Plain Lands

The Plain Lands

Plain Lands is one of the two large plains located within the Dwavern Kingdom, the other being the Oaklands. It features the Great Fissure, the area in which the dwarves left after their city, Orzinhall was destroyed underground.The Plain Lands, while not as swampy and dreaded as the Oaklands, is described as being more beautiful in appearance, and contains few towns and castles.

The Lands share a border with the Oaklands, and travel all the way down to the Dark Territory, and west until the Heroes Pose castle. It covers roughly around 250 square miles. It is also home to the Ancient Castle, one of the oldest castles in Amsnorth.


Like most places within the Dwavern Kingdom, the Plain Lands is one of the first area of the Dwarves when they first appeared in Amsnorth. The Great Fissure which is located in the centre of he lands is where the dwarves left their ancient city Orzinhall. 


The Plain Lands share a border with the Oaklands, and is around 600 miles south of the Golden Halls. It is located near the Dark Territory, and is around 250 square smiles in size. It also holds few castles, forts and towns:

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