"For thousands of years, magical beings were the guardians of mortal folk. Before their rogue Grand Wizard wiped them out."
―Unknown Source

The Order of Magical Beings, was an ancient monastic peacekeeping organization unified by its belief and observance of magic. The Magical Beings were the guardians of peace and served as Amsnorth's justice and court of law. Led by a Grand Wizard, the academy has seen many troubles and great times throughout its short time of function.

During several inccidents, several magical beings turned rogue and broke away from  the order. These rogues led to several troubles throughout the lands. They would eventually be found and either killed or have their powers wiped, depending on their actions after their abandonment.

The order has not actually fought in any wars or battles, as it is against their ways to interfer with civil affairs, however if the situation is great, they may send several of their best to solve the issue. The order is said to be the guardians of mortal folk because they travell as assist all those who are in need for their assistance, however it is mainly wizards/witches that do such acts, as the other stages are undergoing training.

History of the OrderEdit

The formation of the order came after the War of Kings, when the legendary Jafier Heartan used his magical talents to create an order that will serve as guardians and peacekeepers of Amsnorth. Like Jafier's orginal group of peacekeepers, known as the Brotherhood of Justice, all of these new members had to undergo several stages of training, and much perfect their rank before progressing to the next.

The order was at first very small, with only five members being the original council, however as Jafier expanded his magic, and the offspring of the other members grew, more magical beings begun to sprout and eventaully became known.

Within a few hundred years, there were dozens of magical beings, which caused Jafier Heartan to find a way

Gathering of Wizards and Witches

to train and keep them. So he travelled to an island named Wizardear (The place where he gained the title of wizard from) and built a school that would serve as a place of education, not only for the magical beings, but for those seeking knowelage.

Over the course of its time, the academy has seen many changes, and became one of the largest castles in history. It schooled over 200 magical beings, and has solved many issues that the Races of Amsnorth faced.

Departure of JafierEdit

When the great Jafier Heartan deemed it time to leave Amsnorth and allow himself to die, the academy has to find a way to elect its new Grand Wizard. This caused much trouble and fights within the order as many magical beings attempted to prove their own powers by fighting each other. This eventaully led to Nark I Heartan's (the son of Jafier) interference, and he informed them all that the prowess of magic does not make one the leader of the order, stating that it is not their way.

Nark I eventually became the Grand Wizard, but with the cost that he would lose the Golden Throne, so this caused much problems within the order, as Nark had to travel from Wizardear to Gran Sarathal ever so often.

As the troubles within the capital grew larger as others begun to try and take the throne, Nark I took away his titles so he can secure his place on the throne as king. So after that, to stop another breakout, he elected another Grand Wizard to take his place.

Battle of Dragonbone MountainEdit

At around 8,500 BPD, the order recived a message from King Bilious III Heartan, that there were several magical beings forming magic around Dragonbone mountain. The current Grand Wizard, Azugon adressed the matter and sent over a wizard to investigate, however the wizard did not come back.

Magial beings

Magical Beings preparing for battle

Azugon then decided to go to the mountains himself, where he witnessed them perform dark magic to cause swirls of dust and darkness around the mountain. Azugon saw this and reported back to the academy then summond an army of magical beings to kill them. This action was not very clear at first, but was later revealed to a plan, that Azugon had set the whole thing up so he could lower the numbers of magical beings before he begun the Great Purge.

The forces of magical beings met within the mountains, and all engaged in a duel of magic. Countless magical beings died within the battle, and the mountain itself nearly crumbled from the amount of magic and power that surrounded it. 

Fall of the OrderEdit

When Azugon begun to fear the dragons he brought his idea to wipe them out the his council. The council mebers were shocked by this and told him that his thoughts were foolish. This angered Azugon beyond control, so he plotted against them.

One by one, Azugon lured each wizard and witch and then killed them, using dark magic to absorb their powers and make himself ever more powerful. This caused his fall into darkness as be begun to crave power above all. Azugon eventually brought his intentions to his student and fellow friend, Moreusico.

Moreusico could scarcely believe what his master had told him, so refused to help him in any way, but kept his plans to himself as he thought that did not mean anything. However all changed as Azugon lost his mind and attacked the magical beings, causing a riot within the acadmey. 

After a long day, Azugon had used his magic to transform himself into the form of a dragon, and slaughtered them all with great ease. Althought he did try and persuade Moreusico again to join him, he struggled to hold off the powerful Morganna, which allowed Moreusico time to escape.

The order then plunged into nothing, and the academy was destroyed.

Training ProgramEdit


Each of these ranks and stages are faced with their own group of challenges and tasks. However the mage is said to be the most difficult as the magical being much perfect all learning and understanding of magic before they can even begin to practise with magic. Also within this stage most beings that could use magic were exiled if they could not master their abilities.