the Wood-Elf Monarchy. After time, Nark was unable to convince the highborn lords of his intentions, and the possibly empire was scrapped.

Nark was known for his outstanding military success, and his amazing political power. He was a very fierce ruler, and when the Kolodyyne Government declaired themselves independent, he begun the War for Gold. After a 4 year war, Nark eventually defeated the dwarves in open battle, sealing his control over the Dwavern Kingdom, and increasing their anual income to the throne

His most famous feat was his prevention of a possible war between the, Wood-Elves, Dark-Elves and the Humans, when the traitor Malgath turned each lord against each other in order to reform the Dark-Elf Supremacy into the Dark-Elf Empire, with him helming the title of Emperor. Nark defeated each ruler with a massive army of over 40,000, he forced King Melenki to surrender and submit himself, as well as bringing the Dark-Elf Council to their knees. However after Malgath faced execution, Nark stopped it, and made him serve 1000 years in prison. (He ended serving 600)

When Nark died at age 115, he passed the Throne down to his daughter and eldest, Victoria II Heartan. However after several weeks on the throne, she was removed by her brother, Nark VI Heartan who had won public approval. Nark was laid to rest in the Kings' Mountain, next to his great-great-grandmother, Anne III Heartan.

Character and AppearanceEdit

Nark V Heartan was a very kind man, who cared much for his children and wife. Like his father, he could also be very fearsome and intimidating. He was also very cunning and highly intelligent, as demonstrated when he mamaged to fool each ruler of different races into believing he had a smaller army. 

Nark is one of the very few Heartans who did not possess brown eyes, but instead took much of his appearance from his mother, Judith Heartan. He had long black hair, which was always shiny and well kept, and dark blue eyes that shun like sapphires. He was considered very handsome, and loved to keep himself clean.

Early LifeEdit

Nark was born at the White Tower on TA 5091, and was often referred to as Nark of Engadül in his early years. The reign of his father, Harken I, was a particularly problematic period of human history. One source of contention was the king's activity, and sheer power, in the ongoing war with Üswana. Another controversial issue was the king's exclusive patronage of a small group of royal favourites.

Nark spent most of his time in Gran Sarathal as a child, while his father fought against many possible rebellions and wars. There the kindess of his mother moved on to him, when he begun to respect many people, despite their class. His mother, Judith Heartan died when he was seven years old, and that put Nark into almost depression as a child. In order to repel his emotions, Harken I Heartan forced Nark to express his anger out in swordplay. By the time he became fourteen years old, Nark became a ruthless fighter, and often left the borders of Royalandüs to hunt down bandits and criminals who had escaped. This allowed him to express his anger.

Üswana RebellionEdit

When a rebellion broke out across Üswana, Nark was eager to prove himself a worthy successor to his father, and entered the rebellion as the General of the Crown. Nark participated in many small battles throughout the year of rebellion, and managed to diverge many dwarf forces. While his father insisted he remain out of any major battles, in order to keep the line of House Heartan active, Nark was forced to be sent across the Western Territories, and settle affairs with many concerned nobles. When the rebellion ended, Nark was honouered by his father for his traits.

Reign as KingEdit

Death of HarkenEdit

At aged 55 years old, news of Harken I Heartan's death reached his son while he was organizing a seige to recapture Fort Highfever from a band of bandits, who had taken control over it several weeks before. As he was bashing down the fort's gates, the news reached him by raven. Driver by grief, Nark became distracted in the battle, and suffered a serious wound to his back. 

He spent a six days recovering from this injury, then he headed off back to Gran Sarathal. By the time he got there, Harken I Heartan had already been buried in the Kings' Mountain. Nark was crowned the new King of Amsnorth several weeks later.


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