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Tales of Amsnorth
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The Great Dragon
The Big Dragon
The Hurricane
90 BPD
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Current Status
Purple-eye - daughter
Parmonusius - mate

Ninatheleon is a huge dragon who is also the mother to Purple-eye, the dragon that sets up the events of the Tales of Amsnorth series. Ninatheleon is one of the last dragons, and is known for her huge size and deadly appearance. 

The Great Dragon lost her egg as she entered a battle with a shadow, and the egg ended up landing in the Shardlake, located close to the village of Seatown. The egg was then found by a human female named Isabella Mthendale. The egg eventually hatched to reveal a bright purple eyed dragon. 

Ninatheleon managed to defeat the shadow, and hunted everywhere for her egg. However she did not find any clues to where her baby may have fell. It was not until she heard the screams of joy from her baby's mouth did she eventually descover its location. 

After nearly killing Isabella, believing her to be the one who captured her child, Purple-eye managed to draw the attention from her, but she was dragged into the sky in the process. Ninatheleon tormented Isabella many times through her jounrey, and killed the young elf Wayla. She did this to try and frighten Isabella off her course. 


Ninatheleon is a huge dragon reaching over 85 feet in length. She has a large pointy head and several massive horns that jut out from her head, and all the way down her spine to the tip of her arrow shaped tail. 

She has giant teeth which are the size of a human's arm, and her eyes so large that they can grow as wide as a small pig. The wings on her back can reach up to 100 feet when spread out to its maximum, making entire villages fall under her shadow if she were to fly over them. 

Her scales were a cream/brown shade, with her underbelly a light colour of ivory. Her eyes held a similar shade of purple as her daughter's, but they had more of a dark brown to them. 


Early LifeEdit

Ninatheleon's origin is unknown, but her age reaches up to 90 years old. It is likely that she spent most of her years within the Shard Mountains, as this is the only place in Amsnorth where dragons could remain without attracting the attention of others.

Baby Ninatheleon

Ninatheleon as a baby

Ninatheleon made her home in Crystal-Glow, a ancient cave that is home to hundreds of rare crystals. There she remained for most of her early life, trying to understand how to survive in the outside world. Due to her aggressive nature, it is likely that Ninatheleon was abandoned by her parents, and had to surive on her own. 

Being a Fire-Breathing Dragon, Ninatheleon was capible of breathing devastating dragonfire. This would have enabled her to survive almost everywhere. Due to being close to a goblin city, she would have likely feasted upon them to keep herself alive, before she ventured further than the mountains. 

Finding a MateEdit

Is is unknown when Ninatheleon ventured from the Shard Mountains, but when she did she at some point found a mate. This mate turned out to be the legendary Parmonusius. It is likely that this ancinet dragon mated with her to perserve the dragon race as it was close to extinction. 

After they mated with each other, Ninatheleon remained within his cave for the time being, while he
Ninatheleon surrounded by shadows

Ninatheleon fighting the shadows as they surround her

ventured out to hunt and bring back food. It is likely that this happened, as it is always the male dragon that travels to find food, while the female and young remain at home. 

However Ninatheleon did leave the cave at some point, and flew across the Western Territories. While she flew, she was attacked by a huge shadow. It is unknown who or what this thing was, but many specelations turn to dark magic. The only person who was alive and able to use such magic was Ezgoth, but the necromancer's powers could not overpower such a dragon of that size and strength. 

As they battled, Ninatheleon dropped her egg and it plunged down into the misty clouds bellow. After she defeated the shadow, she flew down to the Shardlake, where she found no trace of her egg other than the scent of a human. 

This enraged her and she flew overhead for several weeks to try and find her young. 

Battle with IsabellaEdit

After weeks of hunting for her dragon, Ninatheleon began to give up hope, until she heard a loud screeching sound. After knowing the sound of her young, she flew down with speed towards the sound, and found the young dragon with a human. Ninatheleon instantly thought that the human was trying to hurt the young dragon, and attacked her, but after she was thrawt by her baby, Ninatheleon was confused. 

Ninatheleon leaped after her baby, and after a chase, she managed to clutch her within her claws and carry her off into the clouds. She took her screaming and fighting young across the lands, and towards the Shard Mountains where she kept her for years.

Teaching her BabyEdit

Purple-eye was very resistant towards Ninatheleon and often tried to escape the cave in which she was held. However Ninatheleon managed to control her and inform her that she was her mother. After several months of fighting, Purple-eye eventually gave up and accepted her.

Ninatheleon trained her baby as she once trained herself. She took her outside to fight goblins, and other monsters and beasts that lurk witin the Shard Mountain territories. Is is not very clear what they did over the 17 years in which Purple-eye stayed up there, but by the time she was fully grown the young dragon was as agrressive and ferice as her mother.


What happened with Ninatheleon over the course of her years was a mystery. However she may have left Purple-eye to fend for herself, and find a mate of her own. The dragon did keep an eye on her child, often wondering around to make sure all is right. 

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Being a Fire-Breathing Dragon, Ninatheleon was highly powerful. She great size and speed were also one of her greatest abilities, as she could cover ground faster than wind itself. Her fire-breath was strong enought to set entire forests ablaze, and melt the very ground. 

Ninatheleon also managed to fight off dark magic, something a dragon has not done in thousands of years. It is likely that Ninatheleon managed to kill hundreds of goblins, as they were her primary source of food as a young dragon.

In the BooksEdit

Ninatheleon is one of the main antagonists in the first book in the series, Dust and Shadow as she is the one who captures Purple-eye and causes Isabella Mthendale to venture out onto her quest. Throughout Isabella's jounrey, she encounters Ninatheleon few times, and each time she has barely been able to flee with her life.

Ninatheleon makes brief appearances throughout the future books, but her role is not major. Her name is not named until Blood of the Dragon.

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