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Queen Nymeria

Biographical information

Other names
The Silver Queen, Silver-Haired-Beauty, The Elf Saviour
Queen of the Elves
Date of birth
TA 7615
TA 8365 - current
Date of death
Realms ruled
Woodland Realms

Physical description

Royalty, Middle-Class
5.8 Feet
Hair color
Silver Blonde
Eye color
Bright Sapphire blue
Royal House
None, still ruling
"There stood the most beautiful woman Isabella had ever seen."
Isabella Mthendale upon first seeing the Queen of Elves

Nymeria of Greatwood, also known as Queen Nymeria, a Wood-Elf and the Queen of the Wood-Elves. The daughter to the legendary Melenki and Filwyn. Unlike most royal elves, Nymeria was not born into power, but rather the slums of Windhark. Her mother was a lowborn elf who served as a slave to a local tavern, and it was not for many years did Nymeria discover who her father was. The elf sought out her father, but never had the chance to meet him as she was shunned by all the elves as they saw her as a liar. 

After Melenki's death, there was no heir to take over his mantle, and Nymeria gathered a handful of friends to prove her worth and the truth of her bloodline. Eventually Nymeria was crowned queen, and made such an impact that she formed an alliance with all the wood-elves spread across the world.

She is both beautiful and wise, often been said to be one of the most beautiful woman alive. She is also a renowed soldier and monarch. Nymeria is regarded as being one of the greatest elves to have lived, as well as being one of the most powerful. She is both feared and loved across all the lands of Amsnorth, and held in high regard from her peers and other racial leaders.

Nymeria has fought in many battles in her time, and always thrives for peace and a just world. Even though she has had bad terms with previous Kings and Queens of Amsnorth, Nymeria has always supported the crown and kept a friendship between the Wood-Elves and Humans for hundreds of years.

Nymeria is the mother to Prince Kenru and Lymeria, and the wife to the deceased Sorian

Character and AppearanceEdit

Nymeria is very wise, even as a child. Her mass intelligence had her gain the attention of many people, which also caused much trouble for herself and mother during their time in Windhark. Many times Nymeria 

Child Nymeria

A young Nymeria

was caught beating, and humiliating people that treated her in a negative way. She is very cunning and has a great understanding of her surroundings, and a ken eye for detail. It is said that during combat, her deadly sapphire eyes can catch the glimpse of almost anything, and she will be able to expose any defults in any opponent. 

The elf queen is also very kind, and loves all pure life. She respects all beings, even if they are of poor and rich status, and will never attempt to prove her superiocity over others. However she is not without her faults, as if angered she can become reckless, and lash out in rage. She is known to kill those who oppose her to settle affairs quickly.

Like most Wood-Elves, Nymeria has narrow eyes, and large pointy ears, but her beauty exeeded that of any living soul. She is often said to be the most beautiful being in history, that her gallent looks, and pericing presence can have any man drolling and lusting for her. She has long silver hair that flashes like gems in the moon-light, bright sapphire eyes, and pale skin as bright as stars.

Nymeria loves the feel of silks and cotton, and can been seen almost all the time wearing long silver, gold, bronze, blue and white luxury clothing. She fashions herself with the greatest of works, and will pay great deals of gold to have the perfect dress.

She is tall for an elf, standing around 5.8 feet tall, with slim features and structure


Early LifeEdit

Nymeria is the daughter to Melenki and a lowborn elf from Windhark named Filwyn. Due to her lowborn status she was shunned by all her kin. Although it should be noted that at the time Melenki had no knowlage of her existance. Her mother told her as a child that her father abandond her and informed her that he was nothing but a drunken fool. 

Young Nymeria

Teenage Nymeria

Throughout her time as a child, Nymeria spent her days within Windhark, serving along with her mother as a maid at a tavern. However as time passed, Nymeria managed to make a name for herself, and eventually this gained the attention of Lord Jack Lukie. The Lord of Markwall asked her along with he mother to serve within the castle, and that they would be paid for their service. This was a great leap for them both, and they jumped to the chance. However the life within the castle was not as plesant as she would have wished. Filwyn was mistreated by several nobles. Nymeria learned of this, and tried to defend her mother, but Filwyn refused her help, informing her that they would both be killed. This toughened her up, and made her gain a large amount of knowelage for cruel lords, and slipery men.

Raids across WindharkEdit

When Jack Lukie increased the taxes of Windhark,  the population started to retaliate against his rule. The poor people of the city grew hungry and decided to turn to the middle-class citizin for aid, and this begun riots and murders. Theft increased and nobles and lords were stolen from within their homes. Jack Lukie doubled the guard within the city, and had many people killed.

Trying not to get caught up in the affair. Nymeria tried to get her mother out of the city, but Filwyn refused to leave. As the riots got worse, they eventually reached the castle. It was then Filwyn informed Nymeria who her father was, the great King Melenki. A stunned Nymeria refused to believe it, but then a mob bashed down the castle doors and raided the place. Nymeria managed to escape, but her mother was killed in the riot.

Looking for her FatherEdit

Road to GreatwoodEdit

Nymeria travelled for weeks to Greatwood City on foot. She had little food, no weapons and no horse. In order to defend herself against the harsh natures of the wilderness, Nymeria sold herself to a group of bandits residing within an abandoned camp off the cost of Chilldeep Caves. She remained here for several days, before plotting against the bandits, slitting their leader's throat while he slept. She stole a handful of weapons, armour and gold, before fleeing, burning the camp to the ground.

She rushed off into the night, stealing a horse for a quick getaway. A few surviving bandits caught her trail and chased her towards the Strands of the Axes. A desert place that was feared by hundreds, Nymeria had never heard of the place due to being trapped within Windhark, so she rushed into the desert, the bandits did not follow her.

Within the DesertEdit

Within the dreaded desert, Nymeria soon discovered how dangerous the place was. She travelled for days,
Nymeria hunting

Nymeria practising her hunting skills

using very little of food a day. She kept out of sight during night, keeping to large rocks and cliffsides. During the night, she would often stalk around to try and get used to her new weapons. Like all of her kin, Nymeria quickly got adept to using a bow and arrow, and slew several small desert creatures for food. Nymeria never lit a fire, and never made a noise. 

It is unknown how long she spent within those lands, but when a breath of fresh air came to her, she was a different woman. She was tought, strong, and skilled with both her bow and sword. Nymeria kept to her sneaky ways, and crept around the lands, slying beasts and bandits as she went. Her skills increased more and more and eventually a bounty was placed on her head.

Arriving at GreatwoodEdit

When she eventually arrived at Greatwood, she arrived at the city and found out that her father was not there. When she informed them who she was, they laughed and called her a liar. They cast her out of their city and named her folly.

A distraught Nymeria was left alone in Greatwood, feeling useless. She waited in nearby trees, eager to see her father pass by. She waited four days, before she decided to give up. Nymeria believed her options were done, and that the only way she could survive is to join the Brotherhood of Justice. The elf left the woods to seek them out, but before she did an old elf named Retheli approched her, and informed her that she resembled her father. The old elf told her that she could find her father near the Rusty Mountains. 

To the Rusty MountainsEdit

With all the gold she obtained from robbing bandits and clansmen, Nymeria arrived at Gran Sarathal. She spent several days there, spending time within its library. Her knowelage increased, and she took on a small job for local soldiers to route out more bandits and criminals. 

Knowing that she would need a lot of gold to reach the Dwavern Kingdom, Nymeria became a bounty hunter herself. She gained a great deal of gold from all of her successful hunts, and with her gold she upgraded her armour and weapons, taking a light armour for a faster travel. 

Across the Black SeaEdit

Warrior Nymeria

Nymeria became even more skilled at sea, and started to invent her own fighting style

Nymeria paid a ferry to take her across the Black Sea and to the Dwavern Kingdom. During her time on a ship, Nymeria stuided and read countless books, trained with pirates and knights who also were shipping to the Kingdom. It was then Nymeria decided to take in all of these training styles, and create her own, mixing different skills. 

For months they travelled, and when she reached Dragon Harbour, she had made such an impression on the knights that they offered her a position to join them, that they would pay her well for it. After telling them that she had a mission of her own, they passed her a letter, and told her to find them at the Golden Halls if she were to change her mind.

For six weeks Nymeria hunted across the Dwavern Kingdom for Melenki, but never had any clues nor idea where he could have went. She had searched the Rusty Mountains two folds, scanning caves and tunnels, getting to know them very well, but still no idea of where her father went.

Joining the Knights QuestEdit

Nymeria decided to look within the Golden Halls, to see if she could find the knights she met at sea. She
Nymeria a soldier

Nymeria hunting across the Dwavern Kingdom

found them quickly, and became a squire of sorts to them. She learned from them, got to know their ways and helped them keep the peace in the Kingdom, before they returned home.

Nymeria found herself back in Gran Sarathal, where she met with many Lords and nobles, who all gave her missions and quests across the Western Territories. Nymeria spent several years working for these men, making an even greater name for herself across the lands. She saved dozens of people, assisted traders across the lands, and gave gold to the poor. It was then she gained the name, The Elf Saviour.

Taking a StandEdit

Becoming a NobleEdit

Around TA 8315 before she turned 700 years of age, Nymeria gave up on her father, believing that he had no interest in her. So she made herself a guardian of sorts, helping more and more people as time progressed, keeping people from the cruel rules of tyrant men and women. 

This act caught the attention of King Robert III Heartan, who saw the woman as being a trust worthy person, and asked for her to attented one of his council meetings. Once she arrvied in Gran Sarathal, Nymeria was not impressed by the outlook of the city, and found most of its people to be arrogant and hostile towards her. 

Robert III Heartan explained that the people of Gran Sarathal had become cruel due to his grandfather Nark VI Heartan's reign. The king asked Nymeria to help him gain back the favours of his people, to make the capital city a livible place once more.

Noble Nymeria

Nymeria put away her swords to become a Noble Elf

Nymeria agreeded to this as she wanted as much as the king did to make the world a peaceful place. They both formed a strong friendship, and Nymeria was granted a place on the Crowns' Council, as Master of Justice.

Her duties consisted of attending meetings, being a judge on matters that concerned a criminal, and spotting liars and innocent people. Due to her keen eye for spotting evil men, she was a great assest to Robert III and he admired her greatly for it. She saved many innocent lives, and within a short few months she had managed to make the Upper-Class area free of thugs and bandits. 

Nymeria also went onto the field many times, taking a small group of soldiers to patrol the streets. She would act as a guard, and even help many poor people who wanted her aid. However her good deeds were not without cost, as many people wanted her dead. Many bounty hunters and assassins attempted to kill her, but Nymeria managed to survive, and increased the defences of the city by asking Robert III to increase his soldiers within the city, and to completely forbid the use of swords within certian parts of Gran Sarathal.

Keeping PeaceEdit

For several more years Nymeria and Robert III attemtped greatly to persuade the people of Amsnorth and Gran Sarathal that their lives will no longer be tormented by the king they had 75 years before. All their attempts were in vein and Nymeria begun to grow concerned about the humans as many elves and dwarves begun to die around the city. 

Nymeria kept her true nature from Robert III Heartan, by claiming to be of low birth, but there were many times that she wished to inform him to find her father, Melenki to assit him against the troubles within the city, but she feared this would cause more trouble.

The wood-elf decided to take the matters into her own hands, and called for a court for all humans within the city to gather around the courtyard of the castle. Thousands of people arrived to hear her calls, but during this time there were many riots and over ten guards were torn apart by the cityfolk. Robert III Heartan called for these people to be hanged, but Nymeria stopped him and pleaded to the people that Robert was not like his grandfather, and that he would lead the people to a better future.

The people eventually believed her after her wishes to save the ones who rebelled, and decided to accept Robert as thier King. This stunned Robert who saw something within the elf, and noticed the resemblence between herself and Melenki.

After explaining his thoughts on the matter, Nymeria told him that she was indeed the daughter to Melenki. He informed Nymeria that she should take her place as queen of the elves. This stunned Nymeria who informed him that she could not because of her low birth and father's current rule. Robert then informed her that Melenki had been murdered by a group of goblins.

This put a wound deep within Nymeria, because she never had the chance to meet him. Robert informed her that she must rise to take his place as the ruler of elves, otherwise there will be much caios within the members of the council of elves.

Rising to PowerEdit

Gaining AlliesEdit

Robert III Heartan assisted Nymeria in her claims to the throne, and agreed to help her by all means for her help of his people. They both gathered friends among the different kinds of elves, and eventually decided to plead to the council.

However despite their efforts to gain Nymeria's place, the council refused to meet with her, stating that she was unworthy of their time. This angered her greatly as they saw her as being nothing but a low born elf, and saw this as racist. 

Nymeria and Robert travelled around Amsnorth to meet witht the Dark-Elves and Green-Elves to gain their favour, however her intentions were informed by the elf council, and each of the lords and nobles refused to meet with her also.

After a further 20 years, Robert III Heartan died of a heart attack, and Nymeria lost her major contact. This caused her to go on her own.

Building a better CityEdit

After Greatwood City lost its king, the city eventually begun to crumble under the people, and many elves vacated from the safety of the place, and fled to around Amsnorth.

Nymeria saw this as a chance to rise to power, and took over the city, brining with her the allies she gathered over time. Eventually the elf council heard of her residence within the city, and sent out dozens of people to throw her out, and kill her if they had to. 

Greatwood cityhomes

Greatwood City

Nymeria was informed by this from a spy she sent into the council, and she prepared the defenses of the city, and gained the help of Moreusico, an old wizard that heard of her intentions.

The old man said that he would help her claim her rights, and when she asked why he would help her, he only said it was the right thing to do. Nymeria wanted to avoid bloodshed if all possible, and to gain the favour of the council, much to the wizard's approival.

Before the host arrived to try and destroy Nymeria, she and dozens of dwarves built several houses and refurbrished much of the residental parts of the city. By the time the army of elves arrived to chase her ou of the city, they were stunned by how she had recreated the city.

Nymeria used this to her advantage and convinced them that she was their leader and that she was Melenki's daughter. They agreed to hear her out, and were take aback by her, and then went against the council and decided to stand with her.

Becoming QueenEdit

After she gained the help of the elves sent to kill her, Nymeria challenged the council and eventually gained further insight of their intentions. It came to her that the council was being led by a man named Laeroth, who was trying to take the elf throne for himself.

Nymeria gathered a host of elves and marched upon the elf's castle of Rathorn. Nymeria and Moreusico both entered the castle and defeated the forces waiting to repell them. Much to Laeroth's surprise of the wizard's aid, he was ready fpor anything they threw at them. The elf used an ancient stone to cast a shadow around the castle, trapping all within it. Moreusico tried to use magic to destory the stone, but it was created by something that went further than his own magic.

Nymeria pleaded by Laeroth to stop this, and let her people go. Laeroth refused, but Nymeria almost died as

Rathorn Castle

she threw herself at him, smashing them both out of the window and crashing into the castle courtyard. Laeroth died, but Nymeria managed to survive due to Moreusico who embound her in a ward to protect her from harm.

The elf council were released from the spell that Laeroth held over them, and decided to crown Nymeria, not because of her blood tie to Melenki, but for her bravery and courage.

Nymeria was eventually crowned Queen of Elves by the council.

Sword of LightEdit

After several years of being the queen of elves, Nymeria decided to control her reign with several instruments that will show her powers above those who may stand against her.

Nymeria along with the help of Moreusico travelled to the True Steel Islands, where they ventured into deep caves to find the ancient steel that has legendary status. They found the steel and travelled atop the Solar Mountains, where Nymeria forged the steel with stardust. After the sword was complete, Moreusico enchanted it with the power of fire, allowing the blade to conjure flames to increase its deadly power.

Battle of IceEdit

Around TA 8615, a group of rouge Elves led by Malgath, begun to rebel across Amsnorth and cause much troubles through the lands. The dwarves had rose to appose the elves, and a small civil war erupted over the course of one year. 

Nymeria was at first blamed for the actions of the war, and the dwarves saw her as the enemy. The Elf queen informed the dwarves that she had no part in the assults around the Dwavern Kingdom, and swore to help the dwarves in any way.

The queen sent out several archers and some of her best soldiers to locate and bring Malgath to justice, however after months of being away, the soldiers did not come back.

Nymeria vs

Nymeria vs Malgath

Malgath appeared to Nymeria and the council with half a thousand elf soldiers, consisting of all the different kinds. The elf infromed them that he was rising to gain his own power, and if they decided to challenge him he would break them. Nymeria then told him that he wold be killed, and sent several of her soldiers to capture him. But this rebounded as he showed great power, and magical prowess. The elf threatened Nymeria once more, before he left.

After planning and planning, Nymeria decided with the council members that Malgath must be stopped, and launched war on him.

They battled for months and Nymeria herself entered many battles, one of which was named Battle of Ice. The great battle is often held to be one of the most brutal during its time, as thousands of elves died. Nymeria battled with Malgath on the battlefield and was mortally wounded by him, before she was dragged away by her people before she could be killed.

Nymeria lost the Battle of Ice, with over 1,500 of her people lying dead on the ice.

Gaining the Favour of HumansEdit

After the battle begun to fall out of Nymeria's hands, she decided that she could not win the war on her own, so pleaded with the humans for their aid. Nark VIII Heartan however did not show much attention to the matter. Nymeria begged the king for his help, and after several weeks he eventually agreed.

Nymeria and the humans begun to plan an attack against Malgath's stronghold.

Nark VIII did not participate in any of the wars held, but he did send his help whenever Nymeria demaned it. Over 4,000 humans were sent to assist Nymeria, led by Ser Brandon Burton. 

Final BattleEdit

During the last few days of the civil war, Nymeria led an army of 6,000 soldiers, both elves and humans, and marched upon the forces of Malgath and they engaged in a second bloody battle. 

Nymeria and Ser Brandon both fought alongside their race, and managed to defeat the first of the wave of rouge elves. Nymerian using her flaming sword, managed to cut through much of her fellow kin with great ease.

Malgath entered the battle followed by a cloaked figure. They both used dark magic to summon shadows and
Final battle

Final Battle of Ice

clouds around the battle, which casued storms to form around them. Nymeria rushed to stop the elf, but the cloaked figure stopped her by unleashing purple spells that knocked her out.

When she woke, she noticed that her army was beginning to fail once more, and she saw the cloaked figure whispering in Malgath's ear. The rouge elf then decided to have Nymeria killed.

Before the sword could touch her throat, a large blinding light flashed across the battlelfield, casuing the dark magic to disappear. Moreusico arrived and summond waves of magic upon the rouge elves, causing Nymeria's forces to gain the upper hand. The cloaked figure seamed scared by Moreusico and fled in a cloud of black smoke. 

The old wizard arrived at Nymeria's side and helped her up. However Malgath lunged at Moreusico and slashed at him with severe attacks. The old man fought back with a sword of his own, and after a brutal battle, he managed to disarm Malgath.

Nymeria did not give Moreusico time to kill the elf, before she drove her sword through his gut, killing him instantly.

Current StatusEdit

Over 2,000 years old, Nymeria is regarded as being one of the greatest leaders in Amsnorth, her wisdom is known throughout the lands. She had been a great friend to Gaston IV Heartan, and was said to have been wounded when he was murdered by his brother.

Nymeria still resides within Greatwood City and leds the race of elves within her city. She is seen several times through the lands, as she travells to settle affairs with her people.

Nymeria is also the second major character to be seen in Dust and Shadow.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Nymeria is a very talented swordsmaster, and is known for inventing her own sword style, known as Nimhua. It is a very unusal style that uses jumps, leaps and very slick movements. It uses speed over strength and is very confusing to those who do not understand its style.


Nymeria is one of the best in Amsnorth for her skill, and she is known to have trained Ki-Urik and many other people during her time. Her skills go beyond that of a normal elf, she uses swords over a bow. Her sword, Lightbringer, is a very powerful, and causes further power and skill to her combat skill.

She fought against Malgath, (one of the best swordsmasters in history) and managed to hold her own against him before she was defeated. However over time it is said that she only lost due to Malgath being under the power of Ezgoth.


Like all Wood-Elves, Nymeria was a very skilled marksman. Her bow was forged like her sword, atop the Solar Mountains. Her skills are remarkable and her best demostration is when she trained her daughter, Lymeria. Who is said to be the greatest archer in recent history.


Nymeria is highly smart and has a very ken eye for all around her. She is able to point out severak weaknesses in her foes, and can explote them with ease.


  • Her appearance is inspired by Zhang Zigi
  • She is said to be the most beautiful woman alive at the time of the first book
  • She is taller than most elves