Reptilian humanoid
Sparsely Populated
Under water
Dwavern Kingdom
Western Territories
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Eastern Territories
First found in the Dwavern Kingdom
"Many people go through their lives without ever seeing these mysterious people. They are unique people that keep to the darkness. "
―About the Nimidorians

Nimidorians are an ovoviviparous race of reptilian people native to the large mountain ranges that spread across the whole of Amsnorth. They can be found in smaller numbers throughout their continents, but are very civilized. Nimidorians are the one race not to have been conqured by any other of the races, Azugon during the Great Purge attempted to control them, but was unable to because of their great intelligence.

Enigmatic and intelligent, the Nimidorians are experts of guerrilla tactics, and their natural abilities suit their livingstyles. They have developed immunities to diseases that have plagued many would-be explorers in the region, and they are capable of easily exploring underwater locations due to their ability to breathe water.

Nimidorians are also very skillful, and every member of the race is a capible fighter. They are adept in nearly every fighting style, and are trained at a young age to master a sword, bow and arrow as well as other things. They can also fight under water, making them very dangerous in swamps.

Nimidorians are one of the longest lived mortal races, behind only the elves, with their average lifespan being 2,000 years.


Nimidorian male

Nimidorian male

They are very similar to the dragon in appearance as they both have scales and reptillan features. Their eyes can range from green, blue, orange, yellow, black and silver. Their olive heads are covered with multicoloured feathers which they use as both hair and danger sensors. Many have small horns down their backs, arms and atop their nose. At the bottom of their mouths there are small lines which conceal hundreds of tiny teeth. Down their necks are several gills which are used for breathing under water, these gills are also used as an emergancy breathing source if they are exposed to poison. They stand around 5.6 to 6 feet and are very slender in appearance. Also they hold long tails which serve as steering while swimming under water. Their hands and feet can also webbed together so that when they are exposed to water they are ready to survive. 

They are considered the most unusal of all appearances within the races. This has caused much hatred towards them, as many believe them to be almost demon-like. They are also very light on their feet, and can move with almost no sound, they are very fast, faster than any other race while running. They can also swim faster than a basilisk, making them one of the fastest swimmers in Amsnorth.



Age of FoundingEdit

Nimidorians are among the oldest beings in Amsnorth. They were created around the same time as the elves, and many believe that they were created to honour the dragons. These mystery beings have not played major roles in the history of Amsnorth, as they prefer to remain out of the affaris of other mortal beings. Nimidorians consider humans, elves, goblins and ogres mindless 'children' who have little knowelage of the world.

Little is known of the ancient history of the Nimidorians during this Era, though they were first discovered by the dwarves around 24,000 BPD when they scouted around the Dark Territory. These unusal beings brough much trouble amoung the dwarves, as they wanted to invade them, as they believed them to be monsters. However the Nimidorians were very cautious also, but managed to find a way to trade with the dwarves, giving them their knowelage for their own. 

They have always lived in the mountains, and never immagrated to any other place, as they do not see the other races as being their equal. They are not stubborn people, but they see the others as being unwise and corrupt.

Great PurgeEdit

When Azugon launched the war against the Races of Amsnorth, the nimidorians were one of the first races that the Dark Lord approched. These scaly folk did not help Azugon, but decided not to aid the other races also. This casued strain between them both, but the Dark Lord decided not to attack them, but warned if they ever sided against him, he would crush them all.

The Nimidorian intelligence is well known around Amsnorth and their great insight of enemies is their major asset. They are known to always find a way out of a situation, no matter how difficult it is. During the events of the Great Purge, the nimidorians did not help any of the other beings, and would refuse if ever one sought refuge within their towns.

Freedom Wars Edit

When the Freedom Wars broke out, the nimidorians were the first beings that the elves approched for assistance. These people did see their plans as being clever, but they knew that the power of Azugon was too great for them, and would not send their people to die for a lost cause. This caused much trouble between the elves and nimidorians, but they cared little and did not concern theirselves with such thoughts. 

Due to their absense of the Freedom Wars, when the rebellion lost and King Tharik Heartan murdered, Azugon spared them as they had no part in the war.

After Azugon's DisappearanceEdit

Around 4,820 BPD the Dark Lord Azugon mysteriously vanished and the humans and elves rose again to drive the Army of Darkness from the cities. The nimidorians did not assist them in the war, however when the goblins attempted to flee to the mountains, they did rally and wiped hundreds of them out. 


Nimidorians are considered strange folk by many, mainly due to that they do not worship the Mystic Dragon, they do however believe in him, but do not see him as being their creator. They prey to Athanasia, the God of Eternal Life. 

Nimidorian priestest

Female Priest

They also do not live with the other races, and remain witin their own cities buried underground, beneath mountains or large hidden places. Each of these cities are different from the next and hold their own laws and rules. 

As there is not actual leader of their race, they do have people that keep order within their race. These are also the people that decide on their fates, and if they should meddle with other people.

Current StatusEdit

The Nimidorians are not major people within the stories, but they do appear, with their first appearance in Dust and Shadow. They are shown as being fish like beings that have large olive heads.

They have not changed much and still remain away from the other races.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Nimidorians do not fight in wars, but they are very talented fighters, even more within the sea. Whenever one has witnessed them fight, they have been descirbed as being highly skilled and very fast. They leap around and skip, hop and twirl when fighting, this is used to keep their oppoinent moving until they are tired.


They are very skilled in swordplay, and they use curved and slim swords. They are said to be very fast, if not faster than the Wood-Elves with the blade. They have not fought in any wars, so their powers in the battlefield are unknown, but with their skills it is implied that they will be formidable.


Nimidorians do use bows and arrows, but they are different from others. They are made from bones and parts of their skin, they believe that this makes their use of the bow more efficant.

Immune to PoisonEdit

Due to their gills, Nimidorians can survive if poisoned. When they are exposed their gills activate and enable them to breathe as if they would be swimming under water. This makes them even more dangerous, as such things like alchemy will prove to be utter useless against them.

Breathing under WaterEdit

The reason Tharik Heartan was so eager to ally himself with these people was due to them being able to swim and breathe under water. This makes them one of the best at fighting at sea, as they can swim under ships and sink them with ease, or kill any foes that attempt to cross via water.


  • Their original name was Finfish