Oaklands are one of the two massive plains that are located within the Dwavern Kingdom. It is among the largest plains in all Amsnorth and travels through the island for around four hundred square miles. 

There are many lands that all form the plains, and each of these hold many places such as castles, forts and villages. Vast streams and swamps make up a vast portion of the Oaklands, which serve as the perfect home for the tribal race, Hauket.


Oaklands was first dicovered by the dwarves around the time of their arrival in Amsnorth, the land was a vast area in which contained hills, small mountains, swamps and pools of rivers and streams. It travelled for hundreds of miles, and was at the time one of the major problems for the dwarves as they tried to migrate further up the Kingdom

At some point in history, the dwavern kings decided to build a road through the Oaklands, so that trade and transport would no a lot easier. Trees were cut down, and villages, forts, towns and castles wee built along the way. Hundreds of inns and farms were also built, to serve as a base of rest for travellers.

During many wars, the Oaklands was the ground to many battles. Due to its open surroundings, it was very dangerous for any army to pass through, even more so as the dwarves know the lands better than anyone else. During the War of Kings over 200 soldiers were killed on their way towards the Golden Halls. Jafier Heartan was forced to find other ways to reach the dwarf capital, as the open lands of the Oaklands was costing the lives of many men.


The Oaklans are vast in size and cover mostly half of the Dwavern Kingdom. There are many parts which are very rocky and full of dangerous creatures and cliffsides. The grass is a dark sickly green colour with many swamps and places full of small streams and lakes.  Rivers, and streams move through the Oaklands, and serve as a water supply for taverns and inns across the roads.


The Oaklands is approx 100 miles south of the Golden Halls and travells for a further 150 miles south, but covers around 400 square miles in total. It holds many castles, forts, and towns in its area: