Adult qruffilo

 Qruffilos are huge animals that inhabit the mountains and caves of Amsnorth. Their origins are unknown as they are close to exctint status as they are often hunted for their skin, which is known as pyxtion

Qruffilos live up to the age of 70 years old, and can produce up to six offspring, however only 2 of these reach it to adult hood. These beasts are also one of the strongest land animals alive, as their three feet horns can peirce through even a mammoth's hide with great ease.


The qruffilo is a very large species. Its shoulder height can range from 8 feet, and its head-and-body length can range from 14 feet. Compared with other large animals, it has a long but stocky body and short but thickset legs. The tail is very small and reaches the length of 30 cm.

Most male qruffilos have full fur, but this sheds during the hottest period, which leaves them with an almost leather like appearance. Females however keep their fur, as they need all the protection they can when they bare children. Young have no fur, and like the males appear like leather. The colour of these furs are mainly browns and blacks, but the skin underneath is a bright cream or yellow.

The horns of the qruffilo are its main intimitation factor, as it is used to both scare of preditors and to use in battle against each other. The males use their horns to challenge each other to elect the dominant leader, known as the cheif. The horns of the male can reach up to three feet in length, while the famles only reach one feet. 


Qruffilos are one of the rarest animals in Amsnorth, this is mainly due to their small population. Once they were very popular across the lands, but as time past they were hunted down because of how useful their skin was. 

The Mountain Men were once the shepards of these beasts, as they kept them witin farms as used them like a human would use cattle. However as the Mountain Men died out, the qruffilos' population decreased as their was no longer people there to protect them.


Qruffilos are used for their pyxtion (skin), as beings use this to craft clothing, armours and other objects of use. While cotton and wool is the most common, pyxtion can be used to keep the wearer at a perfect temperature. This makes it even more sought out, as when winter arrives, many people die from the cold. 

Pyxtion is worn by the royal family when winter arrvies, and can be avalible throughout the lands, but for a very high price. Mostly rich people can afford to buy such things, as it is so expensive for the common person to aquire.

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