Background Information
Type City
Location Dwavern Kingdom, Kolodyyne
Population 180,000
Rulers Gormar Boulderrock, Theedus Drunadak
Military 5,000 soldiers, 100 archers, 20 catapults
Institutions The Grand Palace of Oar
Places of note Halls of the Warriors, Grand Market of Oasthold, The Great Oast Tree
Date of founding
Age 21,000 years
Other Information
Summary One of the smallest cities in Kolodyyne, but has one of the largest well known markets in Amsnorth
Other names
Inhabitants Dwarves, Humans, Elves
Spoken Languages Rochillion, Dwarfik, Elvish
Lifespan FA 3400 -

"Oasthold, one of the smaller of the dwarf cities, however thrives off its huge market and trade operations."
―About Oasthold

Oasthold is a city located within Kolodyyne and one of the smaller cities of the Dwavern Kingdom. Roughly around 21,000 years old, the city was founded to help support finishing around the Black Sea, using Oasthold as a base. It eventually grew from a small fishing market, to a grand city. 

With a population of over 180,000, Oasthold is one of the least populated cities in the kingdom, however is one of the wealthest. Due to the well known market; The Grand Market of Oasthold, Oasthold is one of Amsnorth's leading trading posts. Around 3/6 of the total trade exported from the Dwavern Kingdom comes from Oasthold. The best known resourse is its fishing, sapphire, leather, silver, and jewelry.



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Oasthold was believed to have been founded in the year FA 3400, and begun as a fishing village. Because of the

Oasthold's location in Kolodyyne

rich fishing pools around the eastern regions of the Dwavern Kingdom, Oasthold became the main fishing village in the entire country. The waters around it were teeming with rare fish, giant sea creatures and clams with rare gems. 

The fishing market increased throughout Amsnorth, and the Dark-Elf Empire helped fund the growing village into a city. After 300 years, the city eventually became the main hub for fishing and trade throughout the kingdom. Eventually as time went on, the city expanded, and it became more than just a fishing village. A grand market was built in the centre of the city, where merchants from all over the world came to settle down and sell their supplies. It holds the largest market in Amsnorth, with thousands of traders travelling in and out of the city every day.


Oasthold is located the east of Kolodyyne, and roughly 200 miles of Willow-Song, and 1,400 miles from Golden Halls. It sits towards the edge of a cliffside, which leads down to a harbour, which overlooks the Black Sea.

Places of NoteEdit

The Grand Palace of OarEdit

The main palace of the city, and home to Lord Theedus Drunadak. It is the second largest palace in the Dwavern Kingdom, behind the Golden Castle. It was built over the first fishing village, and holds some of the ancient equipment in secured vaults. 

The Grand Market of OastholdEdit

Grand Market of Oasthold

Grand Market of Oasthold

The most popular of all attractions, the Grand Market of Oasthold is the largest market place in Amsnorth. It holds thousands of stalls, stores, and shops, and also wondering traders who set up shop every day before leaving. 

Halls of the WarriorsEdit

A place where thousands of statues were built to honour all the heroes of the
Halls of the Warriors

Halls of the Warriors

Dwavern Kingdom. Every hero, or respected dwaf, was honoured a statue within the halls.

The Great Oast TreeEdit

The Great Oast Tree

The Great Oast Tree

The tree which sits atop a large hill, has stood there for more than 21,000 years. It is unknown how the tree managed to survive as long as it has, but it is the oldest tree in Amsnorth.

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