Humans the most populated of all races.

"We stretch across Amsnorth like a plague, never ending, never seeing anything but our own survival and our need for power. We think we are greater than any other race, but in fact we are not. We may populated more than any other, but we lack the honour and courage of most."
―A human describing the Humans

The Races of Amsnorth are split into several cultures and species. They inhabit the entire lands of Amsnorth and are known to built civilizations, and form groups and select leaders.

Humans are the most populated of all the races, followed by the dwarves. The humans also hold the highest point of power within the lands of Amsnorth, with the High King or Queen being the head of state.

While the humans and dwarves mainly live in large crowded places, the elveshauketorcsnimidoriansgoblins, ogres and trolls all live within different cultures and places.


Current BeingsEdit

Humans - they are the most highly populated race of them all and cover every part of the lands. The humans are the same as those in Earth, expect they are able to become magical people known as Magical Beings. Their skin colour ranges from white and black, with several colours of hair and eyes. The average man stands about 5.5 feet tall.

Elves - there are three different kinds of elves: the wood-elvesgreen-elves and dark-elves. While they are not as highly populated as the humans or dwarves, they are all renowned. The wood-elves are regarded as being the greatest in all Amsnorth for their master of archery, while the green-elves are experts in alchemy. The dark-elves are master of agility, but they are tainted by honour and power. The wood-elves are based off the appearances of the Chinese, while the green-elves are much like humans but with green skin, they are similar to the Irish. The dark-elves are based from the Japanese

Dwarves - the second most highly populated race of all, the dwarves are known for their stump-like appearances, and are very greedy. They are richer than all other races and crave gold as much as they do a thick juicy steak. They are the smallest race standing almost 4 feet tall. The men are always seen with a full face full of hair. 

Hauket - the native race of Amsnorth mainly keep to private reservations which are restricted by the law for many of the other races to disturb. They are known for their wolflike appearance and high intelligence. The hauket are based of Native Americans.

Nimidorians - are the most mysterious and oldest race in all Amsnorth. Being highly rarely seen, they mainly keep to the mountains and underground caves. They are much like the dragons in appearance, which cause many to believe they are related. They have scales, gills and webbed fingers and toes. They can live in either water of land, making them the only race to do so.

Orcs - the mutated race of humans that are renowned as being the most savage, deadly, brutal people in all of Amsnorth. They stand roughly around 8 feet tall, with a body full of raw power. They have a dark brownish-green skin tone that is often marked with scars and tattoos to show their clans. They have two jutting fangs which poke out from their bottom teeth, and several colours of eyes, ranging from black to blue. They are based from the Scottish and speak with the same dialect.

Trolls - are weak minded simple-folk who are outlawed within many of the lands. They remain under bridges and lurk deep within forests. 

Goblins - a race of weak minded people like the trolls. They goblins were, like the orcs, not a race created by the gods, but of dark magic. They easily fall prey to one with great power, and if often the main enemy of the other races.

Ogres - are large beasts that can reach to nearly 12 feet in height. They are coloured in a dark purple-black tone. Their skin is said to be so tough that a human would have to spent several moments to penetrate it. 

Giants - the tallest race of them all, standing nearly twenty-two feet in height, they are very large and powerful. They live as the orcs to, in clans and with their families. They are often seen wondering the wilds searching for food, herding their mammoths.

Dragons - the lords of Amsnorth and the most power of all races. They are large beasts that can reach the length of 90 feet and the height of 20. They are the sole source of magic and have scales that can withstand almost anything. There are four different kinds of dragons: fire-breathing dragon, ice-breathing dragon, wind dragon and the spirit dragon.

Leavons - are a race of lion like beasts that live with the wood-elves. They, like the dragons are a sole source of magic. Being one of the oldest races in Amsnorth, they are one of the strongest. It is said that they were the ones that created the forests and green-lands that surround the world.

Fairies - are a race of tiny people that live in trees. They are not powerful magic users, but they can use large amounts of spiritual energy, which they use to keep their people safe. 

Extinct RacesEdit

There have been few races that have gone extinct, but these beings have been eliminated to either prevent diseases or other problems.

Mountain Men: A race of giant beings that dwelled within the mountains. They were hostile, but not fully dangerous. They were wiped out when the humans and elves formed an alliance to destroy them, because of their cursed nature. The Mountain Men later became known as the Orc.

Malgineos: A race of tiny people, smaller than the dwarves. They were considered hostile due to their possession of magic, which at the time was deemed threatening. They were killed by the dragons almost 25,000 BPD, just before the first records were written.

White-Elves: A race of beings that were similiar to the current Wood-Elves. They went extinct around 25,000 BPD, and were said to have been rivals of the Malgineos. It is believed that they were also wiped out by the dragons, so that the new races could take their place.

Qucornos: Were a race of tall beings that were believed to have existed almost 30,000 years ago. There have been little said about them, but bones have been found to their remains, and they were said to have stood around 7 feet tall, and were pale skinned, with horns on their arms, backs, and head. Their extinction remains unknown.


Humans are the only race that has complete authority above all the others. Their main city is Gran Sarathal, the largest city in Amsnorth. The royal house, House Heartan has ruled for over 9,000 years, with their kings and queens being above all others. 

The Wood-Elves are the only other race allowed to hold the title of king and queen, as they were granted it after the events of the War of Kings. The other races such as: Dark-Elves and Dwarves  were no longer allowed to hold such titles as they were condemed as traitors towards the people of Amsnorth. 

The current King of Amsnorth is King Harken II Heartan, who is considered one of the most powerful men due to his titles and status.


The races all have different cultures, ranging from: Royal, Upper-Class, Middle-Class, Lower-Class, Native, and Barbaric. The most widespread is the Middle-Class, in which they inhabit around 40% of Amsnorth's total population. 

  • Royal - the highest status of cultures. The royalty is those with high blood that remain within largely

    One with royal blood

    populated areas, and swim within riches and power. They mainly stick with strick rules such as, no marriage before sex, taboo against homosexuality, forbidden to be intamite with any under their status.
  • Upper-Class - these are just bellow the royalty, they are rich and snobby. They care little of those with less power and riches than them, and will look down uppon all bellow them. They, like the royalty, do not believe in sex before marriage, and consider homosexuality a curse and the work of darkness.
  • Middle-Class - the largest of all, they are the most common of folk and live within large and small familes that live within cities and villages. They do not have any rules concerning their lifestyle.
  • Lower-Class - or also known as the poor. These people inhabit the poor quarters within cities and villages. They are often looked down upon by all around them, and are reconizged by their torn and dirty appearances. They are the second most populated off all culltures.
  • Native - mainly the hauket and orcs claim this title. They live within the lands of Amsnorth and live within clans and tribes. They are considered outcasts due to this, and do not live anywhere near populated areas, and have rules of their own. 
  • Barbaric - bandits are the most primary source of this, however goblins, trolls and orges also fit into this category. They are agressive and very hostile towards any other race. They live within ruins and often wear stolen goods and hold stolen weapons.


All the races have their own religious beliefs, with the main gods being the Mystic Dragon. Many races have their own tales and legends about him, and this makes him the most worshipped off all gods. 

Most of the barbaric and native people do not have a god, but decide that they all exist.

  • Mystic Dragon - the Great God. He has a temple in almost all the continets spread across Amsnorth, he

    Priests of the Mystic Dragon are recognized by their long robes.

    is admired and respected by mostly everyone living within Amsnorth. 
  • Deyanira - the Goddess of Darkness. Few people worship this woman as they inspires death, evil and darkness. Dark-Elves are her main followers, but there are few who also admire her. Trolls, goblins and ogres all follow her also, as they believe her to be their master. The goblins are in fact the offspring of Deyanira.
  • Chanduka - the God of all Animals. The Wood-Elves and Green-Elves follow this god, only due to them believing that this god created the animals that now inhabit all the terrains of Amsnorth.
  • Athanasia - the God of Enternal Life. The dwarves all worship this god, even if they do another. They are all told stories about this god, and forced into believing that he is their ancestor.
  • Dragons - these are not actual gods, but the hauket worship them as such. Their tribes all gather in large circles around a burning fire, and pray while chanting, to call upon the dragons.