Olly, the outlaw
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Oggy {Olly Lukie} Skullbreaker

Biographical information

Other names
The Bonebreaker, The Traitor Lord, Chieftain, Lord Bandit, Outlawed Noble, Breaker of Skulls
Date of birth
TA 9620
Date of death
Still alive

Physical description

6.6 Feet
Hair color
Black (younger), bald
Eye color
Brown, Yellow (through a spell)
Noble House
Quuk the Wideone
"Wanted. Olly Lukie - known as Oggy the Skullbreaker. Be warned. This man is highly dangerous, do NOT approach unless you are capable."
―Description of Oggy's bounty

Olly Lukie, more popularly known as Oggy the Skullbreaker, or countless other names, is a natrotious criminal and outlaw, feared throughout the Main Lands. He is the son to Howard Lukie, and the grandson to the Duke of Ürsanthium, Rodrik Lukie

Born into Upper-Class status, and wealth, Olly was tempted as a boy into the criminal ways, as he found enjoyment in theif, rape, murder and violance. By the age of 10, he had commited all of these offences, and was demanded to stand by court, to answer for them. However, with the help of his father, Howard, Olly was sent away before such a trial could take place. Olly was then taken by a bandit group called, Clan Faklath. He was raised by different men throughout his teens, and he was raised in a brutal way. He was often beaten bloody at the first sign of weakness.

Eventually, Olly became so strong and feared, that he gained a following. Many bandits and outlaws presented themselves to him, which caused Olly to form his own clan - Clan Dunbroke. Olly, now Oggy Skullbreaker, moved across the Eastern Territories, raiding towns, villages, farms and forts, He stole gold from every corner of the countries around. He was responsible for the deaths of over 100 people in the first month of his new status. His name eventually became known, which gained the attention of many nobles, who put a bounty on his head.

Oggy is the most famous criminal still active in Amsnorth, he has a high reward on his head, which is still growing. He also commands the greatest clan in the East. Oggy is also known to provoke the Orcs, as he believes he can match them in battle. The Ki of each orc clan, often kidnap and kill many of Oggy's men, cutting them to pieces and sending them back to Oggy. This has caused Oggy to declare war on them.

Character and AppearanceEdit

Oggy is a brutal, tough, cunning, vile, rude, violent, cruel, vicious and deadly man. He has little care for anyone or anything, killing without the slighest hint of remorse. He is also very intelligent, shown many times when he has 

Olly Lukie

Olly as a bandit

organised many raids and hiests. He has many children, and has shown compassion for them, however he often beats them if he disaproves of their affairs.

Oggy is a strong and very tall man. His size can be compared to that of an orc, and has hands larger than most normal men. He wears thick armour, and wields several weapons in battle, his favourite being, Skullbreaker, a gigantic two-handed sword. He is a bald man, with countless scars and burns across his face and body. But his most famous feature is his eyes. He used a spell, conjured by dark spirits to enchant his eyes, which allows him to see in the dark. This has caused his eyes to glow yellow at times.


Early LifeEdit

Born to Howard and Walda Lukie, Olly Lukie is the third eldest of his siblings. At a young age he often bullied his brothers and sisters, which gave him much pleasure. He also terriorized servants, and maids which stayed within Qhylen. Throughout his youth, he often beat and raped many women, and would go around stealing silver and gold from highborn nobles.

Olly leading a group of bandits

Olly leading bandits

His actions were eventually picked up by the law, who locked Olly in prison to await trail. Rodrik Lukie was forced to slice off the hands of Olly, as punishment for theft, and castrated for raping many women. However, Howard did not like this, and ended up realsing Olly from prison. Hiring a bandit to escourt him out of the city safely.

Once free, Olly and the bandit rushed off into the wild, and were eventually found by Clan Faklath. Olly was forced to hand over information about nobles, and lords that were around the Eastern Territories, to which Olly was eager to tell. He became a member of their clan, being trained by many tough men.

First RaidEdit

When Olly was 15 years old, he participated in his very first raid. He along with 20 other men, charged across the East.  Through weeks of planning tactics, the bandits unleashed devastation upon many towns and villages, killing, raping and stealing anything they could find. Over 40 children went missing that day also, implying that the bandits kidnapped them.

However one village gripped Olly's attention. Mythtown, a small village off the coast of the Magic Sea was rich with rubies, emeralds and other valuable gems. However Olly did not inform his fellow group of his intentions to sneak into the village. Not many outside of nobility knew of the hidden gems the village possessed. 

So while his fellow bandits slept, Olly slipped out of camp and rode a horse down towards the village. There he sneaked in and out of houses, stealing all he could find. But before he went back to camp, he hid them under a giant oak tree, leaving only a marking he would understand.

Clan LeaderEdit

By the age of 23 Olly had begun to make a name for himself, his signature was always the griffin sigil of House Lukie, wherever he planted his raids or assults. His grandfather, Rodrik Lukie was eventually called upon to answer for Olly's crimes, and as a result, a bounty was placed on his head - dead or alive.

Oggy is battle

Olly preparing for battle

His attention eventually caused Clan Faklath to turn on him, in attempt to take him in for the bounty. But Olly managed to escape, fleeing to the location where he hid his gems years earlier. Now believing the time has come, Olly hired his own bodyguards, assassins, and other bandits. He eventually gained a wide group of followers of over 40 men. Lusting for revenge, he attacked Clan Faklath, heading for their leader, Pypr Junglebrush, killing him in single combat. 

As it was tradition for the one who kills the clan leader to take control over the clan, Olly decided to choose certain people, those he believed could be trusted. Out of the 40 men, 12 of them made it into his newly founded clan, Clan Dunbroke.

Olly changed his name to Oggy Skullbreaker, and became a world wide known criminal, feared and hated by thousands. Due to his imense status, assassins charged a massive fee to even attempt an assassination. Even though many attempted, none succedded, as Oggy had a group of his own assassins to guard him.

Years later, Oggy moved across the Eastern Territories, raiding many forts, towns and villages. However unlike most bandits, Oggy only took gold and gems, and made rules that no more than 5 people could be killed per town/village.

Yellow EyesEdit

Since his reputation was increasing every day, Oggy decided to change his appearance to something people would reconize and fear. Tracking down a man who practiced the use of dark magic, through potions and other things. Oggy paid the man greatly, and he then enchanted Oggy's eyes, which tinted them yellow and allowed him to see in the dark.

War with the OrcsEdit

Oggy adressing his clan

Oggy addressing his clan

Since his clan started to move across the Eastern Territories, he eventually gained the attention of the Orcs. The native beings who resisted in much of the East's main lands. Unlike most bandits, who would never dare go near an orc camp, Oggy did not fear them.

He would often have their good stolen, and even steal their weapons and assult their trading caravans while they travelled. The orcs eventually responded, and attacked one of Oggy's camps, killing every bandit located within it. Oggy then unleashed war on them, and they have been battling since. However Oggy's forces are being repelled at every front, with his number decreasing every day.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Oggy is known as a firece warrior and great battle strategist.

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