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Biographical information

Other names
Creature, Cat, Dog, Beast, Thing
Baby Dragon
Date of birth
TA 9615
Date of death
TA 9632 (17 years)
Fire-Breath, claws, sharp tail, tough almost, unpeircable scales

Physical description

The size as a cat (baby), around 40 ft in length and 10 feet high (adult)
Hair color
Eye color
"It was the size of an average household cat; it had scales which bumped up and down its body like waves, each scale was a cream-brown colour with a small essence of red at the tip of each one. Its small head had two tiny horns which lay on either side, its large purple eyes sat huge and bright on its shiny smooth face. Its mouth was small in comparison to its features and looked no more than a small line on the bottom of the face. On its back were two wings twice the size of its body and was ribbed with thin bone, the wings looked like parchment, the light creamy colour looked so fragile it could be torn if enough pressure applied. Down its back was a trail of small spikes which ended at the tip of its pointy tail. Its small four legs had only three claws which looked similar to that of a birds’."
Isabella Mthendale's first thoughts on the dragon

Purple-eye (TA 9615 - TA 9632) was a dragon that bonded with Isabella Mthendale. She is a female dragon that hatched during the events of Dust and Shadow, and is the main reason Isabella Mthendale left Seatown for her quest. The dragon is described as both captivating and beautiful, with its great purple eyes being her main feature, and the reason behind her name.

The young dragon was taken into the Shard Mountains where she remained with the large dragon that took her captive. It is later revealed that this same dragon is also her mother, named Ninatheleon. While Isabella searched for Purple-eye, over the years the young dragon grew and eventually forgot her former friend and grew up into a powerful dragon.

Around TA 9632 Isabella finally found the dragon she once cared for, however at this time, isabella was so driven by lust to find Purple-eye, she did not notice that the dragon that attacked her was infact her. So after a battle, the dragon managed to pin the human to the ground, but just before she managed to kill her, Purple-eye noticed something familer about her. In the hesitant moment the dragon took, Isabella managed to take Glisterward and fire the staff into her chest, knocking her to the ground and mortally wounding her. 

As Isabella went to deliver the killing blow, she noticed the gleaming purple eyes of her young dragon. As she relized what she did she broke down in tears trying to force the wound she caused shut. But it was too late as the spell from the staff was already breaking her body down. Crystal-Glow begun to collapse due to their battle, and Purple-eye forced her out of the cave, trying to save her life, and while rocks plunged down the dragon sheilded Isabella from the disaster and was killed.

Isabella later learned that the dragon she saw within the cave was not a baby Purple-eye, but her child. Isabella took the baby dragon into her arms, fearing that the young would not survive. She later named the baby Mirroth.


Purple-eye's true origins are unknown, but she was born in the presense of Isabella Mthendale, which has brought up many questions around the world. Many of the viillagers within Seatown believe Purple-eye to be a muted bird, a story which Isabella came up with to protect her identity. 

However Purple-eye's mother, Ninatheleon was responsible for the course of events that took place in Dust and Shadow, as she is the one who captured her young dragon.

Character and AppearanceEdit

Purple-eye is first descirbed as being no larger than a house cat, but with rough scales running through its entire body like waves. They are a light cream colour with hints of brown and red. Her head it sort of trianguler with small soft features and a small line at the bottom to serve as her mouth. Her main feature is her giant purple eyes, which have captivated many people around Seatown

Her purple eyes

Her piercing purple eyes

Her wings are at least twice the size of her body and are crafted together with thin bone, and webbed with parchment-like skin. There are hundreds of tiny spikes that trail down her back and end at a very sharp pointy tail. Her legs are thin yet strong, and at the bottom her claws curve slightly. 

Many people around Seatown have been stunned by the appearance of the young dragon, although they have no idea what type of creature/race she actually is. 

Living with IsabellaEdit

During her time with Isabella Mthendale, Purple-eye has grown a large bond with her. Many times they have went off to hunt or play, which has caused their relationship to deepen. Isabella's father on the other hand, Jon Mthendale, did not take to the young dragon to begin with, and he snatched her when she was a baby, no older than a day, and took her into Greatwood Forest to kill her. Luckily Isabella managed to get there on time and persuade her father to let the dragon go.

As she grew slightly larger with every day, Isabella begun to think about moving the young dragon. Due to her rate of growth, it would be difficult to find a place where the young race could stay without drawing attention. Purple-eye sensed the trouble in which they faced, and often saw and sensed other emotions that others could feel.

When Purple-eye was left alone in their hut, Bison visited and found Purple-eye. He took the dragon by snatching her up into a sack, and dragging her to his own house. The intentions of this act were never actually clean, but this scared and freightened Purple-eye and caused her to act out in defence. The dragon for the first time managed to conjure a flame from her mouth, burning Bison into a pit of steaming flesh.

Dancing for a PrinceEdit

When Prince Lorell I Heartan paid a visit to Seatown, Isabella was instructed by her boss, Yimli to dance for him. Purple-eye served as a judge to the clothing that Isabella had to chose from, by sticking out her brown tongue if she disliked the choice. 

As Isabella made her way to the tavern, Purple-eye followed closely behind, keeping mainly to the shadows,
Dancing dragon

Purple-eye dancing for Lorell I Heartan

watching with curious eyes. When Isabella finally decided to dance, Purple-eye was so intrigued that she leaped onto the dance platform and began to dance with her.

Purple-eye loved the dancing, it made her feel more normal and at home at this point. The villagers decided to take her in as a part of the village, but some were still wary of her. Prince Lorell on the other hand loved the young dragon, although like the people, he had no knowlage of what type of creature she was. 

Being TakenEdit

When Isabella and Purple-eye decided to try and fly for the first time, they encountered a Gold Mine, not far from Ruby Ocean. When they entered it, they found a giant gold mine which contained millions of golds worth within its walls and caves. Purple-eye managed to cut the gold out with her sharp claws, and helped Isabella take them back to her home.

Purple-eye finally managed to fly for the first time as she dived from atop Ruby Cliff, just before she crashed into the water, she flapped her wings and shot into the red sea. The dragon flapped and flapped her wings until she gained full control over them. The dragon then blasted out from the ocean and flew for the first time.

The dragon was so exicted and pleased with herself, that she wanted Isabella to feel as she did, so she lifted her from the ground and took off into the air with her on her back. The dragon and her master both flew around for nearly an hour, enjoying the view from above. 

This pleasure did not last long however as Purple-eye sensed something large and dangerous heading towards them. The dragon paniced and clung onto isabella for protection, but the thing that burst from the clouds shocked both of them. Purple-eye fearing for her life, shot into the air and tried to fly away, but she was stopped as her love for Isabella caused her to remain and protect her. This drew the large dragon's attention to her instead, and she was chased around Ruby Ocean until she was captured.

Living in the MountainsEdit

Purple-eye and the dragon wrestled countless times, until eventually the young dragon gave in and accepted that she was no longer with Isabella Mthendale. When the young dragon fell into depression, the large dragon showed herself to be Purple-eye's mother, Ninatheleon

The two dragons were still on distant terms, despite the fact that they were family. Purple-eye still did not trust her mother, and often challenged her. It is unknown what happened after this time, but it is rumoured that Purple-eye must have grew attached to her mother, and as she grew became more like her.

Mating SeasonEdit

Like every race, the primary source of survial is to produce offspring. Purple-eye was tasked with doing so, and due to being a young dragon, did not have much experience in attracting the opposite sex. Her mother had left the young dragon to fend for herself, while she scouted around the skies to look for new lands. 

Purple-eye often flew past the lands of Amsnorth, sparying her scent that she was ready to mate. However due to the minimum population that the dragons have it was almost impossible for find a suiter. However after several years of searching, one dragon did present himself to her. 

After a long mating session, Purple-eye eventually produced an egg, which the male then fertilized. When the egg hatched it brought a black dragon into the world, a very rare colour. This caused the father to leave the cave in which they remained to search for answers from the wise dragon. Purple-eye stayed within the cave to look after her newly hatched child.

Battle with a FriendEdit

TA 9632, Isabella Mthendale finally found the cave in which she had searched for 17 years. However after she disturbed the dragon that was sleeping, Purple-eye saw her as an intruder who sought to harm her young. They both battled, both unknowing who that other is, and ended up smashing the supports to Crystal-Glow. 

Purple-eye, not being customed to fighting, was slow to kill the small quick human. But she eventually
Isabella vs Purple-eye

Isabella Mthendale came face to face with Purple-eye, not knowing who she was

managed to throw her off her feet and pin her to the ground. But before she could finish her off, she was stopped by a familer scent. She sniffed at the human and recongised her instantly. In that moment, Isabella did not notice who the dragon was and fired the powerful staff right into her chest. Purple-eye screamed and wa sent flying through the air, and crashed through the cave, causing many rocks to fall.

Isabella was about to kill her, until she looked into her purple eyes. Isabella had been blind so much by lust that she had not taken in the appearance of the beast she sought to kill. And with that she wounded her baby dragoin beyond help. After trying to seal the wound, Isabella knew that it was too late, as did Purple-eye.

When the cave started to collapse around them, Purple-eye sent out a roar that rang through the cave sending her baby out of the cave. Knowing that her baby was safe, Purple-eye tried to force Isabella out before the cave collapsed on them both. But as rocks fell that would have crushed Isabella, Purple-eye sacraficed herself to sheild and protect her former friend and mother.


Purple-eye was the reason many events that followed took place, he being captured sprung events that would eventually change the future of Amsnorth. Even though the darkness that was rising was always going to happen, it was her attachment to Isabella Mthendale that caused the rally of the elves, as they belived that Isabella was the Dragonkin (the one who could defeat Azugon).

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Due to her being a young dragon, her powers have not been fully developed. But it should be noted that dragons are the most powerful of all races, so her power would be greater than any other.

As Purple-eye grew into a adult, her power increased. However she was still not a powerful dragon as she did not recieve much training on how to fight enemies. But this can differ as her mother did not have the same training and she was a powerful dragon.


Purple-eye has proven to be a very skilled fighter on many occasions. She managed to kill an enormous elk with little difficulty, (although Purple-eye did wound it with fire first)


Like all fire-breathing dragons, Purple-eye managed to fire out a deadly flame capable of burning through almost everything. She used this attack many times, including to kill Bison, many prey during her time hunting, and to disintegrate a dwavern steel door (which are said to be one of the toughest metals in Amsnorth. Also Purple-eye managed to use her fire-breath against a fully grown and dangerous adult dragon, this attack did no damage to the great beast, but it managed to divert its attention.

Purple-eye managed to melt away many rocks, trees, and burn the very ground when she had to. If she were to catch her prey, she would do so by herding a flock into a circle of fire where she would attack and eat them.


Isabella MthendaleEdit

Purple-eye grew a very strong bond with Isabella upon their first meeting. The dragon saw the human as

Isabella Mthendale

being a mother to her, and followed and did almost everything she commanded. Purple-eye tried to comfort her many times if she felt that her mother was ill or upset. 

When they spent time in Seatown Purple-eye grew to love her so much that she was willing to sacrafice herself in order for her to escape an adult dragon's attack. This is somehting not even the bravest of heroes in history have done before.

Jon MthendaleEdit

The relationship between Jon and Purple-eye was very hostile during their first week together. This is due to that Jon captured the young dragon when he arrvied back from his hunting trip. He saw her as being a creature of death and took her into Greatwood Forest to kill her, but was stopped by Isabella.

Jon tried many times to apologise to her, but she did not want it. It was not until several days later did the drgaon begin to warm to him, and eventually loved him. 

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