Freshly skinned pyxtion

Pyxtion is a very rare fabric that is used to craft clothing and armours. It is among the rarest kinds of materia mainly because its source is also rare. It comes from the qruffilos, uncommon beasts that lurk far within mountains and deep caves. Around 15,000 BPD it became the primary clothing for the Mountain Men, as these beings herded and kept the qruffilos within farms. Its usage spread slightly, but did not expand as the qruffilo's population declined greatly as many hunted them to craft soaps, oil and weapons. 

Major propertiesEdit

Pyxtion has many uses, some of which benefit beings or can cause problems. Pyxtion requires a great crafter to fashion it, and even greater skill to cut it from a qruffilo without damaging it. If not done properly, it can become utterly useless and break apart if worn.

Here are major things it can do if used properly

  • Protect people against the cold or hotness
  • Be used as combat armour is combined with metals such as iron and steel
  • Make soaps and wax
  • Help build houses and obejects
  • Used to crafts tents
  • Craft handles for swords and other weapons

The manufacturing processEdit

Once a qruffilo dies, its body is skinned by someone with the skins to do so. The process is difficult as it requires someone with a steady hand to slice the skin off without taking too much of the skin off. When cut the thickness should be two inches thick, no more and no less. If it has been cut the wrong way, the skin will break and be usless to anyone who uses it.

Pyxtion armour

Armour crafted from pyxtion

When it has been successfully cut off, it is washed through only warm water until all blood and lose skin falls off. Once this happens it is soiled with oil and left to burn over a fire, this is called Settling. The skin must only be rested until it is hard and no longer other wise it will fall apart. 

After it has been settled, it is then sanded down until completely smooth, before it is the cut again into a shape of requirments. 

To create normal armour of steel and iron, the pyxtion is shaped around the iron or steel that has already been crafted into the shape of the armour. Once the pyxtion has been placed around it, it is then placed yet again over a fire so that the pyxtion clutches onto the iron or steel. Once it has finished, the pyxtion will make the armour lighter, as the material causes the iron and steel to lose some of its weight, and also gives it a slight boast in defensive abilities.

The same goes for other things. Something that is formed completely out of pyxtion is common cloting, and this is used like the armour, to be shaped and placed over a fire to settle again to keep its shape. 


The price for a pyxtion bunch is very, very expensive, and is among the most expensive materials along with the mammoth hide, basilisk scales, and dragonscales. 

  • One foot of pyxtion - 200 gold pieces
  • ten foot - 1,400 gold pieces
  • Bunch - 5,000 gold pieces