Male Necromancer

"The most dangerous stage. The one who reaches this has now mastered what comes before, but they have much to learn ahead of them, and what comes up for them in the furture, is going to be haunting."
―About the rank

The stage of Necromancer is the second highest rank within the Magical Beings, and the third highest in the Order of Magical Beings. 

Necromancer is the hardest stage and most dangerous as they meddle with deadly spells and work on summoning magic, which is a high risk of entering the Vale, or even breaking it.

One may take decades before they complete this rank, and many never reach any higher. In this rank some may chose to remain within the rank, but cannot progress further. Ezgoth is a widely known necromancer and has been one for around 5,900 years.


The rank of necromancer is a title bestowed upon very few magical beings in every generation. Aside from wiizard and witch, the necromancer is the rank with the least amount of people. The most common path to this rank was to perfect everything from the last ranks. It is said that the older the necromancer, the better they become. However Azugon whizzed past this rank and headed to wizard by the remarkable age of 40.

When Orsimac reformed the Order following the near destruction of the order, he promoted his students to the rank of necromancer based on their degree of mastery of magic. As the Order began to grow, most necromancers were promoted based on the extraordinary deeds they performed throughout their times as a sorcerer.

A practice strongly discouraged by the Council and little seen during the Golden Age was the idea that a necromancer could judge him or herself and assume the rank of necromancer without the Council's approval. This is highly rare and has only happened once with Azugon, but there has been many times where one has approched the council with demands that they be promoted. 

Those necromancers whose talents were extremely superior were asked to join the council, which is also very rare among magical beings. Morganna was one of the few necromancers who managed to reach the council at a young age.

The only way the council  would select a necromancer for the council seat, is only those who possessed the strongest mind, the greatest leadership qualities, and incomparable mastery of the magic. 


Like the ranks before, the necromancer still learns under their influence of a master. They remain to learn
Necromancer power

Necromancer using Summoning Magic

from them and stick with their masters throughout this stage more than they did in the previous. This is mainly due to the dangers that surround the summoning magic skills. 

Necromancers spend years studying how to summon without risk entering the Vale or breaking it. There were millions of books that were placed within the academy's libraries. The necromancer would spend all his or her time reading from the pages, trying to understand the uses of such spells.

Also in this rank the necromancer will learn how to enchant weapons for the first time, something that has assisted the world in many wars and troubles. Like the summoing magic, enchanting takes time and concentration. By using enchanting, the one using the magic must experiment with blood magic, to try and understand which type of enchantment will suit the current buyer.


Unlike the other ranks, the necromancer uses the complete opposite clothing from all the other ranks. They

Necromancer Clothing

wear long cloaks, imprinted with the designs of the necromancer stage, which mainly consists of, tribal, writtings and drawings. Like the mage, they often wear hoods, and are guarded by armour like that of the sorcerer

Their colours are much darker than the other ranks, by using blacks, greys, purple, reds, silver, and bronze. Unlike the other ranks, they no longer carry any packs, this is due to that they must be able to conjure items of need without having to carry them.

Staff MakingEdit

In the sorcerer rank they may craft their staffs, but in this rank they must be able to create the one they will use for the rest of their lives. In doing so they must travel to whatever forest of their chosing, venture into the deep parts and find the purest trees. There they must collect bark and wood, and bring it back to the academy, then once again they must find a gem of their chosing. The gem must be one that fits their magical requirements, gems like: rubies and sapphires, reflect one who prefers the use of the elements, while crystals reflect thoes with the love for lightening. They may also use, diamonds, emeralds, amethysts, fossils and jaspers.


Necromancers must have mastered all the magic that came before them, and before advancing to their next and final stage, they must perfect all within their rank's requirements.

  • Summoning Magic: Their primary skill
  • Enchanting
  • Defensive
  • Advanced Conjuring
  • Advanced Destruction
  • Advanced Healing
  • Advanced Element
  • Lightening - Progressive