Orc man
Name Orcs
Dominions Eastern Territories
Languages Rochillion
Height 7-8.5 Feet
Skin Color Brown/Green
Hair Color Black, Brown, Orange, Red
Lifespan 250 years
Distinctions Brutal, muscular, tall, tough, barbaric, clumsy, powerful, warriors, cruel
"Orcs are renowed as being the toughest, most deadly fighters in all Amsnorth. They are brutal, savage and even the smallest can stand over seven feet tall."
―About the orc

Orcs are a race of tough and brutal people that live within the lands of Amsnorth. Although they are commonly known as savages, they are very distant and generally harmless, unless provoked. Their reputation is not entirely good, as many see them as brutes and this gives them a highly intimidated persona. The orc is considered one of the most dangerous beings alive, and are outlawed by the Crown. 

They live within clans in the wilderness, and will rarely ever enter public eye, mainly because of the Territorial Orc Law, which was presented by Bilious I Heartan. This prevents all orcs from entering any of the cities, and the ones who do have to pay large sums of gold for their protection by the Crown. 

However orcs do not enjoy the company of anyone else other than their own kin, and will act very hostile towards humans and elves. They form clans which is ruled by an alpha male, known as a Ki. The Ki is considered one of the most powerful beings alive, as their emense strength, and power allow them to be seen as superiour warriors. 

The orcs were formed from the Mountain Men, when a Man encountered the daughter of Flemorra, and murdered her for her hideous appearance. This caused the powerful witch, to curse the man which would eventually lead to the race's creation.

They are one of the least populated of all the races, and are known as the outlawed race. This is due to them being the only race, along with the goblins to not have been created by the Mystic Dragon, and the only race not created by a god.

Orcs can live around 250 years, but it is rare an orc reaches this age as their life is always consisted of violance and brutal of nature.


Orcs roughly stand from seven to eight feet in height, and weigh more than a small horse. Women are generally smaller than the males. The average orc has two four inch fangs jutting from their bottom teeth, which serves as a great taring tool.

An orc is built like a bull, with sever muscles, thick features, and powerful limbs. Their skin is a brown/green colour, with tints of black and purple. Their eyes can range from white, to black and are covered in tattoos to repesent their clan. They wear the furs of the animals they kill, but also wear steel and iron. 



Orcs were formed by the extinct race known as Homos Mer (Mountain Men). These giant people were much like the orcs now, but lacked their green skin and demon-like appearance. However the orcs' creation came when a royal mountain man, who later became known as Ki-Yagka, encountered a small cabin located within Darkwood Forest.

Yagka went there on rumours of a witch living within its dark trees, and when he found a young girl, which he was repulsed by her hideous appearance. He killed the young girl, which caused her mother, the powerful Flemorra to appear. The witch cursed him, because of his decision to murder someone due to their appearance. 

The man fled, disgusted by his new look. He was unable to control his great strength, and killed many people he encountered, due to his new fond of bloodthirst. Yagka went back to his family seeking help, but they named him a demon, and chased him out of the city. Yagka fled, rushing into the mountains, where he remained for several years.

Yagka took almost 10 years to come to terms with his new appearance, and decided to take advantage of it. He used his power to hunt animals, make new clothes to fit him, and began to create his own rules and laws. He make markings and drawing within his caves, and sold himself to travellers as protection. This caused his reputation to increase, which made several people hunt him. When asked what he was, Yagka took the ancient Elvish word for warrior, Orc.

At some point Mountain Men were seen travelling through the mountains where Yagka had set up his camp, and they were ambused by bandits. With his new skills and power, he defeated the bandits by himself, and saved a woman. Several months later, the woman fell in love with him, and they later had 18 children, they all turned out like their father. This was the beginning of the orcs.

When the humans and elves ordered the elimination of the Mountain Men, few surviours from their obliteration sought Yagka out, seeking refuged. Yagka accepted them, forgiving them for their dismissal of him several years before. 

Yagka's 18 children later mated with the Mountain Men, and they took had children like their own. Within a hundred years there was over 10,000 orcs, it was then they were named a Race of Amsnorth


The orc does not have a good reputation as they are seen as barbaric savages. This is because of the law that was placed upon them. However in person they are not as savage as many see them as, but they do treat the likes of humans and elves with a little caution. 

The orc is similar to the giant, being that they are wild, live in clans and have a leader to herd them. They too have a brute nature, but are not hostile to others unless they are provoked.

City OrcsEdit

The orcs that live within the cities are often remarked as weaklings or slaves by their own kin. Although it is highly rare than an orc would live within populated places without being killed for random, they have to pay gold for their protection. Most of these orcs take their own lives out of disgrace than live in the cities. 

These orcs mainly serve as blacksmiths within cities, and are often kept out of sight. They also train soldiers. 

Known MembersEdit

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Regarded as being the strongest and most deadly fighters in all Amsnorth, the orcs are highly powerful. They wield mainly greatswords, axes and sheilds, and never hold any ranged weapons. 

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Angry orc


Orcs are greater than any other race with the blade, and can cut down many foes with only one slash of their swords. Maninly the males wield these blades, with the females hold warhammers. Orcs are trained from the age of two to fight, and are taught in a way of brutal force and discipline. 

It is said that one orc can equal to ten humans in combat. This theory has been proven true on many occasions. Although the orcs are not as fast as many of the other races, they are often wearing heavy armour which makes them even more deadly in combat. 


Orcs have never used ranged weapons.

In the BooksEdit

Orcs play a major part throughout the novels, with their first appearance being in Dust and Shadow. They travel with Isabella Mthendale and help her in the quest to find her dragon


  • They are inspired by the Scottish people. (The author is also Scottish)
  • Their apperance was inspired by the orcs seen in the Scrolls Elder Scrolls video games.
  • Their accent is also baised from the Scottish dialect.
  • They are the only ones known to hold two-handed greatswords.