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Societal information

Largest City
Head of State
Golden Hammer on a single black background. A red background on the left, and a bee coloured right background
Type of Government
Great House

Historical information

693,874 km2
Race Groups
11 million per year
"Pātauna is one of the four countries of the Dwavern Kingdom. Unlike its sister countries, Pātauna is very peaceful and has remained a part of the Dwavern Domain since the beginning. "
―About Pātauna

Pātauna, officially the Republic of Pātauna,  is a country located within the Dwavern Kingdom. The country has land borders with Kolodyyne to the northwest, and Gihóir to the east. Dark Territory is south of the country across the south of  Gihóir. Pātauna's population is 4.6 million, and the majority of the population is concentrated in the western region. 78.00% of the population is Dwavern people who speak Rochillion, the second major group are the humans, who share a great deal of the lands with their fellow dwarves. In terms of area, it is the third largest country in the Dwavern Kingdom and the most sparsely populated country.

Pātauna is a parliamentary republic with a central government based in the capital Seaborrow. Unlike most countries across Amsnorth, Pātauna is a very peaceful country, and has managed to restrain itself from many serious warfares. Pātauna is one of the poorest countries in Amsnorth, mainly because of its uncharted lands and low population when compared to the rest of the Dwavern Kingdom. During the Yyanga Period, Pātauna suffered from an economical collapse, after it decided to delclare itself independent from the rest of the Kingdom. Many dwarves begun to migrate from Pātauna and to nearby states.

After the War of Flowers, which increased the power of the dwavern people, Pātauna decided to form its government with the rest of the Dwavern Domain, to bring them back from bankruptcy. While this did help increase their economy, the country is still regarded as being the poorest in the Kingdom.



According to historical evidence recorded in the Academy of Magical Beings, the area now comprising Pātauna was

Pātauna marked in red

settled at the latest around FA 12000 during the Golden Age as the rocky covered area of the Dwavern Kingdom was unsettleable. The artifacts the first settlers left behind present characteristics that are shared with those found in Kolodyyne, Pēṇṭalia, and Seginthul. The earliest people were hunter-gatherers, using stone tools from their rocky landscapes. The first pottery appeared several decades after the first settlements were formed. As the increasing population of dwarves begun to move into Pātauna, they brought with them hunting skills, as well as fishing and harvesting wheat. Because of the giant scales of rocky surfaces, Pātauna became one of the leading countries for mining in the First Age.

The years to come were characterised by extensive contacts with other cultures in the Wizardear and Summer of Priests countries. There is no consensus on when Rochillion language was first spoken in the area of contemporary Pātauna. During the first millennium of the Second Age, early Giberion was spoken in agricultural settlements in southern Pātauna, whereas Goblin-speaking populations occupied most parts of the country. Although distantly unciviled than the dwarves, the goblins were much better hunters, and could dwell deeper into caves to harvest rare resources.

War of FlowersEdit

Main Article: War of Flowers Campaign
See also: Dwavern Monarchy

With the increasing threat of the Dwavern Domain standing up against the Dark-Elf Empire, Pātauna was asked by Lord Rumkka Boulderarm to assist them in their upcoming war. Due to the high prescence of the Dark-Elf culture in Pātauna, they refused to enter warfare against the empire. When the War of Flower begun, after several years, the dwarves managed to defeat the empire, without the assistance of Pātauna. This act was remembered by Rumkka's son, Brithan Boulderarm, who refused to grant the country any rewards and further power. Which was partially responsible for the country's decreased income.


Pātauna is one of the worlds rockiest countries, while some of their rocky landscapes have been dug up and planted with rich soil, still much of country remains uncharted. Pātauna is a country of thousands of small rivers, lakes and ponds. Around 70% of the country is covered in barren lands and rocky plains, however the rest if full of luxury forests and vast highlands of grassy hills and mountains.


Similarly, Pātauna has a diverse and extensive range of fauna. There are at least one hundred native mammalian

A Mammoth, the most popular mammal in Pātauna

species, thousands breeding bird species, over 10 fish species, and tens of thousands of reptile and frog species. Large and widely recognized wildlife mammals found in Pātauna are the mammoths, white wolf, wolverine, and great elk. Three of the more striking birds are the Griki Eagle, a large eagle and one of the fastest animals in Amsnorth, reaching the speeds of more than 200 miles per hour.


The weather in Pātauna is much hotter than its sister countries, with tempetures reaching as high as 70'C during Springday. However, because of such heat, rain has become rare, and many things such as props and farmlife, struggle with the increasing heat. Many animals from the Strands of the Axes have migrated there, which have allowed the residents of the country to harvest their resources. Pātauna also face fierce thunderstorms, which can be seen thundering against the rocky plains, causing explosions and eruptions. Strong winds come from across the Black Sea, and can destory forests and small towns.

Pātauna houses

Major houses


There are many houses in Pātauna, most of which are loyal to House Asander, however most of them swear alliegance to House Boulderrock, as their major governmental house. There are 7 major houses in Pātauna, each with their own small government and economy. While the country as a whole is one, each have their own laws. For example, a bounty may be in place in one house state, and not in an other.

Each house has its own ruling lord or lady, whom is commanded by the Duke of Pātauna, or Lord of Pātauna. Each major house have their own holds, and while some of these factions have either a castle or a large fortification, only two have major cities.

Great House Major City
House Underjaw Seaborrow
House Duskchin None
House Thunr None
House Honormail None
House Icegut None
House Mineaxe Cambreto
House Bonefury None


Pātauna is ruled by a parliament, with the lord being Durgak Asander. Each of the nobles present themselves in the House of Words, located in Seaborrow. There they discuss current affairs and decide on how to rule over the country. While the country has control over how they rule their states, the Duke of the Golden Halls may alter if he sees fit.


Something that has changed many times over the course of history. Law and Justice was first founded around TA  5615, when new rules and laws were placed concering matters throughout Amsnorth. While most laws remain the same across the world, in terms of criminal justice, Pātauna has almost the exact same justice system as Royalandüs.

Laws have to be processed through the Senate, who all decide on new laws and justice systems. Many have been changed over time, but some ancient ones still linger. Many laws have been made illegal through the interets of common beings, and some have been made legal through the same reasons.

These are as follows:

Current LawsEdit

  • Murder - the worst crime of all, and considered the one way ticket to the Prisoners' Bay. Prisoners' Bay currently houses more than 300,000 prisoners. Murder was first brought to attention around FA 5000 when the first civilizations deemed it shocking that one could simply kill another for sport. While Man-Slaughter is up there as a sidekick to murder, one may only be sent to a cell, and serve out a lesser sentence. The average sentence for a murder is depending on the act and their race:
  • Humans - around 10-15 years
  • Elves - around 300 - 500 years
  • Dwarves - around 10-20 years
  • Goblins - execution
  • Giants - 5 years
  • Theft - a crime that can result in having your hands chopped off, or your fingers. Depending on what you have stolen, and who it is from, the person in which that being stole from, can kill the theif if it is on their land. 
  • Violance - a crime that is not greatly seen as a major crime, depending on the act and cause. If a commoner assults anyone of noble blood they will be sent to Prisoners' Bay without trial.
  • Vandalism - a crime that depends on where it is done. The price can be sent to a cell for the total of one week to one year.
  • Rape - a crime that is appalled across all countries. Rape can result in castration after a trail has been held, death can also become the outcome of this crime. Criminals can also be sent to Prisoners' Bay, and like murder depends on what race.
  • Bullying - a crime that can result in getting thrown into the cells for around 3 days.


Pātauna is not a weathly country, brining in only roughly around 11 million GDW per year. This is massively low when compared to other dwarf ruling countries. Since the country is so sparsly populated, it is difficult for the country to earn its gold. 


Like every major dwarf country, the currency used is the Golden Dwarf, or GDW as it appears on the coin. While the coin can't be used in most human reigned countries, it can be traded for other coins at a bank.


Since the country is so close to the Black Sea, sea travel is the county's most popular source of transportation. While horse and carriage is possible to get to the towns and villages throughout the country, it is not possible in some places, as the rough rocky plains make it difficult for them to travel across. Most walk from one town to another, and take a boat or ship to sail around the Dwavern Kingdom.


Pātauna has a very small military force, consisting mainly of footsoldiers. These heavily armed and trained soldiers are fiercesome and are as able as any other military force. Pātauna military ensure their lands are well protected, but having a small group of skilled soldiers protect every major town, village and road. Their force is roughly around 6,000, with only 200 of them being archers.

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