Northern Territories
600,000 (approx.)
Rodrik Lukie
All Gods
(consisting of
and elves
Seat of the Lord
Places of note
Castle of Silver
The Crystal Streams
The Temple of Courage
The Sky Tower
Date of founding
20,000 BPD
Ghylen Zo Grum
"This city is both beautiful and glorious. With great gardens of tales, high towers and lakes and streams that shine like crystals."
―About the city

Qhylen is the second largest city in Amsnorth, behind Gran Sarathal. It is located in the Northen region, and is said to be one of the most beautiful landmarks in the lands. With vast towers and walls, with houses crafted from dozens of kinds of rocks, it has the largest known quarter of rich and wealthy, and also the smallest population of poor. 

It was founded around 20,000 years before the events of Dust and Shadow by a legendary craftman named Ghylen Zo Grum. It has been the most peaceful city out of them all, due to its calm area. However due to being the second largest city, it also attracts a huge amount of migrates, who seek refuge within its walls. However due to each lord under the rule of House Lukie, these migrates have been refused entry, and cast out of the lands, making sure that there is a minimum amount of poor.

During the events of the War of Kings, Qhylen had no king, only a lord. The people of Qhylen tried to elect their lord as a king, and make him enter the war, however Evain Lukie refused, and joined his forces with Jafier Heartan. This secured the city's status as being very powerful, and remains one of the richest in Amsnorth. Like many other wars, the Great Purge had proven to be a major problem to House Lukie. When Azugon broke Gran Sarathal, Qhylen surrendered as they knew they could not win against his power.

The current ruler of Qhylen is Lord Rodrik Lukie, the marternal father-in-law to Harken Heartan, and grandfather to Kevan Heartan, Melanie Heartan and Lorell Heartan.

Landmarks within the cityEdit

Castle of SilverEdit

The main castle of Qhylen is located to the far north of the city, surrounded by lakes abd streams that circle its great towers. It was built from silver and soild steel, with only few areas containing rock. It is known for its feirce silver colours and the massive dome that rests at its hub. It is the home to the current lord and servants. 

Villages within the city's bordersEdit

  • Pinetown
  • Oakfield
  • Silverstead
  • Treva
  • Helgon


The city is located within the Northern Territories. It lies near the Bleak Hills and the Cold Sea. The city is surrounded by a group of forests that form into a large woodland. It is roughly seven thousand miles from Gran Sarathal and five thousand from Windhark.

In the BooksEdit

The city does not appear in the first two novels, nor is it mentioned. However it does appear within the third novel of the Tales of Amsnorth season.